Roadside Beaver: It’s a Texas Thing

If you’re from Texas, have visited Texas or love someone in Texas chances are you already know what this post is about from the roadside beaver title alone. If you’re not from Texas, have never been to Texas or don’t have anyone you’re particularly fond of in Texas then chances are you’re a little mystified by the idea of a beaver hanging out on the side of Texas freeways. There’s really no animal more random as a mascot or more giggle inducing than a beaver, which is probably exactly why Buc-ee’s convenience stores in Texas chose a buck toothed beaver as their mascot.

The roadside signs begin for Buc-ee’s miles before you get to the exit and they get punnier every three miles or so. One read “Epic Flush” while another read “You have to ‘P’ it to believe it.” You see, Buc-ee’s is apparently famous for their sparkling clean restrooms, they’ve even won some pretty major awards when it comes to tidy places to do numbers one and two. If I’ve learned to appreciate one thing when traveling with my husband and children, it’s to always appreciate a clean public restroom.

The beaver has taken on a life of its own, he’s on shirts, bottle openers, mugs, plush toys, and even his own bag of Beaver Nuggets (sweetened corn puffs, like really big and sweet Corn Pops.) The entire place is an experience in and of itself, locals love it (it’s always a must-do for the family I was traveling with) and visitors are intrigued by it. It’s just one of those places you have to stop at, even if you only have to pee. In case you never make it down to Texas, here’s a quick little tour of Texas beavermania.

  • First Time at Buc-ee’s! 1 of 9
    First Time at Buc-ee's!

    "People take their Christmas card photos there. Texans are weird. Myself included." -Instagram commenter

    It was about to get real.

  • Potty Humor 2 of 9

    The signs outside on the grass in the pet area were hilarious, way better than simply leaving out doody bags.

  • 31 Year Old Beaver 3 of 9

    Pardon me, it's a TX thang, y'all.

    Also worth noting that the beaver began the same year I did, 1982.

  • Beaver Selection 4 of 9

    THIS. This is what greeted me as soon as I walked in, toys, balls, mugs, plushes, gift bags and squeaky toys. Texas takes their Buc-ee beaver serious.

  • Beaver Branded 5 of 9

    Cody is now the proud owner of the red "It's a Beaver!" shirt. It took serious restraint to leave the sippy and pink/camo beaver hat behind.

  • Beaver Bows and Beards 6 of 9
    Beaver Bows and Beards

    I thought my friend was kidding when she said there were giant beaver bows.

    There were giant beaver bows.

  • Punny Beaver 7 of 9

    I think 'where the beavers meet for cool treat' will be my new house slogan.

  • Beaver Jerky 8 of 9

    "Eat Jerky, don't drive like one." -Buc-ee

  • Potty Time! 9 of 9

    It was finally time to use the fancy thrones, were they all the promised to be? You betcha.

    Cleanest, fanciest, roadside potties I've experienced in a *long* time.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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