The Most Visited Cities In The World 2013

Well now this is interesting! MasterCard recently released their Global Destination Cities Index for 2013 which includes the top destination cities in the world. The research was compiled using public data that was obtained by international visitors and their cross-border spending.

Before we get to the list it’s worth to note that there is definitely a rising travel trend in the Asia/Pacific region. Out of 132 cities ranked in the index, 42 are Asian countries! This is also the first time that an Asian city reaches the top rank since the Index launched in 2010. Bangkok takes the number one spot for 2013, pushing London down one.

Without further adieu, here is a teaser of the 10 most visited cities of 2013 as ranked by MasterCard. For the entire list, please visit their Global Destination Cities Index for 2013

  • 20 Of The World’s Most Visited Cities 1 of 11
    20 of the World's Most Visited Cities

    Some of the picks are obvious while others may surprise you. Click through for the official list of the 20 most visited cities in the world!

  • #1. Bangkok 2 of 11

    This is the first time an Asian city tops the list. Bangkok has posted 18% growth rates in the last two years!

    Photo credit: Evo Flash/Flickr

  • 2. London 3 of 11

    London has been one of the most visited cities in the world for years thanks to it's history and popular attractions. Where else can you visit palaces, cathedrals and view the city while being spun in a giant observation wheel?

    Photo credit: Metro centric/Flickr

  • 3. Paris 4 of 11

    "La Ville-Lumière," aka, "The City of Light"is one of the most romantic cities in the world, offering something for just about any traveler. Paris has boundless  gastronomical delights, the best shopping in the world and it's a photographers paradise. 

    Photo credit: Moyan_Brett/Flickr

  • 4. Singapore 5 of 11

    Photo credit: jjcb/Flickr

  • 5. New York 6 of 11

    The city receives over 50 million tourists each and every year and is home to the Empire State Building, Central Park, Metropolitan Museum of Art, numerous celebrities and just happens to have some of the most traffic-packed streets in the world.

    Photo credit: DoctorWho/Flickr

  • 6. Istanbul 7 of 11

    The largest city in Turkey is also one of the most inhabited in the world with over 13,000,000 residents reported in 2011. Luxury real estate does well here thanks to oil tycoons and wealthy investors from the Gulf and Russia. 

    Photo credit: Greenwich Photography/Flickr

  • 7. Dubai 8 of 11

    It's located in the Middle East, but is a fairly safe city and one that tourists flock to. Dubai has the largest population in the United Arab Emirates and has some of the most incredible high-rise buildings and skyscrapers in the world,

    Photo credit: Theodore Scott/Flickr

  • 8. Kuala Lumpur 9 of 11

    The capital of Malaysia is a hot shopping spot and home to over 60 shopping malls. CNN listed the top 10 cities in the world to shop in and Kuala Lumpur came in at number 4.

    Photo credit: Terence S. Jones

  • 9. Hong Kong 10 of 11

    The world's largest collection of skyscrapers reside in Hong Kong. Another fun fact: you don't really need a wallet in this city. They prefer to use Octopus cards, a card-sized chip can be clipped on to your bracelet like a charm and residents charge everything from vending machine sodas to ice skating rentals and public transportation on these amazing little charge cards.

    Photo credit:  Zachary Baumgartner/Flickr

  • 10. Barcelona 11 of 11

    The second largest city in Spain is also the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea and one of the world's major global cities. The city was ranked as Europe's fourth best city for business and the fastest improving European city.

    Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn/Flickr

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