10 Ways to Make Your Work Life More Productive and Fun

Is it a drag to go into the office every day? Remember from that video that we spend a great deal of our jellybeans at work. So, it’s worth it to try to make the most of it!

Here are ten ways to make your work life more productive and fun.

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    10 ways to make work life more fun
  • Bring Your Dog 2 of 11

    See if your workplace allows pets in the office. Many don't, but it doesn't hurt to ask! If you're in an office with dog lovers, bringing a dog will elevate everyone's mood. Ask if you can bring your dog in on a trial basis. Start on a Friday, and see how it goes. Let your dog get comfortable with the smells of the office and then on Monday, don't bring the dog. Ask everyone individually for their feedback. If everyone is fine with it, you can start bringing your pooch on a regular basis!

  • Enjoy the Perks 3 of 11
    enjoy the perks

    My office provides coffee for us. It's not necessary, but it is always (always!) appreciated. Make "coffee at work" part of your morning ritual. You'll get to work earlier, and you can use that extra time to take a quiet moment and center yourself while your computer is waking up. Starting your day with a quiet moment (even if you don't drink coffee) will go a long way toward making work more productive.

  • Max Out Retirement 4 of 11
    max out your retirement

    Maxing out retirement is much more productive than fun, but if your company offers a 401(k), put in as much money as possible. And, if they offer a match, for heaven's sake, take it! It's free money, and if you get it taken out of your paycheck, chances are, you won't miss it anyway.

  • Use Health Insurance 5 of 11
    use health insurance

    Staying healthy is a surefire way to make your work life more productive. Schedule annual exams, dental appointments and eye appointments. Actually USE your health insurance! And stay home from work when you're sick. Taking a day off to recover will be more productive for you (and it'll keep your coworkers healthier, too). Win-win!

  • Get Educated 6 of 11
    get another degree

    Would your company reimburse you so that you can get an advanced degree? It's definitely worth checking into. If you can get a masters in something related to your work, you'll open up all kinds of doors for your future. Talk to your boss and see if you can start taking classes.

  • Connect to Your Purpose 7 of 11
    connect to your purpose

    Your life's meaning does not necessarily need to come from your work. However, your work should connect with your purpose. If you want to help people, then work in a place where you are working with people. If you want to solve problems, then find something where you can use your talents in a way that fulfills you.

  • Organize (or Attend) Happy Hours 8 of 11
    organize happy hours

    After-work team bonding is key to happiness on the job. Getting to know your colleagues as friends will go a long way toward understanding their needs on Monday. If no one is organizing these events, volunteer! Suggest monthly or quarterly get togethers.

  • Leave the Office Once a Day 9 of 11
    get out of the office every day

    Step away from your desk at least once a day. Get outside. Go for a walk. Make a point to get your blood moving, especially if the rest of your day is spent at your desk. You'll gain clarity about tricky projects that you wouldn't get by staring at your computer screen for 15 minutes.

  • Take Vacations! 10 of 11
    take vacations

    Did you know that Americans take less vacation time than any other country? That's a shame. The very best memories are made on vacation. So, take them! And, really, truly take them. Unplug your phone, leave your laptop at home, and pile everyone into the car. Unplug and connect with your family. They're the reason you work so hard the rest of the year!

  • Know When It’s Time to Leave 11 of 11
    move on when it starts to suck

    You'll know it's time to leave when there is no longer any value in you staying. If your work leaves you unfulfilled, groggy, and blue, it's time. You should listen to the part of you that says, "Hi, I'm not happy anymore" and as soon as you hear that, you need to move on. Don't wait until you're a grumpy gus at the office. Move on while you still have glowing reviews from your supervisors.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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