2 Important Life Lessons Your Kids Can Learn from Frozen

FROZENFrozen, the latest tour-de-force from the Walt Disney Animation Studios, is not just great entertainment, but also a moving and inspirational film that will resonate with your family. Two of its major themes, of self-acceptance and of familial love, are lessons all your kids, both daughters and sons, can appreciate and learn from.

From the early peek at the film Disney fans like myself got at this year’s D23 Expo, it’s been clear that the journey of Elsa, the princess who grows up to become the Snow Queen, is one of overcoming her insecurities to embrace her unique abilities and accept herself for who she is. She was blessed, or cursed, with the ability to control ice as a child – a beautiful but dangerous gift, that comes not without consequences. After a horrible accident, she begins to shut herself away from her sister and her kingdom, both out of fear of her own power and to protect those she loves.

When her gift is discovered, she believes she has no other option but to exile herself into the mountains where she can do no more harm. Once alone, however, she is no longer the timid, terrified princess she was before, but rather has been transformed into a joyful, confident young woman, finally free to be herself. In today’s contemporary context, where bullying is a major issue, a mainstream film like Frozen about someone accepting and embracing their differences sends a strong, positive message for your kids.

Frozen_sisters_1A second powerful lesson to be found in Frozen is that of familial, sisterly love and how far family will go to protect one another. Both Elsa and her little sister Anna make great sacrifices for the other, sometimes to devastating effect, showing the power of love for one’s family. The Disney film canon exhibits many forms of love, whether romantic or parental, but rarely do we see such extraordinary acts of love for one’s sibling. This unique theme takes the film in a truly groundbreaking direction, with surprising plot elements and actions.

Even at face value, Frozen is another wonderful, contemporary Disney movie, in line with new classics like The Princess and the Frog and Tangled; but on a thematic level, its unique brand of storytelling and timely message of self-acceptance make Frozen a must-see holiday experience for you and your family.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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