Trendy Traveler: 10 Outfits for Every Type of Traveler

Pack for your next trip with a few style tips to help you along the way. These 10 travel outfits are all about working with what you have to ensure a light suitcase and a cute look. Learn tips on what outfits to wear for every type of travel destination – beach, snowy, city, and more. Find out easy ways to dress your outfit up or down and how to get the most out of it so you don’t end up bringing your entire closet.

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  • Sightseeing Traveler 1 of 10

    Wear a pair of comfy jeans, sweater, and comfy boots with a hat and jacket for a day of sightseeing. Since you never know what unexpected weather might show up, it's great to wear layers that are still light and comfy.
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  • Outdoor Traveler 2 of 10

    If you're more of the adventure travel type, but still want to look cute, take tips from this outfit. Wear a comfortable pair of leggings with a tank. A light and warm jacket is key, but having a pop of color in a pattern definitely ups the style. If you're worried about it getting a little colder, you might want to bring a light scarf.
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  • Keep Warm Traveler 3 of 10

    Keep warm when you're traveling to cold places with a pair of comfortable jeans, a coat, beanie, gloves, and boots. The wide leg of the pant allows you to layer socks and even leg warmers if you need. To change up the outfit to wear another day, tuck your jeans into your boots. A smaller satchel might feel like less of a burden when you're busy sightseeing all day.
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  • Keep Cool Traveler 4 of 10

    Going to a hot destination? Bring a loose jersey dress, comfy sandals, a statement necklace, and a small bag. A hat always helps to cover up your beach hair (or greasy travel hair).
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  • Souvenir-Lovin’ Traveler 5 of 10

    A backpack might become your best friend if you like to pick up things on your daily travels. Keep it looking stylish with a tank tucked into comfortable cargos. A flat shoe is much easier to walk in throughout the day and keeping the colors basics allows you to mix and match throughout the trip.
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  • City Traveler 6 of 10

    Look cute in the city while still being comfy. This fall, a favorite pair of flats, jeans, and sweater will do. Top it off with a cute jean jacket and scarf if it's chilly.
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  • Mama-to-Be Traveler 7 of 10

    A cute maternity look while you're on a trip can be a patterned skirt or maxi dress with a loose sweater and an oversized satchel.
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  • Sophisticated Traveler 8 of 10

    A pair of basic skinny jeans can be worn several different ways. When looking sophisticated in your travels, wear your favorite skinny jeans with a fun pair of heels. A white shirt or blouse tucked into jeans with a thin belt, oversized scarf, and cute blazer or leather jacket make the look. Slick your hair back and put on a pair of earrings for a fresh look.
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  • Beach Lovin’ Traveler 9 of 10

    A great outfit for a beach trip is a simple chambray dress, espadrilles, and an oversized bag. The thing about the basic chambray dress is that you can easily accessorize to change up the outfit. At night, throw on a pair of heels with the chambray dress and add some fun jewelry.
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  • In-Flight Traveler 10 of 10

    Stay stylish on a flight with a long sweater, dark jeans or leggings, a pair of comfortable booties, oversized bag, and a pair of glasses to hide those sleepy eyes if you'd like. Bring a light scarf just in case the airplane gets cold and an oversized bag for treats and things to keep you busy on the flight.
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