Gifts for Kids 4-8

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    The best presents for young children
  • Nutshell Library 2 of 70
    Nutshell Library
    The Sendak-ian reading experience is something no one should live without. There’s nothing more precious than this collection of little literary gems fitting snuggly in their own carrel. Think of the Nutshell Library as a toy. Kids love miniatures and will “reshelve” these tiny books as often as they will read them.
    Get it at Amazon, $11.53 »
  • Girls Grey Wolf SpiritHoods 3 of 70
    Girls Grey Wolf SpiritHoods
    We actually love all of the faux-fur SpiritHoods — for girls, boys and even adults — not only for the warmth or the style, but for the message. SpiritHoods is designed to connect kids to nature and animals, which is why they created the PRO BLUE concept. For any SpiritHood marked with a PRO BLUE logo, 10 percent of the net profits will be donated to a non-profit organization that benefits that particular Spirit animal.
    Get it from Spirit Hoods, $78 »
  • Tree Sewing 4 of 70
    Tree Sewing
    Kids handy with a needle will love this kit, made of different natural woods with all sorts of colors and textures.
    Get it from Soopsori, $29 »
  • A Night at the Puppet Theater 5 of 70
    A Night at the Puppet Theater
    This brand-new wooden puppet theater complete with a chalkboard base and curtain stage can be used to host plays during the winter, and then as a lemonade stand in the summer.
    Get it at Land of Nod, $89 »
  • Photo Notepad 6 of 70
    Photo Notepad
    Make a quick note more personal or bring a smile to a friend’s face with these custom photo notepads.
    Get it from Pinhole Press, $12.99 »
  • Melissa 7 of 70
    This double-sided wooden easel comes with everything kids need to set up their masterpiece-making station: a chalkboard, dry erase board, locking paper holder, child-safe paper cutter, and plastic trays on each side to hold art supplies. You just may end up with a mini-Picasso on your hands (and a whole lot less room on your fridge).
    Get it from Melissa & Doug, $79.99 »
  • Never Forgotten 8 of 70
    Never Forgotten
    Crafted in the style of an African folk tale, this is a beautifully illustrated and poetically written story about paternal passion, ancestry, and art. The book manages to be uplifting even though slavery is a core theme, making it a great pick for the serious, thoughtful kid who asks a lot of “why?” questions.
    Get it from Amazon, $12.66 »
  • Elephant Banner Crown 9 of 70
    Elephant Banner Crown
    Every child deserves to be king for a day! These high-quality wool felt crowns are a wonderful touch for creative and imaginative dress-up.
    Get it from Etsy, $25 »
  • Coloud Marvel Ka-Pow! Headphones 10 of 70
    Coloud Marvel Ka-Pow! Headphones
    Our kids might not be able to pronounce “onomatopoeia” yet, but they’ll certainly recognize the action words emblazoned on these cushy, ear-hugging headphones — also available in several hero-specific designs.
    Get it from Amazon, $39.90
  • LEGO Creator Watch 11 of 70
    LEGO Creator Watch
    This LEGO-inspired watchband is the coolest way to learn how to tell time. The band comes with extra links for a custom-built look, as well as a LEGO character on the side.
    Get it from Nordstrom, $24.99 »
  • Mouse in Matchbox 12 of 70
    Mouse in Matchbox
    This little handmade mouse sits cute and comfy in his matchbox home, complete with a blanket, pillow, and mattress.
    Get it from catbird, $26 »
  • Photo Pillowcase 13 of 70
    Photo Pillowcase
    This cozy pillowcase feels like a favorite, worn-in T-shirt and can be adorned with your child’s favorite photo — a perfect slice of home before a big trip, or a cute way to personalize a bed!
    Get it from KODAK Gallery, $19.99 »
  • Xia Xia Hermit Crabs and Collectible Shells 14 of 70
    Xia Xia Hermit Crabs and Collectible Shells
    As much as we like the idea of real hermit crabs, there’s the whole caring-for-a-living-creature-that-doesn’t-love-you-back thing to consider. Not so with these smiling, dancing crustaceans.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $12.99 »
  • Toys Come Home 15 of 70
    Toys Come Home
    The prequel to Toys Go Out and Toys Dance Party, this tale of toys trying to make sense of their lives at the home of “the Girl” is the thinking kid’s Toy Story, raising existential questions while maintaining an air of whimsy. Great for the early readers, but also a sweet book for parents to read aloud at bedtime.
    Get it at Random House, $16.99 »
  • Fruit and Veggie Bean Bags 16 of 70
    Fruit and Veggie Bean Bags
    These adorable fruit and veggie bean bags let you have fun furniture for your kids while still keeping your house a nice-looking place. Everyone wins!
    Get it from Eazy Bean, $295.00 »
  • Crewcuts Kids Minnetonka Lined Moccasin Slippers 17 of 70
    Crewcuts Kids Minnetonka Lined Moccasin Slippers
    If your little one is getting too cool for licensed-cartoon character slippers, he’ll feel quite grown up while pitter-pattering around the house in these suede moccasins lined with cozy fleece.
    Get them from J. Crew, $25 »
  • LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 18 of 70
    LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7
    Despite the dark turns of the last few Harry Potter installments, we can still count on LEGO Harry Potter for a cheeky good time. Sure, there are chills and thrills, but the silly spills make this game ideal for kids who might be spooked by the movies.
    Get it from Amazon, $49.96 »
  • Vs. Mittens Juniors 19 of 70
    Vs. Mittens Juniors
    The ladies behind Vs. Mittens came up with the quirky (and brilliant) idea of designing adult-size mittens in predator and prey pairs — i.e. one mitten would be a wolf, the other a sheep — and the concept took off. This year, they’re launching a kids line for ages four to seven, focusing on animal rivalries like cat vs. dog. Sure, they’re cute, but it’s the built-in entertainment factor that sold us.
    Get them from Vs., $24.99 »
  • Shaggy Dog Sleeping Bags 20 of 70
    Shaggy Dog Sleeping Bags
    Whether your litte one's are headed to a friend's sleepover or spending the weekend at Grandma's, these adorably furry personalized sleeping bags will keep them cozy and warm away from home. Bonus: the pup's face doubles as a pillow!
    Get it from Pottery Barn Kids, $89 »
  • Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Dolls 21 of 70
    Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Dolls
    These quirky alternatives to princess dolls (they also make boy versions!) remind us of rag dolls but have the accessories and back-stories we’re used to seeing in glitzier toys.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $29.99 »
  • The Trash Pack Trashies Garbage Truck 22 of 70
    The Trash Pack Trashies Garbage Truck
    Straight out of the dump and into your toy bin (oh, the irony), the Trash Pack line of garbage-themed toys get around in this vile vehicle. Trust us: your kids will want to collect them all.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $15.99 »
  • Candy Spill Notecard Set 23 of 70
    Candy Spill Notecard Set
    This kid’s stationery set from Dylan’s Candy Bar combines old-fashioned, snail-mail fun with a touch of sweetness. Keeping up with pen pals has never been this cool!
    Get it from Dylan’s Candy Bar, $12.95 »
  • Connect 4 Launchers 24 of 70
    Connect 4 Launchers
    Strategy meets random chance in this fast-paced, finger-flicking, checker-launching update of the classic four-in-a-row game, Connect 4.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $19.99 »
  • Disney Universe for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC 25 of 70
    Disney Universe for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC
    Disney Universe for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC No matter which Disney or Pixar characters are favorites in your home, odds are good that you’ll get to play as them — or at least explore their worlds — in Disney’s wide-open new multiplayer adventure.
    Get it from Amazon, $39.99 »
  • LEGO 3-Megapixel Digital Camera 26 of 70
    LEGO 3-Megapixel Digital Camera
    Take your little LEGO-head’s collection to the next level with this fun 3-megapixel digital camera. LEGO bricks can even be added to the top and bottom, so your kid can use their stash to build a custom tripod!
    Get it from Amazon, $52.70 »
  • Skylanders: Spyros Adventure Starter Packs 27 of 70
    Skylanders: Spyros Adventure Starter Packs
    Part toy, part video game, Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure runs on your PC or game console but works using real-world action figures that sync up with your on-screen characters.
    Get it from Amazon, $59.96 »
  • Play Apple Pie 28 of 70
    Play Apple Pie
    Getting kids to pretend to make apple pie is the first step toward getting them to actually make a real apple pie ... for you. Start planning for the future now.
    Get it from Land of Nod, $19.95 »
  • LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet 29 of 70
    LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet
    Along with its new curriculum of art, math, science, language, and geography, LeapFrog’s 5” tablet works with the Leapster Explorer games and apps we already own.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $99.99 »
  • DIY Felt Doll House 30 of 70
    DIY Felt Doll House
    Get your child's creative juices flowing with this DIY doll house and furniture kit. You supply the cardboard (recycled milk cartons, cereal boxes, etc.), and the kit supplies the pre-cut felt, Velcro, thread, hot-glue pieces, and DIY instructions to finish off an adorable little doll house.
    Get it from Etsy shop Fairyfox Felt Toys, $39 »
  • WowWee Lite Sprites Tree of Lite 31 of 70
    WowWee Lite Sprites Tree of Lite
    This colorful playset, which comes with lighted stairs and an elevator, is home to the Lite Sprites, the new line of light-up fairies our kids can'tlive without.
    Get it from Amazon, $46.08 »
  • Super Mario 3D Land for Nintendo 3DS 32 of 70
    Super Mario 3D Land for Nintendo 3DS
    The classic Super Mario franchise finally arrives on Nintendo’s glasses-free 3D gaming system, adding a whole new dimension — literally — to the platforms, tunnels, and worlds kids have been exploring for years.
    Get it from Amazon, $169 »
  • The Berenstain Bears Learn to Share Game 33 of 70
    The Berenstain Bears Learn to Share Game
    Kids will love moving the Bear family around the board, while parents will appreciate the lessons in polite behavior this game teaches with each new draw of the cards.
    Get it from Patch Products, $23.99 »
  • Scrabble Alphabet Scoop Word Game 34 of 70
    Scrabble Alphabet Scoop Word Game
    “Grown-up” Scrabble has always been a little daunting for little wordsmiths, but with Alphabet Scoop, kids scoop and match letters, alphabet soup style, to form the simplest words.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $19.99 »
  • Personalized Superhero Cape 35 of 70
    Personalized Superhero Cape
    Because every little superhero needs a cape — and the handmade ones (along with masks and arm bands) from Pip and Bean come in a variety of designs for boys and girls.
    Get it from Etsy, $10-$32 »
  • LEGO City Harbor 36 of 70
    LEGO City Harbor
    Not only does this set — which comes complete with crane, truck, and cargo — make for fun on dry land, but the included cargo ship actually floats. Hooray for bath time!
    Get it from LEGO Shop, $89.99 »
  • VTech InnoTab 37 of 70
    VTech InnoTab
    This child-friendly, iPad-esque learning tablet comes with everything you’d expect, such as interactive books, games, and art — but also a built-in MP3 player, video player, friends list, calculator and clock. We especially love the kickstand for watching videos or turning the InnoTab into a virtual photo frame.
    Get it from VTech, $79.99 »
  • Kid in a Candy Cane Bedding 38 of 70
    Kid in a Candy Cane Bedding
    While visions of sugar plums dance in their heads, your kids can snuggle up in this candy cane-striped bedding. And after the holiday season is over, the pattern transforms from fantastically festive to classically nautical — great for any gender-neutral, shared bedroom.
    Get it from Land of Nod, $79-$109 »
  • Radica Fijit Friends 39 of 70
    Radica Fijit Friends
    These rotund, rubbery robots want to be every kid’s best friend and go out of their way to prove it by wiggling, dancing, laughing, and reacting to more than 30 voice commands.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $44.99 »
  • Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio 5 Plush with Sound 40 of 70
    Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio 5 Plush with Sound
    These plush versions of our favorite flightless birds (Rio versions shown here) are soft, silly, and ready for lobbing around the playroom.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, prices vary »
  • Power A LEGO Play 41 of 70
    Power A LEGO Play
    Not only does this kid-sized Wii controller make it easy for little ones to play, but with 31 LEGO bricks included, it also gives kids a toy to customize — bonus points for the square buttons, which nicely accommodate chubby fingers.
    Get it from Toys ‘R’ US, $20
  • UNO Roboto 42 of 70
    UNO Roboto
    Marking the 40th anniversary of the iconic card game, UNO Roboto talks to players and bends the rules with silly activities that go way beyond just calling out, “Uno!”
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $24.49 »
  • American Apparel Kids Opaque Two-Color Tights 43 of 70
    American Apparel Kids Opaque Two-Color Tights
    Color-blocking is a big trend this year among the grown-up ladies, so give your little trendsetter a head start with these contrasting tights that add some fun to her budding fashion sense.
    Get it from American Apparel, $10.50 »
  • Nintendo 3DS 44 of 70
    Nintendo 3DS
    The newest DS delivers 3D play (perfect for the new Super Mario 3D Land game) without the glasses. Pair it with a tough, squishy NERF Armor protective case ($17.99 from PDP), and you’re ready to rule the play date.
    Get it from Amazon, $169
  • Seedling Wooden People Family 45 of 70
    Seedling Wooden People Family
    This kit comes with plain wooden dolls, felt, fabric, glue, and thread so your child can create their own unique doll family — perhaps inspired by real-life family and friends!
    Get it from Amazon, $33.99 »
  • Kids Garden Tool Bag 46 of 70
    Kids Garden Tool Bag
    Encourage your child's natural desire to dig in the dirt with his or her very own gardening tools! The bag comes with a mini hand rake, trowel, and transplanter — all in an adorable carrying tote.
    Get it from Target, $12.99 »
  • Prehistoric Anamalz 47 of 70
    Prehistoric Anamalz
    Cute enough for 3-year-olds but fun enough to play with into the kinder years, the newest Anamalz line plays to our prehistoric predilections.
    Get it from Hazelnut Kids, $69.93 »
  • Wooden Robot II 48 of 70
    Wooden Robot II
    Kids will love this amazing robot made of wood and rubber bands. Its “limbs” can move in every direction!
    Get it from Soopsori, $29 »
  • A-to-Z Magnatab 49 of 70
    A-to-Z Magnatab
    For littler kids who are still trying to master their letters, this tablet with magnetic stylus makes it easy to trace and learn the alphabetic ropes.
    Get it from Fat Brain Toys, $22.95 »
  • Personalized Kids Apron 50 of 70
    Personalized Kids Apron
    Aprons make kids feel official in the kitchen, which will boost their desire to help out. And anything that makes kids more helpful is also a gift for the parents...
    Get it from Williams-Sonoma, $19.95 »
  • NERF Vortex Proton Blaster 51 of 70
    NERF Vortex Proton Blaster
    NERF Vortex Proton Blaster With no darts to load (or lose), this NERF pistol blasts one chunky flying disc at a time, making it ideal for the smaller sharpshooters in your home. (Safety first, of course.)
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $9.99 »
  • Duktig Mini Kitchen 52 of 70
    Duktig Mini Kitchen
    Kids love playing with this mini, life-like kitchen that beats any of the plastic sets out there. And if you slap on a coat of paint, you've got yourself a good-looking piece of furniture in the toy room.
    Get it from IKEA, $138 »
  • Hexbug Larva Micro Robotic Creatures 53 of 70
    Hexbug Larva Micro Robotic Creatures
    We’d never want to see a real green larva slithering our way, but we have to admit a fondness for this robotic creepy-crawler.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $12.99 »
  • Kiwi Crate 54 of 70
    Kiwi Crate
    This monthly gift box isn’t filled with toys or food — it comes packed with art projects, science experiments, and imaginative-play materials (all tied to a theme, like dinosaurs or gardening) for kids aged 3 to 7. Everything needed for endless creativity and exploration is delivered right to your door.
    Get it from Kiwi Crate, $59 for a 3-month subscription »
  • Sony PlayStation 3 320GB Console 55 of 70
    Sony PlayStation 3 320GB Console
    With tons of storage for games, videos, photos, and music downloads as well as Wi-Fi streaming and 3D capability, Sony’s flagship console isn’t just a game system; it’s a complete home entertainment center in a box.
    Get it from Amazon, $294.99
  • Patch Products Singin Sea Creatures 3D Sneaky Floor Puzzle 56 of 70
    Patch Products Singin Sea Creatures 3D Sneaky Floor Puzzle
    It may look like just another sea scene, but put on the included 3D glasses, and this 46-piece puzzle appears to “swim” — and even reveals hidden letters and numbers.
    Get it from Patch Products, $14.99 »
  • Gifts for Kids 4-8: Girls Sweater Dress Viola 57 of 70
    Gifts for Kids 4-8: Girls Sweater Dress Viola
    We adore the entire Twelfth Night collection by Etsy favorite The Measure — especially this hand-made crochet sweater dress with an adjustable width in sizes 3T to 12. If you like the entire look shown here (down to the leggings and aviator cap), you can buy the set for $99 at The Measure
    Get it from Etsy, $59 »
  • Playmobil Christmas Post Office Advent Calendar 58 of 70
    Playmobil Christmas Post Office Advent Calendar
    Cardboard and chocolate were as fancy as our Advent calendars got, but with Playmobil’s latest, our kids can count down to the holidays by opening one new figure or accessory pack per day.
    Get it from Playmobil, $19.99 »
  • VTech InnoTab Learning Tablet 59 of 70
    VTech InnoTab Learning Tablet
    InnoTab games, apps, and e-books (sold separately) use licensed characters to make learning fun, and this 5” tablet also includes MP3 and video players for car trips.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us »
  • Melissa 60 of 70
    Baby, it’s cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good scoop of pretend ice cream. Bonus: all the pieces store in the container when you’re done serving.
    Get it from Melissa & Doug, $29.99 »
  • Willy Wonka 61 of 70
    Willy Wonka
    Gather the whole family and revisit the most wonderful candy factory of all in this ultimate collector’s edition of the 1971 film. Trust us: You’ve never truly seen an Oompa-Loompa until you’ve experienced it in HD.
    Get it from Amazon, $44.99 »
  • Sassafras Kids Pizza Making Kit 62 of 70
    Sassafras Kids Pizza Making Kit
    This kit comes with all the kid-friendly materials your little chefs will need to start making pizza: apron, rolling pin, measuring cup, wooden spoon, pizza pan, pizza crust mix, and sauce.
    Get it from Amazon, $24.95 »
  • Play-Doh Doctor Drill ‘N Fill Playset 63 of 70
    Play-Doh Doctor Drill 'N Fill Playset
    Kids will love making braces, brushing teeth, and filling holes for this silly-headed Play-Doh dental patient. We, on the other hand, will be hoping the basic hygiene lessons stick.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $12.99 »
  • Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set 64 of 70
    Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set
    Hot Wheels cars get vertical in this new edition of the classic track-building set. And we like that it also connects to our other, more horizontally inclined Hot Wheels tracks.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $27.99 »
  • Personalized Indoor Play Teepee 65 of 70
    Personalized Indoor Play Teepee
    Encourage imaginative play with this delightful teepee! It's a great place to camp out with a snack and a book or host a teddy-bear picnic.
    Get it from Etsy, $245 »
  • Green Dollhouse from Play Toys 66 of 70
    Green Dollhouse from Play Toys
    A fun way to introduce recycling and energy-saving to kids, this dollhouse comes with a wind turbine, a solar cell panel, a rain barrel for collecting rain, an eco-friendly facade for controlling the temperature of the house, and even an adorable little set of recycle bins.
    Get it from Oompa, $215.99 »
  • Cars 2 67 of 70
    Cars 2
    Sure, we could’ve a little less James Bond (and a little less Mater) in the sequel to Cars. But kids loved Cars 2, and now they can enjoy the movie in your own car — whether it’s on DVD, Blu-ray, or as an iPad-ready digital copy.
    Get it from Amazon, $29.99 »
  • Create n Color Build, Color and Play Toys 68 of 70
    Create n Color Build, Color and Play Toys
    These new 3D craft kits by RoseArt take coloring to the next level. Kids can decorate and build a variety of large-scale items, from a dinosaur or unicorn to a firehouse or dollhouse.
    Get it from Toys 'R Us, $14.99 »
  • LEGO Star Wars Ewok Attack 69 of 70
    LEGO Star Wars Ewok Attack
    Kids (and, let’s face it, adults) can’t resist Star Wars’ cuddly Ewoks. This 166-piece set also includes an Imperial scout with speeder bike, so our furry friends can plan a sneak attack.
    Get it from LEGO Shop, $24.99 »
  • Easy Kids Tent / Reading Nook 70 of 70
    Easy Kids Tent / Reading Nook
    Just one cut and these easy-to-follow instructions make for a kid-sized reading nook that you can build in one hour or less. How cool is this gift?! Get the tutorial at, free »

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