Travel-Friendly Books: 10 eReaders We’re Loving Right Now

Travel-friendly books: is there such a thing?

I love books. I love the hardbacks and the paperbacks. I love the experience of purchasing a book in the bookstore and cracking it open, turning each fresh page for the first time. Sadly, books don’t travel well and tend to get smushed and bent during trips. I jumped on the eReader band wagon a couple of years ago when I bit the bullet and purchased my first Kindle. All of a sudden I found myself reading more than I had in years and was able to actually complete my yearly reading goals that I set for myself on GoodReads.

Recently, I’ve been testing out the Kobo, which has opened a whole new world of reading possibilities, including an important money-saving bonus (hello Canadian library access!). I purchased my first eReader for travel purposes and fell in love. It hasn’t replaced my physical books; instead, it’s enhanced my reading experience overall. My daughter uses one during road trips and likes to read Robert Munsch on our Kobo.

Are you in the market for an eReader? Looking for a lighter and easier alternative to hauling heavy books with you during your travels? Here are 10 eReaders to put on your radar:

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    Are you in the market for an eReader? Here are 10 you'll want on your radar. 

  • Nook Simple Touch 2 of 11

    The Nook uses an E Ink display to provide a "just-like paper" reading experience, even with the sun's glare. It has an excellent battery life, providing over 2 months of reading on one charge. In addition to accessing the many titles available through Barnes & Noble, the eReader lets you borrow books from your local library and lend books to your friends who also have the Nook by using the LendMe program. 

    The Nook comes in several different models with prices that start at $79.00. For more information, visit Barnes & Noble

  • iPad Mini 3 of 11

    The iPad is the king of tablets and the mini is just a pint-sized version of this amazing piece of technology. Is it good for reading? Yes and no. You can download the Amazon Kindle app and use it as a Kindle; however, it's not a good option when reading in the sunlight, as the glare from the screen is not pleasant in direct light. At night, the iPad wins as it's already lit up, eliminating the need for a reading light. 

    For pricing and more information, visit

  • Kindle 4 of 11

    The Kindle is almost perfect in every way. I have zero complaints about this eReader, but just wish I was able to access Canadian library books from the device! You can access American libraries though, so no worries if you live in the USA. 

    The Kindle reads like a book and you never feel asl though you are reading a screen. It has built in Wi-Fi, font adjuster, a long battery life, and weighs less than 6 ounces. The price is affordable too, as the regular Kindle starts at $69. Other versions are available, including the famous Kindle Fire. 

    For more information, pricing and comparison of the different models, visit

  • Kobo Touch 5 of 11
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    If you are Canadian, the Kobo has one up on Kindle as you can borrow and return eBooks from your local library. You can access thousands of books through Kobo and accessories can be purchased through Chapters Indigo. The reader is equipped with Wifi access so you can access books on the go, and there is also a Kobo app that can be downloaded to your iPhone. 

    For pricing and more information, visit Kobo

  • iPhone 6 of 11

    The iPhone is a great eReader all on its own. Apps like the Kobo or Kindle can be downloaded onto your phone and used in the same way your eReaders are. You can also pick up where you left off when switching to your actual eReader. The iBooks for iPhone app is Apple's version and although it's ok, the books are pricier than those on Amazon or Kobo. 

    For pricing and more information, visit

  • Sony eReader 7 of 11

    Sony's Reader has been out for awhile now and many people love it. The battery lasts up to 2 months with wireless turned off and the touch screen uses E Ink Pearl technology for a book-like experience. The Reader weighs 5.9 ounces and comes in three different colors. 

    For pricing and more information, visit Sony

  • Icarus Reader 8 of 11

    I like the screen size on the Icarus reader . At 8 inches, it provides 70 percent more screen space than any of the 6" eReaders mentioned previously. If font size is an issue for you, the larger screen allows for more text, so you don't have to turn the pages as often.  

    There are many different versions of the Icarus. They all support  Adobe DRM on ePUb and PDF files, including PDF reflow.

    For pricing and more information, visit Icarus

  • Bookeen’s Cybook 9 of 11
    Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 8.47.21 AM

    The original Bookeen was launched in France in 2003 and has since evolved to include a HD FrontLight version, the Cybook Opus, and, most recently, the Cybook Odyssey. The Cybook Odyssey uses a fast microprocesser (Cortex A8 TI OMAP) and excellent E Ink Pearl display with a touch screen 

    For pricing and more information, visit Bookeen

  • txtr Beagle 10 of 11

    The Txtr Beagle is the lightest and smallest eReader on the market, measuring 5 mm thick and weighing just 128 grams.  It holds much less than the other readers (up to 5 books with 4 GB memory) but the battery life is quite good as there is no standby mode - off is off. 

    For pricing and more information, visit Txtr

  • Boox Reader 11 of 11

    The rubbercoated Boox reads most text formats and can convert the text of ebooks to speach (you can also play audiobooks). The touch screen has a multitouch function and if you purchase the Angel Glow, you can enjoy advanced front light technology that spreads evenly across the entire screen. 

    For pricing and more information on the various models available, visit Boox

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