3 Disney Fandoms to Cure Your (Kids’) Post-Halloween Let Down

DisneyBounding Ralph Vanellope, illustration by Phillip Light
DisneyBounding design for Ralph Vanellope, illustration by Phillip Light

Are your kids sad now that Halloween is over? Or are you the one feeling a let down having to go back to dressing like a typical grown-up? Have you ever heard of DisneyBounding? It might just be the year round cure for the normal-attire blues — for both you and your kids alike.

Having been a lifelong Disney fan, I thought I knew about all the “fandoms” of Disney enthusiasts. But being a Disney Parks Cast Member has opened my eyes to some new ways to connect and share the love and geek out with other Disney fans. Here are three Disney fandoms you may not have heard of, from the “unofficial” fan-based side:

1. DisneyBounding. One of the most beloved Disney trends among my Millennial age group is DisneyBounding, which I can best describe as “costuming lite.” It’s about creating outfits that color coordinate with specific characters and their own costumes, out of both everyday and formal fashion choices. For example, someone DisneyBounding as Snow White may wear a dark blue shirt, a yellow skirt,and a red bow – all regular clothes, but easily recognizable as a recreation of Snow White’s signature dress.

DisneyBounding Sully from Monster's Inc.
Me DisneyBounding as Sully from Monster’s Inc.

A great perk of DisneyBounding is that you can get your Disney geek on by dressing like your favorite characters, without the potential embarrassment of being out in public in, say, full fairytale fare. If those around you don’t recognize your color scheme as matching a Disney character, then you just look like any other everyday person. But when surrounded by fellow Disney fans, such as at the Disney Parks or the D23 Expo, it’s a really exciting opportunity to piece together creative outfits and spot others celebrating their Disney fandom in a subtle, yet recognizable, way.

DisneyBounding design for Kuzco, illustration by Phillip Light.
DisneyBounding design for Kuzco, illustration by Phillip Light.

2. Social Clubs. I wasn’t conscious of Disney Parks Social Clubs previous to becoming a Cast Member, but I couldn’t help but notice some parties of guests in matching vests, bearing distinctive graphics like the Evil Queen’s Magic Mirror or the Haunted Mansion sign. Some Social Clubs are family or friend-based, while others are open to any interested parties, based on mutual love of Disney and the Disney Parks.

Like with DisneyBounding, the standard “pallet” of a denim or leather vest offers a great opportunity to showcase an individual’s love of Disney. The back of the vest may feature a Social Club member’s favorite character, or the front may feature pins from a favorite attraction. The Social Club community is a fun way to connect with others in a group setting, while maintaining one’s own individuality.

3. Disney Parks characters’ Twitter accounts. One of my favorite, and one of the most bizarre Disney fandoms is the Twitter community of DLRAAs (Disneyland Resort Audio Animatronics). It very heavily leans westward, with Disneyland Resort-specific characters like the Indiana Jones Adventure deity Mara (@eyeofMara) and the abominable snow monster from Matterhorn Bobsleds (@HaroldSnowman,) but also spans across Disney Parks worldwide, such as Twitter handles for Stitch from the Walt Disney World Resort and Albert the Monkey from Hong Kong Disneyland.

DisneyBounding Snow White and Prince. Illustration by Phillip Light.
DisneyBounding design for Snow White and her Prince, illustration by Phillip Light.

As a Disney fan and hardcore supporter of character integrity, these accounts are so fun because you can see characters interacting and responding to one another via social media in an engaging and accurate way. Characters you never imagine together, such as Mara and Esmeralda the Main Street USA fortune teller, interact on an almost-daily basis and provide a hilarious wealth of material that even casual Disney Parks fans would enjoy.

Check out more excellent DisneyBound drawings from Phillip Light here.

Or check out his page on Tumblr.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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