Sailing to and Snorkeling in Pirate Caves in Tortola

sailing catamaran in Tortola BVIOn our last cruise an excursion was booked for us through the ad agency I was working with. I certainly didn’t think much of it past reading through the description in the excursion catalog. Upon exiting our ship in Tortola, BVI in the Caribbean we were walked to an adjacent dock where we were loaded onto a very nice sailing catamaran. Not that I’ve been on a lot of catamarans to have much of an opinion, but I have been on enough boats to know this was a nice one. Plenty of seating, plenty of shade and a great view off the front of the boat. We motored out away from the bay and that’s when two enormous sails went up and the engine died down. The engine wasn’t that loud to begin with, but when there was only the sound of the wind and the boat moving through the water? It was downright soothing.

The two people running the catamaran were a husband and wife team who had made the outdoors their business, when they mentioned the barracks below for overnight chartered sails I began to wonder when I would be able to come back because sailing is SO MUCH different than relying on a motor to get from one place to another. It only took me a few minutes to figure out why so many people love sailing as much as they do, it’s so relaxing.

Tortola BVI

We were taken to Norman Island, the inspiration behind Treasure Island and the island where Blackbeard hid his treasure. We were taken to two different spots to snorkel, one known as angel reef and the other known as the caves. Snorkeling in a pirate caves in Tortola? One of the coolest things I’ve ever done on vacation, I only wish I had brought a waterproof flashlight with me, the cave got really dark, really fast.

Once we were done snorkeling (which was easily done off the catamaran) we were taken to a little restaurant in a perfect little cove where we were able to play on the beach, rent paddle boards or kayaks, or in my case, take a little snooze in the warm island breeze.


I was certain booking a trip through Voyage Escapes would be a whole lot more than what it actually is ($85 per person for 6.5 hours) and was ready to pay double that for the same experience we had in our much shorter (4 hour) excursion that was booked through the cruise line.

Voyage Escapes works out of several ports throughout the world, the BVI being one of them. Based on my experience out of Tortola I would highly suggest using them on your next visit to an area they work out of (Bali, Singapore or the Caribbean) or seeing if they run an excursion through your cruise ship.

You can find out more about Voyage Escapes sailing and speedboat getaways here.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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