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  • Emotional Eggs | BABY 1 of 25
    Emotional Eggs | BABY
    Teach your child about different emotions with these wooden eggs, which are hand-painted with facial expressions that range from happy to sad to surprised.
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  • Retro Baby Tube Socks | BABY 2 of 25
    Retro Baby Tube Socks | BABY
    These retro-cool tube socks (made from eco-friendly bamboo and AZO-free dyes) will quickly become mom’s favorite must-have to cover up little legs on chilly days. We also love the reusable (and lead-free), vintage tin lunch box they’re packed in.
    Get them from Hank & JoJo, $30 »
  • Information Blanket | BABY 3 of 25
    Information Blanket | BABY
    Not only are there helpful health tips printed on this swaddling blanket (e.g. how often to feed, unsafe fever temperatures, etc.), but it’s also designed to fight infant mortality: for every Information Blanket bought, one will be donated to a new mother in Uganda (printed in her language) — a country with staggering infant mortality rates. The blanket’s universal graphics even give illiterate moms the resources and knowledge to keep their babies healthy.
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  • A to Z Magnatab by Kid O | TODDLER 4 of 25
    A to Z Magnatab by Kid O | TODDLER
    Your preschooler can practice writing letters by simply dragging magnetic balls to the surface of the Magnatab. To erase, they can just drag the pen back in the opposite direction or use their fingertips.
    Get it from Amazon, $15.32 »
  • Spinaroos | TODDLER 5 of 25
    Spinaroos | TODDLER
    A toddler-friendly blend of blocks and Legos (in a soft, chunky, colorful design), these Spinaroos will be the hit of the holiday.
    Get it from Barnes & Noble, $47.95 »
  • Lambswool Knitted Dolly | TODDLER 6 of 25
    Lambswool Knitted Dolly | TODDLER
    It’s a sweet, soft, lovable doll, hand-knitted from lambswool. The price may be steep for a lovie, but consider it a special investment that your child will cherish for years to come.
    Get it from Etsy, $40.94 »
  • Personalized Superhero Cape | KIDS 4-8 7 of 25
    Personalized Superhero Cape | KIDS 4-8
    Because every little superhero needs a cape — and the handmade ones (along with masks and arm bands) from Pip and Bean come in a variety of designs for boys and girls.
    Get it from Etsy, $25 »
  • LEGO Creator Watch | KIDS 4-8 8 of 25
    LEGO Creator Watch | KIDS 4-8
    This LEGO-inspired watchband is the coolest way to learn how to tell time. The band comes with extra links for a custom-built look, as well as a LEGO character on the side.
    Get it from Nordstrom, $24.99 »
  • Crewcuts Kids Minnetonka Lined Moccasin Slippers | KIDS 4-8 9 of 25
    Crewcuts Kids Minnetonka Lined Moccasin Slippers | KIDS 4-8
    If your little one is getting too cool for licensed-cartoon character slippers, he’ll feel quite grown up while pitter-pattering around the house in these suede moccasins lined with cozy fleece.
    Get them from J. Crew, $25 »
  • Stick It! 99 DIY Duct Tape Projects | KIDS 8-12 10 of 25
    Stick It! 99 DIY Duct Tape Projects | KIDS 8-12
    Older kids can be a tough crowd to buy for, but our tween-age sources tell us that duct tape projects are all the rage right now. (Think: Wallets! Messenger bags! Flip-flops!). So you can’t go wrong buying this DIY book, along with a few funky duct tape patterns from the craft store, for a fun and affordable gift.
    Get it from Amazon, $11.53 »
  • Popochos LED Watch | KIDS 8-12 11 of 25
    Popochos LED Watch | KIDS 8-12
    Popochos is the trendiest new watch for kids, with its neon-colored, stretchy silicone bands and the interchangeable watch skins (sold separately) to match different moods and outfits. We especially love the easy-to-read LED screen and water-resistant design.
    Get it from Nordstrom, $27 »
  • World Repair Kit | KIDS 8-12 12 of 25
    World Repair Kit | KIDS 8-12
    This kit includes tons of do-gooder tools to make volunteering fun for kids. The 250-page guidebook is filled with eye-opening facts and inspirational ideas about the environment, conservation and human rights. So while there are plenty of fun activities for kids (including stickers and stamps), they’ll also be given some pretty powerful messages about what they can actually accomplish.
    Get it from Serena & Lily, $24.95 »
  • 12 Things I Love Mini Book | MOM 13 of 25
    12 Things I Love Mini Book | MOM
    Consider this map-covered book the road to your heart! Have the kids fill out 12 things they love about Mom (or any special someone) in this little book, filled with gorgeous vintage papers. Thoughtful and unique, it’s a sweet gift for anyone you love.
    Get it from Etsy, $14 »
  • Meal-Planning Gift Set | MOM 14 of 25
    Meal-Planning Gift Set | MOM
    If mom’s attempting to cook more meals at home or just wants to tighten up loose ends in the kitchen, this handmade kit comes with everything she needs to be a little more organized: a weekly meal planner, a set of daily bookmarks for recipe marking, and even a special meal-planning pencil.
    Get it from Etsy, $22 »
  • Matryoshka Earbuds | MOM 15 of 25
    Matryoshka Earbuds | MOM
    Does Mom need a new set of earbuds? This whimsical Matryoshka pair from the MoMA store fit any standard 3.5-mm headphone socket, adding just the right amount of adorable to a tech-savvy, stylish mom’s outfit.
    Get them from the MoMa store, $16 »
  • Kate Spade 2012 Desk Calendar | MOM 16 of 25
    Kate Spade 2012 Desk Calendar | MOM
    If the kids want to get mom something designer but can’t scrounge up enough allowance money for a dress or purse, this Kate Spade calendar is the next best thing within budget. It’s definitely the most stylish way to stay organized in 2012.
    Get it from Fred Flare, $38 »
  • Missed Connections: Love, Lost 17 of 25
    Missed Connections: Love, Lost
    This new book from Sophie Blackall — one of Babble’s Top 50 Etsy Moms — is a beautiful collection of her widely acclaimed Missed Connections art series. Sophie started illustrating some of the “Missed Connections” classifieds on Craig’s List (the section where people try to reach out to strangers they briefly met), and the result is a poignant reflection of the fantasy, yearning and humor found in romance.
    Get it from Amazon, $10.51 »
  • Instagram Books with Blurb | DAD 18 of 25
    Instagram Books with Blurb | DAD
    Any Instagram addicts in your life? Now Blurb will turn Instagram photos into a high-quality photo book to preserve all of your iPhoneography. If you aren’t using your own Instagram photos, you may need to think up a crafty way to get the recipient’s login info — but the results are worth the effort!
    Get it from Blurb »
  • Graphite Writing Object, Mini Quill | DAD 19 of 25
    Graphite Writing Object, Mini Quill | DAD
    Part writing tool, part art sculpture, this intricately designed (and smudge-resistant) “mini quill” is completely made from graphite, meaning you can write with every part of it. And because the material wears so slowly, it can last a good seven to nine years even if used every single day — as long as you (or the kids) don’t shatter it before then.
    Get it from the Spoon Sisters, $29 »
  • Poketo! Slim Wide-Angle Camera | DAD 20 of 25
    Poketo! Slim Wide-Angle Camera | DAD
    For anyone tired of digital cameras (or for those looking for another photography option), this old-school 35mm shoots incredibly gorgeous, super-saturated photos with its 22mm wide-angle lens. No Photoshop, no uploading: just point, shoot and develop. (Remember those days?) The perfect little camera (which comes in pink, white or blue) to have on hand for bright, dreamy photos.
    Get it from Poketo, $35 »
  • Beer-Making Kits | DAD 21 of 25
    Beer-Making Kits | DAD
    For the beer connoisseurs, this Home Brew Kit comes in Everyday IPA, Chocolate Maple Porter, Jalapeno Saison or Chestnut Brown Ale. And unlike other brewing kits that yield gallons of beer, this one makes a manageable 12 beers in four weeks. (Love the kit? Refills are $15.)
    Get it from Uncommon Goods, $15-$40 »
  • Fingerprint Bookmark Band | GRANDPARENTS 22 of 25
    Fingerprint Bookmark Band | GRANDPARENTS
    This silicone bookmark band marks the sentence you left off, not just the page. Perfect for anyone who still reads actual books. (There are still people reading books, right?)
    Get it from the MoMA store, $7 »
  • Personalized Christmas Ornament Tricycle | GRANDPARENTS 23 of 25
    Personalized Christmas Ornament Tricycle | GRANDPARENTS
    If you’re planning on getting the grandparents a symbolic ornament this year, we adore this embroidered, personalized one that’s made by hand. We love the tricycle pattern, which keeps it from veering into the “cheesy” category.
    Get it from Etsy, $24 »
  • Scratch-off World Map | GRANDPARENTS 24 of 25
    Scratch-off World Map | GRANDPARENTS
    Are the grandparents taking advantage of their retirement by traveling the world? They can keep track of their travels with this large, multi-colored world map that’s covered in a gold scratch-off foil.
    Get it from Urban Outfitters, $34 »
  • Personalized Self-Inking Stamps | GRANDPARENTS 25 of 25
    Personalized Self-Inking Stamps | GRANDPARENTS
    Add a special touch to snail mail with these self-inking stamps that feature personalized silhouettes or a monogram. Each stamp allows 10,000 impressions, and refills are also available.
    Get them from Le Papier Studio, $37.50 »
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