Kids Tell Us What’s Cooking in the Kitchen (With Dad!)

IMG_2684We asked kids to tell us about what happens when dad’s in the kitchen at their house, and what their favorite dad food creations were. Here are some of our favorite responses.

Age 9: I love it when my dad cooks dinner because he always says “party people in the kitchen” and we listen to Queen and turn it up loud.

Age 5: My dad doesn’t cook. He just eats stuff.

Age 11: My favorite thing my dad makes for a snack is called ‘wacko bologna.’ Basically you put a piece of bologna in the toaster oven and when it gets hot and starts sizzling it turns into this weird wacko shape. It’s so good.

Age 14: My dad is always the one that makes dinner at my house cause when my mom cooks the smoke alarm always goes off.

Age 8: When my mom has to work at night, my dad lets us watch marshmallows blow up in the microwave and then we eat them. It’s my favorite thing.

Age 10: My dad makes this snack, or side dish if you want to call it that, called fried cheese. It’s cheese. Fried. With salt on top. It gets super crispy and then we put it on top of rice. It sounds kinda weird I guess but it doesn’t taste weird.

Age 7: My favorite thing my dad makes is popcorn with sugar. Instead of salt he puts sugar on the popcorn and then we watch movies and eat it.

Age 10: I like when my dad cooks because he uses a cookbook and I help read the directions to him. It’s just more fun when he cooks cause he makes a huge mess. Sometimes it even seems like it’s on purpose.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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