What Postcards from Family Vacations Should Really Say

Traveling with three kiddos has been a challenge unique experience. Somehow, I remember my fantasy of family vacations before I had kids being a little bit … what’s the word?  Smoother? That’s not to say we don’t have a fantastic time, but let’s be honest … I may have sugarcoated a paragraph here and there in that postcard I sent from our trip. Now, let’s get down to the bare bones for a breath of fresh air. For instance, what’s really going through your mind when you’re on an airplane with your tiny tot?

Check out what postcards from family vacations should really say here…

  • What Postcards from Family Vacations Should Really Say 1 of 10
    Happy mother and child sitting together in airplane cabin near w

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  • When the Diaper Was a Total Fail 2 of 10
    Baby in pool

    This is about the time you tiptoe away from the hotel pool, never to return.


  • When You Have a Night Alone 3 of 10

    Oh, the magic of the overnight kids' club. Do you know of some? I'd love to add to my list. 


  • When You Try to Save 4 of 10

    Budgeting sounds nice before the trip, but sleep sure does sound nice during the trip. 


  • When She’s Fast Asleep 5 of 10
    toddler girl sleeping on plane

    The sleeping-baby-mama-glare is all too familiar. 


  • When They Rise and Shine 6 of 10
    Baby standing in cot

    Why do they still have to be so cute?


  • When You Get a Break 7 of 10
    Business woman sleep during flight airplane cabin

    Totally looking to book my next "work trip."


  • When Sparks Fly in the Hotel Bathroom 8 of 10
    Toilet in luxury hotel room

    Whatever you do, don't wake the baby. 


  • When the Flight Takes off 9 of 10
    Father Carrying His Crying Child

    I wish I could write a book filled with all the "advice" I've been given. 


  • When the Grandparents Arrive 10 of 10

    Happy Grandparent's Day! Here are my kids. 


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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