Gifts for Dad

  • Beer Making Kit 1 of 43
    Beer Making Kit
    Brew your own...brew! Dad will love this kit that allows him to craft his own summer wheat beer or IPA. And don't worry mom, this equipment works well in small spaces, so you won't need to sacrifice the entire kitchen to support dad's new hobby.
    Get it from Williams-Sonoma, $39.95 »
  • Weber Smokey Joe Portable Grill 2 of 43
    Weber Smokey Joe Portable Grill
    If you have a grilling enthusiast in the family, you know he’s already looking forward to the days of warmer weather! This Smokey Joe is perfect if you live in a cramped space or if you need a dependable portable grill to take to picnics, campouts, tailgaiting sessions, and more.
    Get it from Home Depot, $34.99 »
  • Whiskey Aftershave Splash 3 of 43
    Whiskey Aftershave Splash
    Powerfully masculine with a deep woodsy and amber smell, this aftershave will also nourish skin with the healthy sea minerals contained inside.
    Get it from Blackbird, $12 »
  • Poketo! Slim Wide-Angle Camera 4 of 43
    Poketo! Slim Wide-Angle Camera
    For anyone tired of digital cameras (or for those looking for another photography option), this old-school 35mm shoots incredibly gorgeous, super-saturated photos with its 22mm wide-angle lens. No Photoshop, no uploading: just point, shoot and develop. (Remember those days?) The perfect little camera (which comes in pink, white or blue) to have on hand for bright, dreamy photos.
    Get it from Poketo, $35 »
  • Seatbelt Camera Strap 5 of 43
    Seatbelt Camera Strap
    This seatbelt camera strap adds some retro flair to a snap-happy parent’s otherwise ho-hum photography gear.
    Get it from Photojojo, $20 »
  • Fitbit Ultra 6 of 43
    Fitbit Ultra
    A parent’s life can be one of joy, excitement and fulfillment — but is it really the model of health? It’s why we love the idea of the new Fitbit Ultra — a teeny, tiny device that logs your entire daily activity down to the steps taken, miles traveled, calories burned and hours slept. But even more than that, you’ll see how long it took to fall asleep, how many times you woke up and how many hours you were actually asleep.
    Get it from FitBit, $99.95 »
  • Turnovo Bulgarian Mugs 7 of 43
    Turnovo Bulgarian Mugs
    Ordinarily one-of-a-kind objects handmade by a master craftsman cost a lot of money, but these mugs that draw from medieval Bulgarian folk art cost just under $25. They’re a charming addition to any kitchen.
    Get it from Golden Calf Brooklyn, $18-24 »
  • Handy Dad: 25 Awesome Projects for Dads and Kids 8 of 43
    Handy Dad: 25 Awesome Projects for Dads and Kids
    Skate ramps, zip lines, go-carts, and more! This super-fun book includes 25 projects — that take anywhere from five minutes to a full weekend — for dads to build with their kids.
    Get it from Chronicle Books »
  • ElliptiGO 9 of 43
    Any fitness enthusiast will be speechless after opening this new, innovative piece of gear. It’s not a bike, not a scooter and not an elliptical — it’s all three wrapped up in one low-impact, full-body workout. Sure, people will stare as you glide on by (possibly even whip out a camera phone) but only because they know you’re on the cusp of something huge. Unless you’re using the elliptiGO for steep hills or competitive racing, the basic model is perfect for everyday activity.
    Get it from ElliptiGO, $1,799-3,499 »
  • All-weather Memo Book 10 of 43
    All-weather Memo Book
    Bring on the rain! Dad’s notes won’t get damaged at all when he jots them down in this little book, made with waterproof paper.
    Get it from Hickoree’s Hard Goods, $4 »
  • Fearsome Foursome Pepper Sauces 11 of 43
    Fearsome Foursome Pepper Sauces
    Think dad has the cojones for ultimate spicy flavor? With names like Texas Tongue Torch and Cayenne Cowboy, these sauces are no joke. They’ll add a tasty kick to any dish.
    Get it from Texas Tamale, $14 »
  • Organic Flannel Mens Pajamas 12 of 43
    Organic Flannel Mens Pajamas
    Eco-conscious dads can catch their Zs in these extra-soft flannel pajamas, made from 100 percent organic, fair-trade cotton.
    Get it from the Ultimate Green Store, $80 »
  • Draper Media Console 13 of 43
    Draper Media Console
    Give dad an excuse to haul out his old vinyls with this classic-looking, mid-century turntable.
    Get it from Urban Outfitters, $249 »
  • Recycled Bike Tire Belt 14 of 43
    Recycled Bike Tire Belt
    This upcycled belt is made from two bicycle tires stitched together (how cool is that?) with contrast stitching for a designer look any modern dad will love.
    Get it from BTC Elements, $38 »
  • Personalized Leather Passport and Luggage Tags Set 15 of 43
    Personalized Leather Passport and Luggage Tags Set
    This gorgeous passport case and luggage tag set brings back the romantic notions of traveling. Both are made of vegetable-tanned leather with a glossy surface, designed to age gracefully.
    Get it from Etsy, $124 »
  • Manly Man Soap Set 16 of 43
    Manly Man Soap Set
    Soap made by a man, for a man. This variety pack will take care of Dad’s body, face, and hands. The soaps are all natural and great for folks with sensitive skin (they do not use essential oils or fragrance oils — Dad wouldn’t want those anyway, right?).
    Get it from Etsy »
  • Instagram Books with Blurb 17 of 43
    Instagram Books with Blurb
    Any Instagram addicts in your life? Now Blurb will turn Instagram photos into a high-quality photo book to preserve all of your iPhoneography. If you aren’t using your own Instagram photos, you may need to think up a crafty way to get the recipient’s login info — but the results are worth the effort!
    Get it from Blurb, $10.95 »
  • Graphite Writing Object, Mini Quill 18 of 43
    Graphite Writing Object, Mini Quill
    Part writing tool, part art sculpture, this intricately designed (and smudge-resistant) “mini quill” is completely made from graphite, meaning you can write with every part of it. And because the material wears so slowly, it can last a good seven to nine years even if used every single day — as long as you (or the kids) don’t shatter it before then.
    Get it from the Spoon Sisters, $29 »
  • Hacking Putty 19 of 43
    Hacking Putty
    Remember silly putty? Dad will appreciate this super putty that’s waterproof, temperature-resistant, and self-adhesive. It also hardens to modify or fix tools, electronics, and more!
    Get it from ThinkGeek, $17.99 »
  • Mackage Chad Jacket 20 of 43
    Mackage Chad Jacket
    If you’re willing to splurge this year, we may have found the ultimate man’s jacket. Trendy (wool-meets-leather is popular this year), classic (black on black) and ultra warm (padded with duck down and feathers), this jacket has everything he needs — down to the zip-away hood and internal pockets.
    Get it from Ssense, $1,150 »
  • Tuthilltown Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey 21 of 43
    Tuthilltown Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey
    It may seem kind of ’50s, but dads still like to unwind with a good bourbon after a tough day at the office. This artisanal, single-grain whiskey has exceptional flavor and comes in a simple but manly wax-sealed bottle.
    Get it from Shopper’s Vineyard, $49.99 »
  • Letterpress Calling Cards 22 of 43
    Letterpress Calling Cards
    Empower Papa with his own set of letterpress calling cards. Available in a variety of hip and modern styles, they’re sure to impress!
    Get it from Hoban Cards, set of 6 cards for $75 »
  • Patagonia Mens R2 Fleece Jacket 23 of 43
    Patagonia Mens R2 Fleece Jacket
    This jacket is made out of recycled polyester fibers from used soda bottles and worn-out garments. And when Dad gets his use out of it, the jacket is also recyclable through Patagonia’s Common Threads Initiative.
    Get it from Patagonia, $149 »
  • Lightning Bolt Socks 24 of 43
    Lightning Bolt Socks
    Because he deserves to feel like a superhero underneath his suit.
    Get them from Sock It To Me, $9 »
  • Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI) on Blu-ray 25 of 43
    Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI) on Blu-ray
    Dad’s all about Episodes IV-VI, while the kids swear by Episodes I-III. With this set, both sides of the house can enjoy their favorite Star Wars installments in HD glory, complete with new scenes.
    Get it from Amazon, $86.99 »
  • The Frankies Sputino Kitchen Companion and Cooking Manual 26 of 43
    The Frankies Sputino Kitchen Companion and Cooking Manual
    For the dad who already cooks, or the dad who is ready to step up to the plate — literally — and learn his way with asiago and truffle oil. From two dude-worthy Brooklyn foodie-celebs, this ain’t your mother’s Joy of Cooking.
    Get it from Amazon, $16.30 »
  • 22 Design Studio Concrete Ring Collection 27 of 43
    22 Design Studio Concrete Ring Collection
    Forget gold and platinum — show him you really appreciate the manly man he is with this ring made from concrete and stainless steel.
    Get it from Molla Space, $100 »
  • Horsehide Key Holder 28 of 43
    Horsehide Key Holder
    Made of rugged, oiled horsehide, this sturdy key holder will soften and age beautifully over time.
    Get it from Hickoree’s Hard Goods, $59 »
  • Gray Rucksack 29 of 43
    Gray Rucksack
    He’s not into the “man bag” look, but he clearly needs something to carry his daily necessities and techie must-haves. Something like this rucksack, perhaps? It’s made with heavy-duty materials (canvas, hemp denim and leather) and expert craftsmanship. And in case he’s concerned about his image, he can carry the Rucksack by the leather handle or wear it on his back.
    Get it at Etsy, $162 »
  • Band of Brothers/The Pacific Special Edition Blu-ray Gift Set 30 of 43
    Band of Brothers/The Pacific Special Edition Blu-ray Gift Set
    Managing to capture the scope of WWII across two Emmy-winning miniseries, HBO’s Band of Brothers and The Pacific now come in one package, complete with a documentary that’ll have Dad riveted.
    Get it from Amazon, $105.49 »
  • Photo Luggage Tag 31 of 43
    Photo Luggage Tag
    This customizable luggage tag is the perfect gift to give dad so he always knows which bag is his. It attaches conveniently to suitcases, laptop bags, golf bags, backpacks, pet carriers, and more.
    Get it from Shutterfly, $7.99 »
  • Black Swan Green 32 of 43
    Black Swan Green
    A quiet coming-of-age story by David Mitchell, a brilliant writer known for more bold and experimental fare, Black Swan Green is about a boy with a stammer whose family is coming apart at the seams. Any guy who’s felt like an outsider or has had to prove himself at some point in his life will relate to the themes in this book.
    Get it from Amazon, $28.20 »
  • Magicfelt Wool Mules 33 of 43
    Magicfelt Wool Mules
    These handmade slippers are made from pure felted wool, providing a comfortable, breathable material that naturally insulates in the cold and cools in the heat.
    Get them from Garnet Hill, $85 »
  • Picaboo Ranch Leather Photo Book 34 of 43
    Picaboo Ranch Leather Photo Book
    A rugged Dad deserves an equally tough photo album, and this distressed leather option definitely fits the bill. Just pretend you didn’t see him shed a tear over his totally manly memories.
    Get it from Picaboo, $9.99-499.99 »
  • Border Stripe Canvas Camera Strap 35 of 43
    Border Stripe Canvas Camera Strap
    If Dad’s style is more Sartorialist than sports guy, this orange-and-white camera strap will take his look — if not his photos — to the next level.
    Get it from Union, $168 »
  • Brita Bottle 36 of 43
    Brita Bottle
    Give the gift of better hydration (read: better health) and less plastic waste (read: major eco points) with this brilliant BPA-free Brita bottle that filters tap water on the go.
    Get it from Brita, $9.99 »
  • Forza Motorsport 4 for Xbox 360 37 of 43
    Forza Motorsport 4 for Xbox 360
    Dad may never get that Ferrari of his dreams, but with Forza Motorsport 4, he can experience the next best thing. Pretend racing has never looked — or felt — so real.
    Get if from Amazon, $55.99 »
  • Personalized Nautical Notepad Set 38 of 43
    Personalized Nautical Notepad Set
    This charming notepad set features a whale image personalized with your name, the name of your beach cottage, or initials — a perfect accessory for the habitual beachcomber!
    Get it from Etsy, $11.95 »
  • Moneyball, the Art of Winning an Unfair Game 39 of 43
    Moneyball, the Art of Winning an Unfair Game
    This book’s got everything a guy could want: underdogs, baseball, stats, and humor. Author Michael Lewis, a contributing writer for The New Yorker and statistical/cultural guru, adds in some highbrow intellectual cred to the story, so even non-sporty men will be enthralled. Throw in a pack of baseball cards for old-time good measure.
    Get it from Amazon, $16.47 »
  • Papier-Mch Stag 40 of 43
    Papier-Mch Stag
    This more responsible take on taxidermy was designed by artisans in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, through West Elm’s collaboration with Aid to Artisans. All of these horned animal sculptures are made entirely from recycled materials and support a good cause, while still providing chic-yet-manly décor.
    Get it from West Elm, $99 »
  • 3D DIY Wagon Card 41 of 43
    3D DIY Wagon Card
    Remember those long family road trips in the family whale of a vehicle? Well it's back, with wood paneling and all! This card turns into a DIY, 3D station wagon. Just cut, fold, and glue. It's a holiday ornament, a paper trinket, and a collectible for your shelf — a fantastic pick for the car buff and affordable enough for children to purchase.
    Get it from Blackbird Letterpress on Etsy, $5 »
  • Beer Garden Table 42 of 43
    Beer Garden Table
    Encourage your avid barbecuer with an outdoor table worthy of his char-grilled creations.
    Get it from Shopterrain, $898 »
  • Giant Rubber Bands 43 of 43
    Giant Rubber Bands
    Because you never know when a set of giant rubber bands will come in handy for dad...
    Get it from Museum of Useful Things, $15 »
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