What Happens When You Give a 4-Year-Old a Camera at Disneyland


Recently my family and I went to Disneyland, which is currently all decked out for the holidays. My son is 18 months old, and while he loves him some Mickey, he isn’t quite at the place where he can appreciate everything Disneyland has to offer. My daughter, Annabel, on the other hand, is four years old and lives for all things Disney. Going to Disneyland is a religious experience for her!

When we’ve taken her in the past, she’s repeatedly shouted out, “Take a picture of that so I’ll never forget it!” so my husband and I thought it would be fun to let her have her own camera for the day. As we walked through the gates, we handed her an old camera phone and told her to take pictures of whatever she wanted. Here’s a (very abridged) glimpse of what she captured, along with some commentary from the photographer herself!

1. Butts.

Annie's Disney Shots

“This is to show everyone that you have to get in a lot of lines at Disneyland. This is a line to get inside of Disneyland.”

2. Princesses.

Annie's Disney Shots

“You get to meet princesses at Disneyland, I don’t know if you get to do that at the Disney World in Florida! This is Princess Tiana. She’s one of my favorite princesses. Tiana lives in New Orleans.”

Annie's Disney Shots

“We went on a hunt for princesses. This is Princess Ariel, and she loves bubbles. She used to live under the sea but now she has legs and stands here all day to take pictures with little kids.”

3. Her fingers.

Annie's Disney Shots

“When you go to Disneyland for Christmas, you might get to meet Jack Skellington and Sally, they’re from The Nightmare Before Christmas! If you have a baby brother, he might be a little scared, but if you sing him a lullaby he might stop crying. But I was super excited to meet them because I’ve seen the movie. Sally was nice and Jack was soooooo funny.”

4. Stuff I wouldn’t buy her.

Annie's Disney Shots

“These are hats you can buy in a Disney store. These are Olaf hats and Jessie hats. I wanted my mom to get me a hat but she said no.”

5. Reasons why life is unfair.

Annie's Disney Shots

“My mom DID get my brother a hat. These are Mickey ears and they say his name! If you have a baby brother, let him go to sleep in his stroller. Then he won’t cry.”

6. Twinkle lights. (Who doesn’t love twinkle lights?)

Annie's Disney Shots

“This is inside the Small World ride. It was all decorated for the holidays!”

7. ELSA. So. Much. Elsa.

Annie's Disney Shots

“Elsa was in the parade! She freezes everything but the people at Disneyland told her, “No freezing today!” so she didn’t do any magic.”

8. Every line we waited on.

Annie's Disney Shots

“This is the ride, ‘A Small World.’ We had to wait in line for it. Again.”

9. Selfies. (Face paint is worthy of at least a dozen selfies, right?)

Annie's Disney Shots

“I got my face painted. This was going to be Olaf but I forgot to take a picture after it was done.”

But this one we needed an extra set of hands for …

Annie's Disney Shots

“I didn’t take this, but it’s a picture of my whole family. The girl in the red shirt is me, the one who took all of the photos! We’re standing by a big Christmas tree, the biggest Christmas tree on the whole planet! It reached all the way to the sky.

The day at Disneyland was super fun. If you’ve never been to Disneyland or you don’t have a Disneyland near you or you get sick on planes, I hope my pictures make you feel like you were at Disneyland with us! I hope everyone in the world gets to go to Disneyland someday.”

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