My Dad Becket: Wandering in the Woods

Editor’s Note: “My Dad Becket” is a new series on Disney Dads — an online diary containing doodles and captions which offer a light and humorous view inside the mind of Goose, a (fictional) 8 year old. Each post contains Goose’s diary entries made over the course of a weekend spent with her dad. Ultimately we see just how important her time with her dad is to her — and further how her dad’s sense of adventure, play, and nurturing is an essential part of her life.

  • Dad Before the Hike 1 of 8

    This past weekend, my dad Becket said he was feeling wiggy and that we could both use some fresh air in our lungs and spend some time in nature.

  • Into the Woods 2 of 8

    He said he knew of a pine forest with hiking trails and that we were going to "get some exercise" and "it would be good for us" and we'd "really work up an appetite" that afternoon. What sicko would think these phrases sound fun?

  • Who Knew? Forests Have Rules 3 of 8

    Considering we were in a forest, there seemed to be a lot of rules posted in the parking lot. I'm pretty sure this is what one of them said.

  • Constant Forward Motion 4 of 8

    Dad had his hiking mantra down from the get go. "Come on Goose. Keep up Goose. Almost there Goose." Because of his insistence on constant forward motion I almost missed this beaut from 1982 that someone had dropped on the trail. Luckily, I nabbed it.

  • Becket When He Was a Football Jock 5 of 8

    I said Dad, you gotta slow down. What's the rush? In German they call hiking "wandering" and I told him he could learn something from this. Apropos of nothing, he then launched into a speech about how he had been a star football player when he was my age and his coach used to make them run til they threw up. I said Dad, we should be wandering, not the conversation.

  • Invoking Grandma 6 of 8

    Whenever I can't get Dad to listen, I try to think of something really meaningful his mom, my Grandma, says. She is a super wise lady. She says really smart things to me all the time.

  • Dandelion Whine 7 of 8

    I said Dad, like Grandma always tells me: If you don't stop to look at how beautiful the dandelions are once in a while, they get older and their hair turns white and they start to feel like nobody appreciates them or how delicious their beef stew is.

  • Later on That Evening 8 of 8

    Later on at home, Becket and I were watching the stars come out around a pine tree, and it reminded us of our hike. Becket said he realized what I was trying to tell him, and that rather than hike, we should always wander together. He asked if I was hungry for dinner and I threw my arms around that guy. I said Dad, you know something? I really worked up an appetite.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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