10 Things I Would Change If I Won the Lottery

I’m a very frugal person. All the time. I believe in saving half my income, living simply, and bringing my lunch from home.

But the other day, I got to daydreaming. It’s kind of a fun thought experiment to think about suddenly coming into a boatload of cash. Instantly, I’d be worth 20 million dollars.

What would I do?

What wouldn’t I do anymore?

Here are the 10 things I would consciously change if I won the lottery. I’m sure my life would change in a number of different ways that I can’t even comprehend. But it’s my thought experiment!

Side question: How does one win the lottery if she doesn’t play?

What would you change? 

  • 10 Things I’d Change if I Won the Lottery 1 of 11
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  • 1. First Class Travel 2 of 11
    10 Things I Would Change if I Won the Lottery

    I can see it now: I show up at the airport, park in the garage (what do I care?), get in line, and get treated royally. Would you like a glass of something, ma'am? They would ask. When I'd nod, they'd give it to me in a glass! It wouldn't change how I treat people in airports (I'm always extra nice because I know most people are at their worst when traveling, and they take it out on ticketing/food service/retail employees) nor would it curb my desire to always buy Sour Patch Kids when I'm traveling. But I'd sit in those comfy seats that recline, and enjoy the way a metal fork feels in my hand.


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  • 2. More Travel, Period 3 of 11

    I don't know if I'd necessarily want to do more expensive travel, but I would certainly want to travel more, and for longer periods of time. Rent a house on the coast of Spain for a month? Surely! Since I'm flying first class, I could fly anywhere!


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  • 3. Become a Yoga Instructor 4 of 11
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    I've always wanted to take teacher training, because I've always wanted to spend enough time doing yoga to get to the point where I could teach others about it. Plus, yoga teacher training is expensive, and requires several hours every day doing yoga. If that doesn't sound like a rich person's life, I don't know what does.


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  • 4. Always Have a Clean, Organized Home 5 of 11
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    This is the stuff of dreams, people. I imagine I'd have someone to do the dishes and the laundry (oh! and the grocery shopping!) so I could live in a clean space, without actually having to do endless cycles of cleaning. That way, I'd free up my time, and make complicated things for dinner that use every pot, pan, and dish in the kitchen.


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  • 5. Meet People for Lunch 6 of 11
    2013-05-31 19.46.10

    Or coffee, or tea, or an adult beverage if it's after 4pm. One of the principles of my frugality is to always bring my lunch, but I know that I'm limited when I do that. I'd love to meet more people in my city. I'd love to try out some great restaurants at lunch time, and I'd love to have the opportunity to do that often. Of course, when I win the lottery, lunch is on me.


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  • 6. Write More 7 of 11

    I have some projects that are on the back burner, but if I won the lottery, I imagine I'd buy myself some more time for writing. I could even write a novel, if I'm disciplined enough. I know that just having a lottery payout wouldn't necessarily change my focus/distraction for the better (in fact, I bet it would be a real challenge to find time initially!) but writing is such a passion of mine, and I'd love to be able to do more of it.


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  • 7. Manicures and Pedicures 8 of 11

    All the time. They're such a splurge, but the lottery-winning version of me wouldn't have to take care of my own nails. I'd be known at the salon. "Hi, Kathleen," they'd say, but they'd know that I want to pick out the color every time. It would always be different. When I'd leave, they'd say, "See you next time," and they'd love me, because of course, I would tip generously.


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  • 8. Take Care of my Family 9 of 11

    I'd expand my definition of family, and see how I could help all the people who love me now, before I win the lottery. I'd spend more time with my grandma. I'd pay off someone's house. I'd make sure everyone knew how much I appreciated them. And even though I'd be a big lottery winner, I wouldn't ever rub it in their faces. They'd know the difference between generosity and showing off, and they'd appreciate that I didn't show off.


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  • 9. Throw a Big Party 10 of 11

    Champagne, caviar, rent out all of Disneyland, I don't know, but something really fun, and memorable. Everyone there would be someone I know. We would talk and laugh and love. We'd remember the ones who aren't with us anymore, and honor them with our squeals. Someone would take pictures of us, and they'd capture all the joy we feel. We wouldn't be stressed on the day of the party because everything would go our way.


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  • 10. Buy a bigger house 11 of 11

    Nothing huge, maybe just five bedrooms. One for studying, one for me, two for the future kids, and one for the hopefully endless rotation of guests. Everyone who wanted to come visit me would get the chance, and since I wouldn't have to work anymore, I'd have all kinds of time to show them around my town. The house would be centrally located, and lovely, with perhaps a tree or two in the front.


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