Gifts for Baby

  • Skip Hop Owl and Friends Ball Trio 1 of 66
    Skip Hop Owl and Friends Ball Trio
    Skip Hop had us at owls, but we also like that these snuggly, round cuties feature soft, squishy appendages that are perfect for basic grasping play.
    Get it from Moolka, $15.99 »
  • Hanna Andersson Organic Cotton Baby Sleepers 2 of 66
    Hanna Andersson Organic Cotton Baby Sleepers
    You’ll love to snuggle your little ones in these comfy, cozy, soft, and silky organic-cotton pajamas. Sizes available from 0 – 24 mos.
    Get it from Hanna Anderson, $26 »
  • Personalized Growth Chart 3 of 66
    Personalized Growth Chart
    The Etsy shop Likes of London handmakes beautifully designed canvas growth charts — the perfect way to celebrate baby’s first holiday. One side is canvas (and stamped with handmade, wood-cut blocks) that can be written on with a fabric pen, and the other side is made with the fabric of your choice.
    Get it from Etsy, $39-$60 »
  • Sheep Mobile 4 of 66
    Sheep Mobile
    Chic sheep in black and white will match any modern nursery decor while catching the eye of that little bundle of joy.
    Get it from Amazon, $31 »
  • Sprig Cone Stacker 5 of 66
    Sprig Cone Stacker
    Sprig’s ring stacker can help baby learn motor skills, shapes, and colors, while the toy’s recycled-wood and reclaimed-plastic construction has us thinking green.
    Get it from Amazon, $12.15 »
  • Modern Growth Chart 6 of 66
    Modern Growth Chart
    No more marking up doorways! This natural canvas growth chart is block-printed by hand. You can have the name of your choice stenciled on it for free!
    Get it from Etsy, $50 »
  • Din Din Stainless Steel Bus 7 of 66
    Din Din Stainless Steel Bus
    It can be tough to find durable plates for babies that are BPA-, phthalate-, PVC-, and lead-free. This stainless steel plate in the shape of a bus is not only safe and sturdy, its playful design is sure to make mealtime fun.
    Get it from Mighty Nest, $17.95 »
  • George and the Dragon Flip Doll Toy Pattern 8 of 66
    George and the Dragon Flip Doll Toy Pattern
    Tell the story of George and the Dragon with this modern version of the traditional flip doll. The doll is both George AND the Dragon; turn George inside out, and you’ll find the Dragon hiding inside!
    Get the pattern from Wilsons, $10 »
  • Plan Toys Rattle Mobile 9 of 66
    Plan Toys Rattle Mobile
    Simple, bold colors hold a baby’s attention without the overstimulation of music and movement. Made from recycled rubberwood and non-toxic paints, the rattles in this mobile can also be removed and used as separate toys!
    Get it from, $54.99 »
  • Hand-stamped Baby Hanger 10 of 66
    Hand-stamped Baby Hanger
    This personalized baby hanger is a precious heirloom hand-crafted out of maple and hand-stamped in archival ink. It’s perfect for displaying baby's first outfit or even hanging in the nursery as a decoration!
    Get it from Ava Girl Designs, $29 »
  • International Playthings Earlyears Lil’ Shopper Play Set 11 of 66
    International Playthings Earlyears Lil' Shopper Play Set
    It’s never too early to get a start on healthy grocery shopping habits — and with these smiling fruits and veggies in her play yard, how could baby resist?
    Get it from Amazon, $18.31 »
  • Rattles 12 of 66
    This beautiful set of wooden rattles and teethers is finished with linseed oil, which is edible and harmless. The rattle makes a lovely, natural wooden sound, perfect for soothing fussy babies.
    Get it from Soopsori, $35 »
  • Personalized Alphabet Blocks 13 of 66
    Personalized Alphabet Blocks
    These handmade, organic wooden blocks not only come in personalized sets (to spell out a name or message), but multiple languages as well — including ASL and Braille.
    Get them from Etsy, $15 - $63 »
  • Baby Brezza One-Step Baby Food Maker 14 of 66
    Baby Brezza One-Step Baby Food Maker
    The Baby Brezza makes cooking your own baby food simple with a one-step process that steams and blends in one bowl. Making fresh, nutritious food for your little one has never been easier.
    Get it from Toys R Us, $99.99 »
  • FAO Schwarz Elephant Walker 15 of 66
    FAO Schwarz Elephant Walker
    This sturdy (and lovely) walker features rubberized wheels for easy pushing and an interactive front section that baby can play with when she’s tired of scooting around.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $29.99 »
  • Best Holiday Gifts for Baby! ALEX Toys ALEX Jr. Busy Ball 16 of 66
    Best Holiday Gifts for Baby! ALEX Toys ALEX Jr. Busy Ball
    Easy for baby to get a grip on, this soft, colorful orb features a handful of knots, loops and textured surfaces to encourage motor-skill development — and keep baby entertained!
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $9.99 »
  • Custom Rubber Stamp Bookplate 17 of 66
    Custom Rubber Stamp Bookplate
    This little stamp, which comes mounted on a wooden handle, is perfect for keeping track of baby's precious little books.
    Get it from Etsy, $8 »
  • Monogrammed Heirloom Baby Quilt 18 of 66
    Monogrammed Heirloom Baby Quilt
    This traditional cloth quilt features extravagant feather designs, sweet circle accents, and a delicate basket weave border with piping. Use it as a wall hanging or a lap quilt for christening!
    Get it from Etsy, $350 »
  • Brainy Baby Animals Bundle Pack 19 of 66
    Brainy Baby Animals Bundle Pack
    This gift set is designed to grow with your kiddo, from the soothing diversion of the Animals: Apes to Zebras DVD to the board book and flash cards that help develop reading and recognition skills.
    Get it from the Brainy Store, $24.99
  • Lamaze Freddie the Firefly 20 of 66
    Lamaze Freddie the Firefly
    Babies don’t need a lot of toys, provided they have one delightful toy that offers a lot: a mirror, squeaker, crinkles, rings, and a teether.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $14.99 »
  • Emotional Eggs 21 of 66
    Emotional Eggs
    Teach your child about different emotions with these wooden eggs, which are hand-painted with facial expressions that range from happy to sad to surprised.
    Get them from Etsy, $24 »
  • Griffin Woogie Huggable Case for iPhone and iPod Touch 22 of 66
    Griffin Woogie Huggable Case for iPhone and iPod Touch
    Woogie couches your iPhone or iPod Touch inside a stuffed toy and behind a clear screen protector, leaving baby to explore your apps (including the free Woogie Sesame Street Sampler) without getting drool in your earpiece.
    Get it from Griffin Technology, $19.99
  • Tiny Love Gymini Move and Play Gym 23 of 66
    Tiny Love Gymini Move and Play Gym
    With an adjustable toy arch that we can raise and lower for tummy time or back play, this mat combines options for baby with convenience for Mom and Dad.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $69.99 »
  • Information Blanket 24 of 66
    Information Blanket
    Not only are there helpful health tips printed on this swaddling blanket (e.g. how often to feed, unsafe fever temperatures, etc.), but it’s also designed to fight infant mortality: for every Information Blanket bought, one will be donated to a new mother in Uganda (printed in her language) — a country with staggering infant mortality rates. The blanket’s universal graphics even give illiterate moms the resources and knowledge to keep their babies healthy.
    Get it from Information Blanket, $40 »
  • Book of Baby Milestones 25 of 66
    Book of Baby Milestones
    So much of what babies do is an accomplishment: smiling, laughing, sleeping through the night. Keep all of those accomplishments in one gorgeous book that will stay on your family’s coffee table for years.
    Get it at Pinhole Press, $24.99 »
  • Galt Soft Blocks 26 of 66
    Galt Soft Blocks
    While we’d never discourage wooden blocks, they’re not always the easiest things for baby to grasp. Not so with these soft, vibrant cubes.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $12.99 »
  • Mila Baby Shoe Pattern and Tutorial 27 of 66
    Mila Baby Shoe Pattern and Tutorial
    This cute little baby shoe with its little ruffle is simple enough to make in just one afternoon, but you and your little girl will cherish it for a lifetime.
    Get the pattern from Fleeting Thing, free »
  • Sesame Street Nesting Cups 28 of 66
    Sesame Street Nesting Cups
    Nesting cups are a great tool for teaching spatial relations and basic problem solving. We like that this set in particular features some of baby’s beloved characters.
    Get it from Hasbro Toy Shop, $6.99 »
  • Goodnight Moon Boardbook with Stuffed Bunny 29 of 66
    Goodnight Moon Boardbook with Stuffed Bunny
    This classic is hands down the best bedtime book ever. It’s a must for every household. Buy it in board format with the matching stuffed bunny in striped PJs for a special edge.
    Get it from Amazon, $11.55 »
  • Dandelion Organic Winter Snowman Cuddle 30 of 66
    Dandelion Organic Winter Snowman Cuddle
    It may be cold outside, but Dandelion’s soft organic-cotton and velour snowman is ready for some warm and fuzzy cuddling — not to mention plenty of teething.
    Get it from Dandelion, $14.99 »
  • Sophie the Giraffe 31 of 66
    Sophie the Giraffe
    Made from 100 percent natural rubber and food-grade paint, Sophie has been a favorite of teething babies since 1961! She is the perfect, easy-to-grip shape for little ones to explore with their hands, mouth, eyes — and even ears, as she comes with a built-in squeaker.
    Get it from Amazon, $17.19 »
  • VTech Musical Bubbles Octopus 32 of 66
    VTech Musical Bubbles Octopus
    This tub-friendly piano features large buttons and two play modes (music or learning), but its real secret sauce is the solution you add to its motorized bubble blower.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $19.99 »
  • Polarn O. Pyret Signature Stripe Magic Mittens 33 of 66
    Polarn O. Pyret Signature Stripe Magic Mittens
    Timeless and stylish, these mittens will stretch to fit a child from six months all the way up to four years. Quite possibly the best $7 you’ll spend.
    Get it from Tada!, $7 »
  • LeapFrog Twinkle Twinkle Little Scout 34 of 66
    LeapFrog Twinkle Twinkle Little Scout
    LeapFrog’s talking pup Scout has kept our toddlers happy for years, so we love that Little Scout packs similar songs and stories into a super-soft, crib-friendly version.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $19.99 »
  • Little Pim Spanish Deluxe Gift Set 35 of 66
    Little Pim Spanish Deluxe Gift Set
    This set of three DVDs and one CD from the award-winning Little Pim series brings Spanish lessons to su casa while your kids’ minds are at their most malleable. It also comes with word and phrase cards as well as a Little Pim plushie that kids will love.
    Get it from Little Pim, $84.95
  • HABA Speedy Horse Rattling Figure 36 of 66
    HABA Speedy Horse Rattling Figure
    Also available in a ladybug design, HABA’s chubby rattling toy utilizes sturdy elastic attachments to encourage twisting and pulling.
    Get it from Maukilo, $13.49 »
  • The First Years Sounds for Silence Nursery Sound Machine 37 of 66
    The First Years Sounds for Silence Nursery Sound Machine
    A little white noise in the nursery can provide a lot of peace and quiet for parents. For babies who are more musically inclined, the First Years Sounds for Silence also includes Mozart melodies along with its various white-noise settings.
    Get it from Target, $24.99
  • Pocoyo Bump N Go Car 38 of 66
    Pocoyo Bump N Go Car
    Even if they’re not familiar with the TV character, babies will love chasing after this motorized vehicle, which plays music and zips away with a tap of Pocoyo’s noggin.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $24.99 »
  • Jonathan Adler Elephant Nightlight 39 of 66
    Jonathan Adler Elephant Nightlight
    Light the way for midnight feedings with this simple and beautiful porcelain elephant nightlight.
    Get it from Jonathan Adler, $48 »
  • Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress 40 of 66
    Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress
    This mattress is filled with 100 percent organic cotton; has a waterproof surface containing no vinyl, PVC, phthalates, or lead; and is fire-proof without using potentially harmful fire-retardent chemicals. In other words, this is a great green choice for your baby’s crib!
    Get it from The Soft Landing, $259 »
  • Rockabye Baby! The 5-Year Anniversary Compilation 41 of 66
    Rockabye Baby! The 5-Year Anniversary Compilation
    If only AC/DC and Metallica could’ve known that their hits would one day be remade into kids sleepy-time music. This two-CD set collects rock songs-turned-lullabies from Rockabye Baby’s catalog — all of them safe for the nursery.
    Get it from Amazon, $23.24
  • ALEX Toys ALEX Jr. My Busy Town 42 of 66
    ALEX Toys ALEX Jr. My Busy Town
    From ABC tiles to bead mazes, rolling race cars to peek-a-boo doors, this Oppenheimer Gold Seal winner packs five sides of fun into a 12” square cube.
    Get it from ALEX, $109.95 »
  • Peretti Padova Child’s Spoon 43 of 66
    Peretti Padova Child's Spoon
    A treasured sterling-silver keepsake for your little one (and a back-up spoon for the baby food if you get desperate).
    Get it from Tiffany & Co., $200 »
  • Fisher-Price Topzy Tumblers Twirlin’ Tumblin’ Fun Park 44 of 66
    Fisher-Price Topzy Tumblers Twirlin' Tumblin' Fun Park
    Delivering plenty of sound and motion to keep older tots stimulated, the Tumblin’ Fun Park also includes a ramp and balls to encourage interactive play.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $34.99 »
  • Mini Boden Knee Patch Trousers 45 of 66
    Mini Boden Knee Patch Trousers
    These comfy cord trousers from Mini Boden (perfect for the mobility-in-training set) are now even more adorable with knee patches. Knee patches shaped like stars! Or flowers! Does it get any cuter?
    Get them from Mini Boden, $34 »
  • Captain Sully Baby Spoon 46 of 66
    Captain Sully Baby Spoon
    We all remember our parents pretending our spoon was an airplane when trying to get us to eat our veggies. Well, this handmade, sterling-silver spoon is a fancier version of that.
    Get it from catbird, $250 »
  • Teach My Baby Learning Kit 47 of 66
    Teach My Baby Learning Kit
    The award-winning Teach My Baby kit packs a complete infant curriculum into a box, with sections that help baby explore numbers, colors, senses, sound, and other basics.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $49.99 »
  • Retro Baby Tube Socks 48 of 66
    Retro Baby Tube Socks
    These retro-cool tube socks (made from eco-friendly bamboo and AZO-free dyes) will quickly become mom’s favorite must-have to cover up little legs on chilly days. We also love the reusable (and lead-free), vintage tin lunch box they’re packed in.
    Get them from Hank & JoJo, $30 »
  • Pearhead Photo Moments Frame 49 of 66
    Pearhead Photo Moments Frame
    From all the great baby photos you take, it may be hard to pick just 12 to display in this simple, classic frame — and even harder to resist arranging them in this lovely “See how I’ve grown!” display.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $19.99 »
  • Crazy Cute Sheep 50 of 66
    Crazy Cute Sheep
    You'll fall hard for this fuzzy little guy! A quick seller that already sold out once, he's back ... but going fast!
    Get it from catbird, $14 »
  • Playskool Poppin Park Pound ‘N Pop Carnival 51 of 66
    Playskool Poppin Park Pound 'N Pop Carnival
    Wee ones will get lost in the lights, sounds, and repetitive motion of this brightly colored playset, which smartly contains its launching balls inside a see-through tube.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $19.99 »
  • Under The Nile Organic Cotton Stuffed Toy Fruit Set 52 of 66
    Under The Nile Organic Cotton Stuffed Toy Fruit Set
    Encourage an early love for fruits and veggies with these non-toxic, organic-cotton toys that are safe for babies to chew on. And you’ll also be helping the less fortunate; the toys are made by women in rural communities in Egypt as part of the 13 Villages Project.
    Get it from the Ultimate Green Store, $22.95 »
  • Babys Book Tower 53 of 66
    Babys Book Tower
    A stackable, perfectly scaled collection of mini-board books starring an adorable, smurfy little baby who builds awareness and vocabulary in a world of opposites. A parent can throw one, two or the whole bunch in the diaper bag for welcome distractions.
    Get it at Amazon, $9.99 »
  • CrocoBloco 54 of 66
    We just want to hug it — and baby will, too — but aside from being a great pillow, CrocoBloco also includes detachable soft blocks that encourage fine-motor play and exploration.
    Get it from Amazon, $56.96 »
  • Moccasins by Freshly Picked 55 of 66
    Moccasins by Freshly Picked
    These buttery-soft, handmade moccasins (crafted by Susan Peterson of the Freshly Picked blog and Babble’s The New Home Ec) are high up on our covet list. Besides this fun metallic pink color, you’ll also find mocs in suede, leather and elk hide.
    Get them from Freshly Picked, $60 »
  • Playskool Poppin Park Elefun Busy Ball Popper 56 of 66
    Playskool Poppin Park Elefun Busy Ball Popper
    The balls go in, the balls go out — of the elephant’s trunk, that is — in this adorably addictive game for kids 9 months and up.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $24.99 »
  • Embellished Baby DIY Headband 57 of 66
    Embellished Baby DIY Headband
    A great little DIY to make for that special little girl (or you can make a grown-up version for an older girl, or even yourself!) — this embellished headband is super easy and utterly adorable.
    Get the tutorial at Little Red Wagon Photography, free »
  • Ubuntu Noonie from Lalas Pequenos 58 of 66
    Ubuntu Noonie from Lalas Pequenos
    These handmade, heirloom-quality baby cocoons give infants a cozy place to snuggle. We especially love the new Ubuntu line (made from authentic African wax prints), which collaborates with the organization Indego Africa. Proceeds from the Ubuntu Noonie go toward empowering African women with skills and opportunities to bring themselves out of poverty.
    Get it from Lala’s Pequeños, $74 »
  • HABA Orchard Baby Buggy Books 59 of 66
    HABA Orchard Baby Buggy Books
    Take a bite out of your favorite read — literally. The squishy teether on this adorable, stroller-attachable book is just right for the job.
    Get it from Moolka, $8.09 »
  • Vicks Behind Ear Gentle Touch Thermometer (V980) 60 of 66
    Vicks Behind Ear Gentle Touch Thermometer (V980)
    Let’s face it: Babies don’t really need gadgets. Mom and Dad, on the other hand, could probably use a new digital thermometer — and with Vicks’ V980, you can gift new parents some peace of mind via convenient, one-second, one-touch fever detection.
    Get it from Kaz, $49.99
  • Plan Toys Baby Activity Gym 61 of 66
    Plan Toys Baby Activity Gym
    Besides being totally gorgeous, Plan Toys’ hardy, happy gym features a green-minded design that uses recycled rubberwood pieces and non-toxic finishes.
    Get it from Amazon, $75.85 »
  • Smithsonian Baby Barnyard Animals 4 Board Books and Stuffed Animal Pack 62 of 66
    Smithsonian Baby Barnyard Animals 4 Board Books and Stuffed Animal Pack
    Each story in this collection tracks the adventures of a “real” baby animal and is complemented by a matching mini stuffed animal. Think of it as eight gifts in one! The photos have been authenticated by the Smithsonian Institution's museum curators, but you’ll have to hug one of the stuffed animals yourself to verify its love-ability.
    Get it from Amazon, $19.98 »
  • Modern Photo Block Ornament 63 of 66
    Modern Photo Block Ornament
    This red-and-white quatrafoil print photo block is a chic way to commemorate your little one’s first holiday season. Baby’s name and birth stats are listed for family and friends to spot from the tree.
    Get it from Etsy, $22 »
  • Melissa 64 of 66
    Cause meets effect in this sturdy wood version of the classic pounding toy, which features brightly colored balls and rolling ramps to stimulate baby’s senses.
    Get it from Melissa & Doug, $19.99 »
  • Tavo High Chair 65 of 66
    Tavo High Chair
    With no tray, this high chair pulls right up to the table so your babe can be part of the meal. Plus, the leather seat not only looks beautiful, it is amazingly easy to wipe down.
    Get it from Mini Jake, $299.00 »
  • Fisher-Price Laugh 66 of 66
    Fisher-Price Laugh
    Few teething toys are as high-tech as what this rattle-adorned plaything becomes ... when Mom snaps her iPhone into its clear protective case.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $15.99 »
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