Santa, religion, and the economy: parenting and the 2008 holidays.’s Christmas Special Issue.

Everyone’s broke. People are being laid off right and left. It’s not exactly the merriest holiday season on record. And yet, there are plenty of ways to make the yuletide (whatever that is) gay despite the economic downturn. In fact, one of the few upsides of these dark times is that families are more likely to indulge in the free, simple pastime of hanging out together. In that spirit, we bring you our writers’ strategies for recession-proofing your holidays. – The Babble Editors


Top 10 Kid Christmas-Special Moments That Make Parents Cry

By Jen Chaney

Seven Holiday Card-inal Sins

Jen Chaney

Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus (And Now You Can I.M. Him).

By the Editors

The Babble Holiday Gift Guide

By the Editors

Eighty-five gift ideas, 17 categories, 30 giveaways!

Babble Best: Building Sets

By Kate Bayless

Five perfect gifts for your little architect.

Babble Best: Train Sets

By Kate Bayless

All aboard our five favorite toy railways!

The Best and Worst of 2008

By the Editors

The year in parenting, from Sarah Palin to Suri Cruise. by Babble Editors

Parental Advisory: A Jew Among Gentiles

By Rebecca Odes and Ceridwen Morris

How do I tell my five-year-old that Santa’s bringing toys to her friends but not to her?

Bad Parent: Sorry, Can’t Make It

By Jeanne Sager

There’s no place like home for the holidays – my home.

A Very Muslim Christmas

By Hadeel Masseoud

Would having a tree betray our faith?

Babble Best: Puppet Theaters

By Jeanne Sager

Boost your indoor fun quotient with these five puppet playscapes.

Babble Best: Wagons

By Jeanne Sager

Our five favorite forms of public toddler transportation.

Babes in Toyland

By Kevin Keck

I fought the toy invasion and lost.


The Babble Holiday Gift Guide 2007

By the Editors

Choosing His Religion

By Erin K. Blakely

I’m Catholic. My husband’s Jewish. What does that make our son?

Presents, Please

By Amy Lutz

Why I don’t believe in “no gifts” parties.

The Grinch

By Sasha Brown Worsham

Why I won’t let my child believe in Santa.

You Better Not Cry

By Jennifer Cattui

Santa’s the disciplinarian at our house.

‘Tis the Season

By Kim Brooks

Why my Jewish baby is celebrating Christmas.

Christmas Special Round-Up 2007

By Lisa Carver and kids

Shrek vs. Dudley Moore vs. The Doodlebops!


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