Preparing for My First Transatlantic Flight

transatlanticSo perhaps I have many of you fooled, of course she’s a world traveler! I’m sure she’s been everywhere! Well, if we’re talking the continental U.S. and the Caribbean? You would be correct. Mostly. But if you’re talking countries outside North America? You would be wrong. On Thursday I’m headed to Europe for the first time ever. I won’t even get there until Friday. I feel as though I have been preparing myself for this moment for the last several years, taking mental notes from airline magazines and various things I’ve read from friends and the Internet in general.

Fun fact: just this week I read an article about a woman who dropped dead from a blood clot after a long flight. Consequently, Amazon Prime will be delivering some BRIGHT BLUE compression socks to my front door tomorrow. My first transatlantic flight isn’t even that dramatic. I’ve done the six hours from JFK to LAX — what’s two more hours to Barcelona? That’s basically a nap, or a good book. The good news is I think I have a window seat (I mean, is that good news? It seems like windows are easier to snooze against, right? But what about moving around so I don’t get DVT? In that case a window seat was a terrible idea.)

What if the person next to me smells terrible? Or insists on talking to me? Oh man. Eight hours is a long time next to the smelly kid.

Then there’s that whole “In case of an emergency water landing” scenario. I’ve never listened to that part of the speech because it’s terribly unlikely I’d be involved in an emergency water landing in Kansas. This is me not freaking out. See how calm I am? CALM CALM CALM.

I have my Kindle charged and full of every possible genre imaginable. I’ll bring some snacks, a blanket and a pillow. I always travel with a notebook (I’m a doodler and a note taker). I’m also bringing some nose spray because of all the shared (and terribly dry) air I’ll be breathing with a whole bunch of strangers. I’ve packed a way to freshen my breath and some toner in a spray bottle so I don’t step off the plane looking 56. (I learned that one from a beauty magazine YEARS ago. I’ve held onto that little tip all this time.)

It’s also a little strange to think I’ll lose five hours of my life somewhere over the Pacific. I mean, they won’t technically go anywhere, and they’ll be in the middle of the night anyway — but this will be my very first date with possible jet lag. I haven’t even done research on jet lag. Thankfully once I land I’ll have plenty of time to rest before the real work begins, then again, maybe I just stay on my EST schedule? Apparently Madrid (oh, did I not mention that? I’m going to Madrid.) likes to party all night, so perhaps being five hours behind schedule could be a good thing! Y’all are ready for bed at 2 am? I’M JUST GETTING STARTED!

Is there some valuable tip or bit of information I may be missing when it comes to crossing an ocean in an airplane? Any and all advice welcome!


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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