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  • Pearhead Photo Moments Frame | BABY 1 of 25
    Pearhead Photo Moments Frame | BABY
    From all the great baby photos you take, it may be hard to pick just 12 to display in this simple, classic frame — and even harder to resist arranging them in this lovely “See how I’ve grown!” display.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $19.99 »
  • Modern Photo Block Ornament | BABY 2 of 25
    Modern Photo Block Ornament | BABY
    This red-and-white quatrafoil print photo block is a chic way to commemorate your little one’s first holiday season. Baby’s name and birth stats are listed for family and friends to spot from the tree.
    Get it from Etsy, $22 »
  • Book of Baby Milestones | BABY 3 of 25
    Book of Baby Milestones | BABY
    So much of what babies do is an accomplishment: smiling, laughing, sleeping through the night. Keep all of those accomplishments in one gorgeous book that will stay on your family’s coffee table for years.
    Get it at Pinhole Press »
  • Accordion Brag Book | TODDLER 4 of 25
    Accordion Brag Book | TODDLER
    Featuring an accordion fold and ribbon with a cloth cover, this brag book is perfect for toting in mom’s purse or displaying in your child’s room.
    Get it from Pinhole Press »
  • Custom Alphabet Mini Cards from MOO | TODDLER 5 of 25
    Custom Alphabet Mini Cards from MOO | TODDLER
    What better way to learn the alphabet than by using familiar faces and photos? With MOO’s Printfinity service, you can print a different image associated with the letter on each card.
    Get them from MOO, $19.99 »
  • Custom Set of 3 Wooden Photo Blocks | TODDLER 6 of 25
    Custom Set of 3 Wooden Photo Blocks | TODDLER
    A perfect way to display holiday or vacation photos! Photographs are professionally printed and mounted on wooden blocks, each hand-stained in a nice walnut color — fun for kids and approved by moms.
    Get it from Etsy, $45 »
  • Photo Notepad | KIDS 48 7 of 25
    Photo Notepad | KIDS 48
    Make a quick note more personal or bring a smile to a friend’s face with these custom photo notepads.
    Get it from Pinhole Press »
  • Photo Pillowcase | KIDS 48 8 of 25
    Photo Pillowcase | KIDS 48
    This cozy pillowcase feels like a favorite, worn-in T-shirt and can be adorned with your child’s favorite photo — a perfect slice of home before a big trip, or a cute way to personalize a bed!
    Get it from KODAK Gallery, $19.99 »
  • LEGO 3-Megapixel Digital Camera | KIDS 4-8 9 of 25
    LEGO 3-Megapixel Digital Camera | KIDS 4-8
    Take your little LEGO-head’s collection to the next level with this fun 3-megapixel digital camera. LEGO bricks can even be added to the top and bottom, so your kid can use their stash to build a custom tripod!
    Get it from Amazon, $40.88 »
  • Photo Night Light | KIDS 812 10 of 25
    Photo Night Light | KIDS 812
    Keep the hallway lit through the night with this unique gift, which turns your favorite photo into an adorable night light that’ll ward off scary monsters.
    Get it from KODAK Gallery, $24.99 »
  • Photo Cuff Bracelet | KIDS 812 11 of 25
    Photo Cuff Bracelet | KIDS 812
    A memorable piece of jewelry for the little fashionista in your life! With the look of an antique film reel, this bracelet displays your choice of photos in sepia, black and white, color monotone or vibrant color.
    Get it from Etsy, $35 »
  • PICK Camera | KIDS 812 12 of 25
    PICK Camera | KIDS 812
    This ultra-compact, 2.0-megapixel digital camera lets kids snap lo-fi pictures and video on the go — no batteries required! These colorful cameras plug right into any USB drive so your tween can easily upload pictures.
    Get it from Four Corner Store, $65 »
  • Time-Lapse Camera | KIDS 812 13 of 25
    Time-Lapse Camera | KIDS 812
    Your budding filmmaker will love this weather-resistant camera that makes shooting time-lapse videos a cinch. All they need to do is set it up and let it record for hours on end!
    Get it from Photojojo, $149 »
  • Wine/Champagne Labels | MOM 14 of 25
    Wine/Champagne Labels | MOM
    Celebrate the season with your own “private label” wine, decorated with mom’s favorite family moments.
    Get them at Pinhole Press »
  • Custom Photo Pendant | MOM 15 of 25
    Custom Photo Pendant | MOM
    With this pretty necklace, mom can literally show how close to her heart her children are!
    Get it from Etsy, $32.74 »
  • Weekly Calendar | MOM 16 of 25
    Weekly Calendar | MOM
    If she’s always losing her to-do lists, these magnetic calendars might be just what Santa ordered — and the custom photo option will make her smile even during the busiest of weeks.
    Get it from Pinhole Press »
  • Tim Holga | MOM 17 of 25
    Tim Holga | MOM
    If mom prefers family photos to be kooky rather than classic, this incredibly cool film camera may be right up her alley. With a detachable color filter flash and the ability to shoot half-frame and 3-D photos, this will make any photo-savvy mom drool.
    Get it from Photojojo, $60 »
  • Photo Luggage Tag | DAD 18 of 25
    Photo Luggage Tag | DAD
    This customizable luggage tag is the perfect gift to give dad so he always knows which bag is his. It attaches conveniently to suitcases, laptop bags, golf bags, backpacks, pet carriers, and more.
    Get it from Shutterfly, $7.99 »
  • Seatbelt Camera Strap | DAD 19 of 25
    Seatbelt Camera Strap | DAD
    This seatbelt camera strap adds some retro flair to a snap-happy parent’s otherwise ho-hum photography gear.
    Get it from Photojojo, $20 »
  • Border Stripe Canvas Camera Strap | DAD 20 of 25
    Border Stripe Canvas Camera Strap | DAD
    If Dad’s style is more Sartorialist than sports guy, this orange-and-white camera strap will take his look — if not his photos — to the next level.
    Get it from Union, $168 »
  • Picaboo Ranch Leather Photo Book | DAD 21 of 25
    Picaboo Ranch Leather Photo Book | DAD
    A rugged Dad deserves an equally tough photo album, and this distressed leather option definitely fits the bill. Just pretend you didn’t see him shed a tear over his totally manly memories.
    Get it from Picaboo, $299.99 »
  • Collage Mug | GRANDPARENTS 22 of 25
    Collage Mug | GRANDPARENTS
    Surprise Grandma or Grandpa over breakfast by serving their tea in this customizable mug! This way, they’ll get a peep at their favorite grandkids every time they sip their morning brew.
    Get it from Snapfish, $12.99 »
  • Photo Stamps | GRANDPARENTS 23 of 25
    Photo Stamps | GRANDPARENTS
    Officially authorized by the U.S. postal service, these photo stamps are the perfect way for proud grandparents to show off their grandchildren to all of their friends!
    Get them at, $5-$10 for a sheet of 20 »
  • Camera Camera Case | GRANDPARENTS 24 of 25
    Camera Camera Case | GRANDPARENTS
    If grandma and grandpa miss the analog cameras of yore but still want to keep up with the times, this adorable camera case strikes just the right balance between modern and vintage. Plus, 10% of the proceeds from every purchase are donated to Japan tsunami relief.
    Get it from Etsy, $56 »
  • Famille Summerbelle Family Tree | GRANDPARENTS 25 of 25
    Famille Summerbelle Family Tree | GRANDPARENTS
    Grandparents can display their favorite family shots in this whimsical family tree photo holder that will brighten up any room.
    Get it from fawn&forest, $78 »
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