9 Places Any Family Can Spend Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about love, so spend it with those who mean the most. Instead of trying to be romantic in a much too crowded restaurant, try taking the family to do something totally different. Head to a nearby hotel for a high tea, or stay a night for a little staycation. One of my personal favorite ideas is leaving the gadgets behind and spending a day out in nature, as well as taking this day to help others.  These are all easy, simple ways you and the family can all enjoy each other’s company and enjoy the holiday weekend.

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  • At a Drive-in Movie 2 of 10

    Turn a typical movie night into something so much more. Pack your favorite treats, coziest blankets, and head over to a drive-in movie theater. This is a great way to enjoy Valentine's Day evening with the entire family. You can find a list of drive-in theaters in America here.  If there is not a drive-in close by, you can pick out your favorite movie theatre to go to. 
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  • Under the Stars 3 of 10

    A perfect way to spend Valentine's Day is to experience it under the stars. Take the family camping for Valentine's Day. Enjoy campfire stories, s'mores and lots of evening snuggles. To find the perfect spot, you can check out the best places for skywatching in America.
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  • In Your Own Home 4 of 10

    Turn Valentine's Day into a family game day in and around your home. Plan a scavenger hunt based on compliments to family members or family favorite spots. Example scavenger hunt question: "Anabelle's eyes are this color ... Your next clue is under the pillow that shade!" This will be fun for everyone to participate in, including teenagers!
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  • At a Family Tea Party 5 of 10

    A great Valentine's Day idea is to enjoy a high tea at a special location or right in your backyard. There are hotels across America that serve afternoon tea and high tea. You could also dress up in your Sunday best and turn your backyard into an enchanted garden for this tea party.
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  • In a Nearby Hotel 6 of 10

    Take the family on a staycation for the night. Enjoy room service, warm bathrobes, and swimming pool fun with the family on Valentine's Day at a nearby hotel. You don't have to travel far to have a little getaway. See if you can book a room in one of the 25 Hotels with Amazing Kid-Friendly Suites.  
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  • At the Museum 7 of 10

    Head to a nearby museum with the family to turn Valentine's Day into a fun learning experience. Make a day out of it and pick your family's favorite restaurant to eat at before. Cut costs by checking out one of the free U.S. Museums
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  • Outside in Nature 8 of 10

    Ditch all the tech gadgets for a day spent completely in nature. Go on a family hike and enjoy lunch under the trees. This can be a great way to bond with the family and wind down from your busy schedules. Start the day off by going on a family-friendly hike you can all enjoy. 
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  • Around Your Own Neighborhood 9 of 10

    Be spontaneous this Valentine's Day. Pack the kids in the car and just drive around the neighborhood. Choose a new restaurant to eat at, play at a park you've never been to before, and live in the moment. This day is all about being spontaneous and having a blast at the same time. If there's nothing you haven't explored in your neighborhood (although we're confident you can find something!), you can visit some pretty unusual destinations in these 50 Wacky Roadside Attractions in the United States.
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  • At a Soup Kitchen 10 of 10

    Help out at a soup kitchen this Valentine's Day. Doing something kind for others is a great way to teach children the true meaning of love. Volunteering on Valentine's Day will leave a great feeling and a smile on everyone's face. You can find a list of soup kitchens across America here. 
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