Straight From the Pop-erazzi! A Dad Review of Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man Halloween Special

VIP seating at my premiere party of Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man Halloween Special

As a long time Comic Book enthusiast and aspiring comic book writer (translation: geek), I was excited last week when my Disney Dads editor asked me if I wanted to host a Marvel Halloween Party and enjoy a special pre-screening of the upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man Halloween Special. I responded with an enthusiastic (OMG, are you KIDDING me, host a Marvel Party? Eeeeeeeee!!) “Sure, why not?” So this past Sunday afternoon with a few friends and neighbors (many of them pint-sized) we settled in to enjoy some web slinging fun.

If you haven’t watched Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man yet, it’s a great show, appropriate for all ages, produced by Marvel Animation. Now in its second season, It follows the exploits of a young Spider-Man in training with S.H.I.E.L.D. Spidey, along with a few other young heroes like Iron Fist and Power Man, take on some pretty big bad guys, and the Halloween Special had some of the biggest. The Halloween Special airs this Saturday, October 5 at 9pm/8c and you can find out then which bad guy is featured (I can’t bring myself to give it away,) but let’s just say Spidey and the gang may have met their match.

I was especially impressed that the Halloween Special includes some of the Marvel fringe players like Blade and Werewolf by Night. I’ve always been partial to characters that were in the secondary stories and seeing them animated was great fun. The show also has a fun take on Fury’s Howling Commandos. I won’t reveal too much but classic monster fans are going to have a blast. Adult comic book fans will also be pleased at the animated interpretations of the newly added characters. They really capture the magic of the comics, while being intermingled into the animated series’ setting. The show had a great cast as well, including Terry Crews and Oded Fehr, two of my personal favorites.

The party started late afternoon and we sat the kids down movie theater style in front of TV. We also prepped a Halloween themed snack mix of popcorn, some Mickey pretzels and few pieces of candy corn for that extra pop of sweetness (my wife’s idea and she’s mighty sweet). It’s a great way to make popcorn a little less boring without overdoing the sugar.

A still from episode 226:  "Howling Commandos," Ultimate Spider-Man
A still from episode 226: “Howling Commandos,” Ultimate Spider-Man

With snacks in hand we started the show. Right from the beginning, the action had the kids enthralled. There’s a scene early on with Nova blasting some baddies and he shouts “incoming”, which one of the kids responded with his own “incoming” and added a few “ya, ya, ya’s”. All the kids, even the youngest, were interacting with the show and talking back at the screen. At one point, when the heroes were joined by a surprise team member, my four-year-old turned to the kid next to her and said, “Oh, the suspense!” A few minutes later, one of the other kids responded to Werewolf’s question to Blade- “Would you follow me into battle one more time?” Our guest shouted, “I’m in!”

When the show came to a close, and the credits started, the kids turned to me and said they wanted to watch it again. I must admit I wanted to watch it again myself, but our party had to come to a close. We had a few Ultimate Spider-Man goodies for the kids and everyone left very happy.

Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man Halloween Special was fun for all ages and highly recommended. Our youngest viewers were four and they both were engaged and even some of the more intense scenes didn’t seem to faze them. Adults will enjoy seeing some classic Marvel characters brought to the small screen and some light humor along the way kept everyone engaged. You can watch the Special yourself this Saturday, October 5 at 9pm/8c.

Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man normally airs Sunday mornings (starting at 11am/10c) on Disney XD. The Halloween Special airs this Saturday at its special time on Disney Channel.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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