What’s the Very Worst Aged Child to Fly With?

HitherandThither_Babble_AshleyMuirBruhn-1Is there one? This comes up in quite a few conversations with friends, and is clearly a matter of debate. What’s clear is that there are always challenges.

Infants are likely to be hungry every few hours and inconsolable for who-knows-what reason every now and then. They seem prone to poop explosions and they can’t tell you whether or not pressure bothers their ears. And of course you might be completely new at it all, and nervous as all-get-out.

Babies over six months will no doubt be teething, or battling some snotty cold they picked up from licking that swing you finally took them on. And they will probably expose you to everyone when they start looking around, kicking, and doing lap aerobics as you try and breastfeed.

Your year-old walker probably wants to be up and down the aisle every few minutes, and you find that all of your efforts to dutifully keep her from screen time are backfiring because she has no attention-span for all those videos you stayed up late to download. And when she gets sick all over you, you find yourself wishing for all of those spare clothes you used to pack when she was a newborn (that you never used).

Your two-year-old throws a tantrum. And even though you now have to buy him his own seat, you’re spending most of your time with your hand over his legs to keep him from kicking the one in front of him. Reasoning with him is still not much of an option.

And so, I guess, it goes… until they’re teenagers and say “I hate you” because you made them go with you to Hawaii instead of letting them spend a week at home with their friends.

Or not? They could be angels on every flight and you let yourself worry for not. (Fingers crossed.) And really, worst case scenario, it’s only a day (or so) and I’ve yet to meet anyone who regretting traveling with his or her children. In general, my mantra as far as this is concerned is: Just go for it. Don’t worry about avoiding a flight at a certain age. But then again, we’ve been lucky to have pretty smooth trips so far. Do you think there is an aged child with whom it’s most challenging to travel?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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