Russia, Family-Style: St. Petersburg with kids

St. Petersburg, RUSSIA -- Doesn't this place look like kid's candy? Photo Credit: Ann Weeks
St. Petersburg, RUSSIA — Doesn’t this place look like kid’s candy? Photo Credit: Ann Weeks

St. Petersburg, RUSSIA — Surprisingly, we timed our visit perfectly to see and enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in the word, St. Petersburg, Russia.  And since our visit coincided with White Nights, it was usually bright enough to see anything we encountered at any and all hours.

It was a delightful experience for the kids and me to have personally partaken in the White Nights—when the sun seems to never set,no matter how late in the day. It’s an event that normally begins its peak season from June 11- July 2. Due to the particularly Northerly latitude where St. Petersburg is located, the sun never dips very far beneath the horizon, even at night. Imagine staying up way, way past midnight, yet daylight abounds like it’s 4pm in the afternoon.

As suggested above, the White Nights can be an advantage to travelers, making this city’s majestic skyline and its architectural delights easy to see in all the hours of extra daylight.  And this city, sometimes called ” The Venice of the North,” is an exquisite walking city. One can hike for miles and miles around St. Petersburg and still not see all of its dreamy beauty.  Whether it’s the fantastic exteriors of landmark buildings or the stunning museums on offer, the city is simply gorgeous.

But where to begin your visit to St. Petersburg — and where to proceed? To help you navigate the city, we created a family travel guide to a few of our favorites:

1. When traveling with my brood, we often discuss what would be our #1 destination in any given city.  After coming to a mutual decision on deciding our top site, we make it our first destination.  When we start out at our #1 destination, we feel like we have a good grip on the city, and what it has to offer the family. With that in mind, we started our visit to St. Petersburg at the Cathedral of the Resurrection, more commonly known as the Church of Spilt Blood, a provocative title to intrigue any child.  It was built as a memorial to Emperor Alexander II on the exact location of his assassination.  In 1997, after 20 years under restoration, the interior of this cathedral was open to the public as a museum.  Thus don’t expect to see any worshipers or weddings here.  Doesn’t this photo of the Church of Spilt Blood look like kid’s candy?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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