7 of the World’s Best Little Italys

There are many wonderful reasons to visit Italy, but unfortunately, it’s not always in the budget. A great way to immerse yourself in Italian culture, music, food, and history, is to visit one of these Little Italys from around the world. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Boston’s Little Italy, but would love to get a better taste of Little Italy in San Francisco, or even Australia. Take the kids there for a day to learn the history behind the neighborhood, and learn how it has influenced the city to make it what it is today. Through walking tours, you can learn all about people that fought to keep the Italian culture alive.

Check out the The World’s Best Little Italys and start planning your “Italian” vacation…

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  • San Francisco, CA 2 of 8

    When visiting San Francisco's Little Italy, make sure to stop at the Liguria Bakery and try some focaccia. The shop was first opened in 1911 and is still thriving today.


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  • Boston, MA 3 of 8

    Boston's Little Italy, also known as the North End, is one of the oldest neighborhoods, dating back to the 1630s. A trip to this Little Italy will not only fill your stomach, but can be educational, too. Check out Paul Revere's house, Old North Church, and so much more. 


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  • New York City, NY 4 of 8

    Quite possibly the most popular of all the Little Italys, New York's Little Italy is full of history, and was once the home to mobster John Gotti. Plan your visit in late September to attend the 11-day celebration, Feast of San Gennaro.


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  • San Diego, CA 5 of 8

    San Diego's Little Italy was first established in the 1920s, and is now making a major comeback. One of the best things about this Little Italy is the Mercato, or Italian Farmers Market.


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  • Melbourne, Australia 6 of 8

    Taking a stroll down Lygon Street in Melbourne, Australia, will make you feel as if you are standing in Italy. There are several outdoor cafes, gelato shops, and many options for nightlife entertainment.


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  • Providence, RI 7 of 8

    A great way to find Rhode Island's Little Italy, in the Federal Hill neighborhood, is to keep an eye out for the Pigna. This Italian symbol is hanging on the archway of Atwells Avenue and leads you to many Italian bakeries, shops, and so much more.


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  • Cleveland, OH 8 of 8

    Cleveland's Little Italy is located in the Murray Hill part of the city, on Mayfield Road. The best time to visit this Little Italy is mid-August, for the Feast of Assumptions. This is a four-day festival that includes Italian food vendors, live music, carnival rides and fireworks -- a definite must-see.


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