Gifts for Grandparents

  • Folklore and Fun Breakfast Set 1 of 49
    Folklore and Fun Breakfast Set
    If Grandma likes to collect plates, this Netherlands-based Etsy shop hand-paints folkloristic art on vintage 1960s breakfast plates. This set comes with four plates, although you can choose from a large selection of sets and designs ranging from under $30 to over $200.
    Get it from Etsy, $156 »
  • Picnic Time Gardening Kit 2 of 49
    Picnic Time Gardening Kit
    This gardening tool set comes with an attached foldable chair for taking breaks from digging in the dirt to enjoy your handiwork — isn't that smart? Now if only it could serve you a glass of ice-cold lemonade too...
    Get it from Kohl’s, $59.99 »
  • Collage Mug 3 of 49
    Collage Mug
    Surprise Grandma or Grandpa over breakfast by serving their tea in this customizable mug! This way, they’ll get a peep at their favorite grandkids every time they sip their morning brew.
    Get it from Snapfish, $12.99 »
  • Coop’s Handmade All-Natural Fudge 4 of 49
    Coop's Handmade All-Natural Fudge
    Handmade, all-natural fudge from Coop's Micro Creamery. Need we say more?
    Get it from Hickoree’s Hard Goods, $10 »
  • Glass Garden Scarf 5 of 49
    Glass Garden Scarf
    Stumped on what to get the woman who has everything? A vibrant wool-silk scarf from Anthropologie can never fail.
    Get it from Anthropologie, $58 »
  • Message-in-a-Cookie Cutters 6 of 49
    Message-in-a-Cookie Cutters
    Grandpa and Grandma will love making cookies with the kids using these cutters. They allow you to slide letters into place to stamp whatever message you want into your cookies, from “Happy Holidays” to a simple and sweet “I love you.”
    Get it from Williams-Sonoma, $19.95 »
  • Pocket Watch 7 of 49
    Pocket Watch
    A modern-day Grandpa needs a modern stainless steel pocket watch — complete with an extra-large dial for easy reading.
    Get it from the MoMA Store, $110 »
  • A Day at the Spa from Abes Market 8 of 49
    A Day at the Spa from Abes Market
    It can be difficult to find an all-natural spa package with a high level of luxury, which is why we love this gift set from Abe’s Market. Packed with everything from bath wash to herbal tea, it’s the very definition of healthy beauty.
    Get it from Abe’s Market, $58 »
  • Photo Stamps 9 of 49
    Photo Stamps
    Officially authorized by the U.S. postal service, these photo stamps are the perfect way for proud grandparents to show off their grandchildren to all of their friends!
    Get them at, sheet of 20 for $5-10 »
  • Famille Summerbelle Family Tree 10 of 49
    Famille Summerbelle Family Tree
    Grandparents can display their favorite family shots in this whimsical family tree photo holder that will brighten up any room.
    Get it from fawn&forest, $56 »
  • OXO Good Grips 6-Piece Kitchen Essentials Set 11 of 49
    OXO Good Grips 6-Piece Kitchen Essentials Set
    A super-functional gift set from ergonomic brand OXO. You know that rusty peeler your parents got as a wedding present? Now they can finally throw it away — one more thing to be thankful for this holiday season.
    Get it from OXO, $39.99 »
  • Just Kids 12 of 49
    Just Kids
    The perfect read for hipper grandparents, or ones who will be happy to think you consider them cool. As much a love story as a memoir, Just Kids is the story of Patti Smith’s relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe, and focuses on friendship, passion, music, and art. If you’ve got extra cash and a true Smith devotee on your gift list, the limited edition hardcover is truly a work of art.
    Get it from Amazon, $17.82 »
  • Michael Graves Allessi Pepper Mill 13 of 49
    Michael Graves Allessi Pepper Mill
    There are a lot of pepper mills in this world, but this may be the only one that can be described as beautiful. We’ll bet no one on your list ever thought they'd be getting a beautiful pepper mill for Christmas.
    Get it from All Modern, $117 »
  • Fingerprint Bookmark Band 14 of 49
    Fingerprint Bookmark Band
    This silicone bookmark band marks the sentence you left off, not just the page. Perfect for anyone who still reads actual books. (There are still people reading books, right?)
    Get it from the MoMA store, $7 »
  • Personalized Christmas Ornament Tricycle 15 of 49
    Personalized Christmas Ornament Tricycle
    If you’re planning on getting the grandparents a symbolic ornament this year, we adore this embroidered, personalized one that’s made by hand. We love the tricycle pattern, which keeps it from veering into the “cheesy” category.
    Get it from Etsy, $24 »
  • Personalized Self-Inking Stamps 16 of 49
    Personalized Self-Inking Stamps
    Add a special touch to snail mail with these self-inking stamps that feature personalized silhouettes or a monogram. Each stamp allows 10,000 impressions, and refills are also available.
    Get them from Le Papier Studio, $37.50 »
  • Audubon Bird Call 17 of 49
    Audubon Bird Call
    For the avid birdwatcher, this cute red tool creates a tweeting noise that is sure to catch a bird’s attention.
    Get it from Hickoree’s Hard Goods, $9 »
  • Quinn Parmesan 18 of 49
    Quinn Parmesan
    This box contains a biodegradable bag of delicious, all-natural popcorn and oil and seasoning packets that you mix in once the kernels have popped.
    Get it from Hickoree’s Hard Goods, $4.99 »
  • Really Raw Honey 19 of 49
    Really Raw Honey
    More a solid than a liquid, this honey contains all the vitamins and enzymes that the bees put into it. Try spreading it on toast instead of butter for a sweet change.
    Get it from Hickoree’s Hard Goods, $7.50 »
  • Kate Spade All Occasion Gift Set 20 of 49
    Kate Spade All Occasion Gift Set
    Nobody likes to be scrambling for a birthday greeting at the last minute. With this elegant kit, Grandma and Grandpa will always be ready.
    Get it from Kate Spade, $35 »
  • Vitamix CIA Professional Series Blender 21 of 49
    Vitamix CIA Professional Series Blender
    Every cook’s best friend, this blender can whip up hot soups, chilled smoothies, and even grind wheat to make your bread.
    Get it from Amazon, $498.95 »
  • Pendleton Ranch House Goblets 22 of 49
    Pendleton Ranch House Goblets
    This set of goblets spruces up the every day and still fits right in on even the dressiest of tables.
    Get it from Pendleton, $48 »
  • Earl Grey Tea Shea Butter Soap 23 of 49
    Earl Grey Tea Shea Butter Soap
    If you have a soap connoisseur on your list, the homemade soaps from the Etsy shop Sweet Petula are “superfatted” to be extra moisturizing and skin-softening.
    Get it from Etsy, $5 »
  • Personalized Watercolor Portrait 24 of 49
    Personalized Watercolor Portrait
    Send in a family photo (up to 4 people, or add $15 per extra person), and the Etsy shop AshMae will send you an original hand-painted watercolor portrait, as well as a digital print, one 8” x 10”, and two 5” x 7”s.
    Get it from Etsy, $85 »
  • The Louvre, All the Paintings 25 of 49
    The Louvre, All the Paintings
    The title says it all. This giant book weighs about the same amount as a small child and is just as full of wonderful surprises. The reproductions are crisp and the informative text is refreshingly un-snooty. No one needs an art history degree to enjoy this dent-inducing coffee table staple.
    Get it from Indie Bound, $75 »
  • Kiss My Face Peace Soaps 26 of 49
    Kiss My Face Peace Soaps
    Kiss My Face — one of our all-time favorite natural beauty companies — has a new soap collection for the holidays: Pomegranate Acai and Grassy Mint. Ten percent of the profits of this “Peace Soap” set will go toward the Seeds of Peace Organization, a group that brings teens from high-conflict countries (like Israel and Palestine) to a camp in Maine in order to build leadership skills and create a new generation of peace.
    Get it from Kiss My Face, $9.99 »
  • Yoga for Beginners Kit 27 of 49
    Yoga for Beginners Kit
    Yoga and meditation are some of the most beneficial mind and body relaxation tools, which is why we like this affordable beginner’s kit to get that stressed person in your life started on a more peaceful path. The kit comes with a yoga mat, yoga brick, yoga strap, two full-length instructional DVDs and a guided meditation.
    Get it from Gaiam, $23.98 »
  • Kiehls Creme de Corps Collection 28 of 49
    Kiehls Creme de Corps Collection
    Even the woman who has everything will suddenly “need” this ultra-moisturizing collection from Kiehl’s, including body wash cream, milk and honey polish, crème de corps, lip balm, facial cream and a line-reducing concentrate.
    Get it from Neiman Marcus, $59 »
  • Palm Springs Getaway at the Del Marcos Hotel 29 of 49
    Palm Springs Getaway at the Del Marcos Hotel
    Head back to a simpler time in this iconic retro-inspired hotel located in the heart of legendary Palm Springs. Designed in 1947 by famed architect William F. Cody, you’ll slip into a time where all of the stress and responsibilities of everyday life don’t exist — especially since this is an adults-only oasis. And even though you might feel like you’re in the 1950s, there’s still wireless Internet to Skype in with the grandkids.
    Book a room at Del Marcos hotel »
  • Make a Photo Keepsake 30 of 49
    Make a Photo Keepsake
    Make Grandma and Grandpa a modern day brag book using the easy-to-use bookmaking tool at Blurb, which allows you to upload and customize a special keepsake of a favorite family snapshot.
    Get it from, prices vary »
  • DIY Sashiko Embroidery Kit 31 of 49
    DIY Sashiko Embroidery Kit
    Make your own beautiful and unique Japanese sashiko designs! This craft kit provides all the materials you'll need to create a set of 2 coordinating coasters — just right for tea-toddling grandparents.
    Get it from Sake Puppets on Etsy, $10 »
  • Deepak Chopras Leela for Xbox 360 + Kinect and Wii 32 of 49
    Deepak Chopras Leela for Xbox 360 + Kinect and Wii
    You play it on a game console, but Deepak Chopra’s Leela isn’t a video game. It’s more a guided-meditation experience for grown-ups, aimed at chilling you out and realigning your energy — so instead of a controller all that’s needed is an open mind.
    Get it from Amazon, $49 »
  • DIY Cross-stitch Kit 33 of 49
    DIY Cross-stitch Kit
    Impress Grandma and Grandpa with this cross-stitch you made for them this year. They’re cute and pretty keepsakes your grandparents be proud to hang.
    Get it from Chez Sucre Chez on Etsy, prices vary »
  • DIY Moss Terrarium Kit 34 of 49
    DIY Moss Terrarium Kit
    This is a fun gift to make for anyone who appreciates a little green in their life. This kit is so easy to assemble, and it comes complete with full care instructions, a handmade and painted mushroom, mosses, river stones, soil, and charcoal.
    Get it from Natural Woodland on Etsy, $22 »
  • My Tree 35 of 49
    My Tree
    This modern family tree (16” x 20”) shows five generations in a unique graphic design — perfect for the family-oriented Grandma with style. (They also offer 10 other modern family tree designs ranging from $26-$120.)
    Get it from My Tree & Me, $65 »
  • Boxed Painted Edge Stationery 36 of 49
    Boxed Painted Edge Stationery
    Stationery lovers will adore this elegant box designed by the always-impressive Mr. Boddington’s Studio, which includes 12 hand-painted blank cards and 12 hand-lined envelopes.
    Get it from Le Papier Studio, $65 »
  • Canvas Silhouette Pillow 37 of 49
    Canvas Silhouette Pillow
    One of the newest additions to Babble favorite Le Papier Studio is this canvas silhouette pillow (in a variety of colors), which can be custom-designed from your photograph.
    Get it from Le Papier Studio, $70 »
  • Custom Heart Tree Print Pillow Cover 38 of 49
    Custom Heart Tree Print Pillow Cover
    Two sweethearts in love and a promised carved forever into a tree. This lovely little pillow will bring back sweet memories.
    Get it from Etsy, $34 »
  • Personalized Embosser 39 of 49
    Personalized Embosser
    This personalized embosser adds the perfect finishing touch to note cards, envelopes, books, recipes, and any important document that could use your signature seal. Available in your choice of four classic designs.
    Get it from Russel + Hazel, $66 »
  • Hand-Stitched Leather Macbook Air Case 40 of 49
    Hand-Stitched Leather Macbook Air Case
    A perfect gift for the tech-savvy, Apple-toting grandparent (yes, they exist!). Made of genuine leather, the case provides high protection for an 11" Macbook Air. The case can also be personalized with names or initials engraved at the cover flap.
    Get it from Etsy, $134 »
  • Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle 41 of 49
    Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle
    Klean Kanteen bottles are made from high-quality stainless steel that's totally free of BPA and other toxins, so grandpa can stay hydrated during his morning walks without worrying about chemicals leaching into his water.
    Get it at Klean Kanteen, $19.95 »
  • Dream Collection Organic Cotton Sheets from Magnolia Organics 42 of 49
    Dream Collection Organic Cotton Sheets from Magnolia Organics
    Grandma and Grandpa will sleep easy on these fair-trade, organic-cotton sheets. As an extra bonus, they come in a compostable plastic bag that doubles as a tote bag — a handy green alternative to typical throwaway packaging.
    Get them at Magnolia Organics, $54.99 »
  • Organic-Cotton Terry White Velour Robe 43 of 49
    Organic-Cotton Terry White Velour Robe
    This thick, plush robe is made from certified fair-trade organic cotton that will get softer and softer with each washing — perfect for a lazy morning hanging with the grandkids.
    Get it from the Ultimate Green Store, $120 »
  • The Known World 44 of 49
    The Known World
    One of the most dense, and most important, historical novels about slavery, the civil war, and its aftermath, this book is perfect for the grandparent with time on their hands and great powers of concentration. Getting through this formidable story is worth every moment.
    Get it from Amazon, $8.85 »
  • Recycled Wine Cork Doormat 45 of 49
    Recycled Wine Cork Doormat
    Talk about turning one man’s trash into another man’s treasure! This doormat makes a beautiful, unique statement at the front door.
    Get it from Etsy, $120 »
  • Thursday Next Series 46 of 49
    Thursday Next Series
    For the literary type with a sense of humor and a love of puns, intrepid detective Thursday Next lives part-time in an alternate reality called the Book World, where she solves crimes with the likes of Great Expectations’ Miss Havisham and a slew of fictional co-detectives with names like Harris Tweed, Miss Tiggywinkle, Commander Bradshaw, and Emperor Zark. Delicious, witty, and tons of fun. Be a mensch and buy them all.
    Get it from Amazon, $11.25 »
  • The Help Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy 47 of 49
    The Help Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy
    While there’s no discounting its Civil Rights-era subject matter, The Help also dominated theaters this summer because it was about human relationships. Rekindle yours with Grandma and watch it together.
    Get it from Amazon, $29.99 »
  • Camera Camera Case 48 of 49
    Camera Camera Case
    If grandma and grandpa miss the analog cameras of yore but still want to keep up with the times, this adorable camera case strikes just the right balance between modern and vintage. Plus, 10% of the proceeds from every purchase are donated to Japan tsunami relief.
    Get it from Etsy, $56 »
  • Law 49 of 49
    Now that Law & Order has finished its run, you don’t need to wait for reruns to catch your favorite episode again. This 104-disc set contains all 20 seasons plus an episode guide — and, of course, lots of that familiar “dun-dun” tone.
    Get it from Amazon, $450.99 »
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