10 Hobbies That Can Earn You Some Extra Spending Money

Are you familiar with the term “side hustle”? It’s an internet term (as far as I can tell) that means part-time job, with a twist. Usually it refers to something you’re doing, from home, outside of your normal job, that brings in a little extra cash.

Side hustles are basically hobbies that can earn you some extra spending money. If you can swing it, it’s a fantastic way to get cash for doing something you love. The term is side hustle simply because the amount of money you earn (at least at first) is not enough to survive on. It will help you get through rough patches in your budget, or help you reach your goals faster, though. And earning money doing something you love is a great feeling. Even if it’s only $25.

Think about the things you love doing. Could you turn those into a part-time gig that pays the bills?

Below are ten ideas to get your brain flowing.

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  • 1. Photography 2 of 11

    Do you love taking pictures? I don't mean selfies. I mean, do you have an eye for landscapes, city scenes, babies? If you can't keep your camera out of your hand, start picking up photographer jobs on Craigslist. People will hire you, and tell their friends, who will hire you too. Then, you'll be able to write off your equipment.


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  • 2. Meal planning 3 of 11
    meal plan

    Are you the kind of person who can sit down on Sunday and know what you're having for dinner all week? Are you also the kind of person who only goes to the grocery store once a week? If so, those skills can be taught! Write them down, meals, grocery lists and all.


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  • 3. Graphic design 4 of 11
    graphic design

    Do you have an eye for color palettes? An opinion on font combinations? There's a high demand for graphic design. Build your portfolio by charging less than everyone else, then start charging more.


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  • 4. Knitting 5 of 11

    I have a friend who knits, and she's amazing. She has created her own patterns, and is starting to sell them online! She makes hand-knitted gifts for her family, but is able to supplement her income by selling patterns.


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  • 5. WordPress Installation 6 of 11

    If you know WordPress, you can help other people get set up. People are intimidated by the software, but you can charge people to set it up for them and show them how easy it is once they get started. 


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  • 6. Landscaping 7 of 11
    10 Hobbies that Can Earn You Some Extra Spending Money

    Is your happy place in your yard? If keeping your lawn manicured brings you  joy, offer to mow the neighbor's yards. You'll get to spend time in your happy place, and they'll get to have their lawn done. Win-win!


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  • 7. Writing 8 of 11

    Do you have things you want to say? Say them! Start blogging. Get your voice out there. Create a platform, then write 3-5 times a week, without fail. You'll find success in ways you'd never expect. The money won't come immediately, and it won't come in ways you'd expect, but if you want to write, the internet is a great outlet.


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  • 8. Calligraphy 9 of 11

    Do you have an interest in creating beautiful handwritten invitations? You could learn the art of calligraphy, and get paid to address wedding invitations, college announcements, and more!


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  • 9. Bargain hunting 10 of 11

    My friend has an eye for the unusual, and a love for thrift stores. Her idea of a perfect afternoon includes quiet time thumbing through the goods at the various stores around town. She knows how to spot something great, and she's wonderful at buying it and turning around and selling it for a profit. Think about it: if you have a smartphone, you have all the knowledge at your fingertips.


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  • 10. Crafting 11 of 11

    Do you love crafting? Making homemade cards, candles, bath salts, and all kinds of things can earn you a bit of money — especially around the holidays! Find a craft fair, and look around. Can you do better? Are these crafters making money? You can too!


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