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  • Babys Book Tower | BABY 1 of 25
    Babys Book Tower | BABY
    A stackable, perfectly scaled collection of mini-board books starring an adorable, smurfy little baby who builds awareness and vocabulary in a world of opposites. A parent can throw one, two or the whole bunch in the diaper bag for welcome distractions.
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  • Goodnight Moon Boardbook with Stuffed Bunny | BABY 2 of 25
    Goodnight Moon Boardbook with Stuffed Bunny | BABY
    This classic is hands down the best bedtime book ever. It’s a must for every household. Buy it in board format with the matching stuffed bunny in striped PJs for a special edge.
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  • Smithsonian Baby Barnyard Animals 4 Board Books and Stuffed Animal Pack | BABY 3 of 25
    Smithsonian Baby Barnyard Animals 4 Board Books and Stuffed Animal Pack | BABY
    Each story in this collection tracks the adventures of a “real” baby animal and is complemented by a matching mini stuffed animal. Think of it as eight gifts in one! The photos have been authenticated by the Smithsonian Institution's museum curators, but you’ll have to hug one of the stuffed animals yourself to verify its love-ability.
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  • Duck 4 of 25
    A great holiday introduction for the toddler who has yet to meet this adorable duo. Duck and Goose waddle their way toward Christmas in their snappy winter hats. This new oversized board book makes a substantial gift on its own, but if you want to go the extra mile, Duck and Goose Plush Toys make a nice addition.
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  • Fruit Cake Board Book | TODDLER 5 of 25
    Fruit Cake Board Book | TODDLER
    Even though this sturdy board book is marketed for kids over five, younger kids will definitely enjoy and learn from it. It’s all about language, puns, and having fun with words. Best of all: it’s interactive, with levers and tabs to pull and wheels to turn. Great for car rides!
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  • Rainstorm | TODDLER 6 of 25
    Rainstorm | TODDLER
    Every child can relate to the boredom of being stuck inside on a rainy day with no one to play with and nothing to do. Rainstorm is the perfect magical adventure for such a dreary day. It has no words but is beautifully illustrated, encouraging a child to create their own narrative — with or without a parent!
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  • Nutshell Library | KIDS 4-8 7 of 25
    Nutshell Library | KIDS 4-8
    The Sendak-ian reading experience is something no one should live without. There’s nothing more precious than this collection of little literary gems fitting snuggly in their own carrel. Think of the Nutshell Library as a toy. Kids love miniatures and will “reshelve” these tiny books as often as they will read them.
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  • Never Forgotten | KIDS 4-8 8 of 25
    Never Forgotten | KIDS 4-8
    Crafted in the style of an African folk tale, this is a beautifully illustrated and poetically written story about paternal passion, ancestry, and art. The book manages to be uplifting even though slavery is a core theme, making it a great pick for the serious, thoughtful kid who asks a lot of “why?” questions.
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  • Toys Come Home | KIDS 4-8 9 of 25
    Toys Come Home | KIDS 4-8
    The prequel to Toys Go Out and Toys Dance Party, this tale of toys trying to make sense of their lives at the home of “the Girl” is the thinking kid’s Toy Story, raising existential questions while maintaining an air of whimsy. Great for the early readers, but also a sweet book for parents to read aloud at bedtime.
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  • The Annotated Phantom Tollbooth | KIDS 8-12 10 of 25
    The Annotated Phantom Tollbooth | KIDS 8-12
    This is the kind of book you’ll buy as a gift and be tempted to keep for yourself. Written in the early ’60s, Phantom Tollbooth was a book born on the winds of change and remains one of the most original fantasy novels of all time. Following Milo’s journey through “The Lands Beyond” was a reading rite of passage for many boomers and the generations that followed. This annotated version has backstory galore, making it a true collector’s item.
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  • Wonderstruck | KIDS 8-12 11 of 25
    Wonderstruck | KIDS 8-12
    Brian Selznick, author of the award-winning book, The Adventure of Hugo Cabret, continues his groundbreaking graphic novel-esque format in this double-narrative story. This beautiful brick of a book follows Ben and Rose, two kids living fifty years apart, as they search for answers to their own private mysteries at the Museum of Natural History. Selznick’s detailed graphite drawings are perfectly complemented by his fine command of words.
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  • The Dangerous Book for Boys and The Double Daring Book for Girls | KIDS 8-12 12 of 25
    The Dangerous Book for Boys and The Double Daring Book for Girls | KIDS 8-12
    Outrageous and sometimes next to impossible, the advice and activities suggested in these books are precariously fun for older kids on their own, or for the whole family. And the old-fashioned presentation gives these gifts a retro edge.
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  • The Annotated Alice | KIDS 8-12 13 of 25
    The Annotated Alice | KIDS 8-12
    An Alice to grow up — and old — with. This edition has the original Tenniel illustrations that every child will examine with boundless curiosity. As the years pass, lovers of Lewis Carroll’s ultimate fantasy will appreciate the literary and historical FYIs that line the outer column of every page. If they don’t like this gift, off with their heads!
  • Vanity Fair | MOM 14 of 25
    Vanity Fair | MOM
    Vanity Fair is a rambling, larger-than-life satirical novel. This version of William Thackeray’s classic is oversized and perfectly pink, gamely illustrated by respected British artist Donald Urguhart, and with one dark- and one light-pink ribbon as bookmarks. Thackeray’s sly irony is perfectly served by such a gigantic confection of presentation.
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  • The Complete Persepolis | MOM 15 of 25
    The Complete Persepolis | MOM
    For the mom who has limited time to read but wants to experience something profound, artistic, and inspiring. The Persepolis graphic novels, recounting author Marjane Satrapi’s story of growing up in revolutionary Iran, are not to be missed. This is one bookset you might want to double your order on — consider it a present to yourself.
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  • Bossypants | MOM 16 of 25
    Bossypants | MOM
    Is there anyone out there who doesn’t want to be Tina Fey, or at least Tina Fey’s BFF? Reading this book will only increase the urge. She’s just so funny and adorable. Bossypants is nearly impossible to put down. If you want a mom you know to feel like she’s staying up all night at the best slumber party ever, this book’s a sure bet.
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  • 100 Shoes | MOM 17 of 25
    100 Shoes | MOM
    Every woman knows there’s nothing more delightful than the perfect pair of shoes. This illustrated history includes gorgeous photographs of outrageous beauties from the Met’s collection and an intro by admitted shoe fetishist, SJP. Add in historical tidbits and fashion pedigrees, and 100 Shoes is perfect for the family fashionista’s bedside or coffee table.
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  • Persuasion | MOM 18 of 25
    Persuasion | MOM
    Published posthumously, Persuasion is a real heartstring tugger. Not as widely read as Austen’s other gems, the amorous travails of Anne Elliot and Fredrick Wentworth get the full treatment in this beautiful, comprehensive edition. Fascinating details of political and historical events, color illustrations, and photographs make the reading that much more satisfying.
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  • The Frankies Sputino Kitchen Companion and Cooking Manual | DAD 19 of 25
    The Frankies Sputino Kitchen Companion and Cooking Manual | DAD
    For the dad who already cooks, or the dad who is ready to step up to the plate — literally — and learn his way with asiago and truffle oil. From two dude-worthy Brooklyn foodie-celebs, this ain’t your mother’s Joy of Cooking.
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  • Moneyball, the Art of Winning an Unfair Game | DAD 20 of 25
    Moneyball, the Art of Winning an Unfair Game | DAD
    This book’s got everything a guy could want: underdogs, baseball, stats, and humor. Author Michael Lewis, a contributing writer for The New Yorker and statistical/cultural guru, adds in some highbrow intellectual cred to the story, so even non-sporty men will be enthralled. Throw in a pack of baseball cards for old-time good measure.
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  • Black Swan Green | DAD 21 of 25
    Black Swan Green | DAD
    A quiet coming-of-age story by David Mitchell, a brilliant writer known for more bold and experimental fare, Black Swan Green is about a boy with a stammer whose family is coming apart at the seams. Any guy who’s felt like an outsider or has had to prove himself at some point in his life will relate to the themes in this book.
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  • The Known World | GRANDPARENTS 22 of 25
    The Known World | GRANDPARENTS
    One of the most dense, and most important, historical novels about slavery, the civil war, and its aftermath, this book is perfect for the grandparent with time on their hands and great powers of concentration. Getting through this formidable story is worth every moment.
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  • Thursday Next Series | GRANDPARENTS 23 of 25
    Thursday Next Series | GRANDPARENTS
    For the literary type with a sense of humor and a love of puns, intrepid detective Thursday Next lives part-time in an alternate reality called the Book World, where she solves crimes with the likes of Great Expectations’ Miss Havisham and a slew of fictional co-detectives with names like Harris Tweed, Miss Tiggywinkle, Commander Bradshaw, and Emperor Zark. Delicious, witty, and tons of fun. Be a mensch and buy them all.
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  • Just Kids | GRANDPARENTS 24 of 25
    Just Kids | GRANDPARENTS
    The perfect read for hipper grandparents, or ones who will be happy to think you consider them cool. As much a love story as a memoir, Just Kids is the story of Patti Smith’s relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe, and focuses on friendship, passion, music, and art. If you’ve got extra cash and a true Smith devotee on your gift list, the limited edition hardcover is truly a work of art.
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  • The Louvre, All the Paintings | GRANDPARENTS 25 of 25
    The Louvre, All the Paintings | GRANDPARENTS
    The title says it all. This giant book weighs about the same amount as a small child and is just as full of wonderful surprises. The reproductions are crisp and the informative text is refreshingly un-snooty. No one needs an art history degree to enjoy this dent-inducing coffee table staple.
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