15 Best Gifts to Give Someone Getting Out of Debt

Listen, getting out of debt is boring, especially around the holidays. You see all this consumerism, and it looks so pretty.

Then you look at your online statement and you want to cry.

I know because a few years ago I paid off over $20,000 in credit card debt — and the holiday are tough!

When you’re getting out of debt, the best way to do it quickly is to live a life without frills. Cut everything except the absolute essentials, and put every single extra dollar toward your debt. This is what worked for me!

Are you in this same boat? Or do you know someone who is blazing their own path toward debt freedom?

Here are the 15 best gifts to give someone getting out of debt.

Note: Try to avoid giving cash. Sometimes cash is weird when you’re getting out of debt, and there are feelings of guilt around it. It’s better to give a gift card or something that forces your friend to spend on themselves.

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  • 1. Haircut & Color 2 of 16

    I did the math, and I knew I had less than six months before my "get out of credit card debt" date. So haircuts were the first thing I suspended. The only problem was that I really needed a haircut. Maybe your friend is the same way. You could ask about her favorite hairstylist and get a gift certificate to the salon.


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  • 2. Car Detailing 3 of 16

    Ask to borrow the car, then take it to a car wash place with vacuums and get it cleaned from the inside out. If you're feeling extra generous, fill the car with gas, too.


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  • 3. House Cleaning 4 of 16

    We all appreciate getting to skip housework once in a while, am I right? But when we're getting out of debt, there's no way we're springing for this service  (or at least we shouldn't be!). If you know someone you trust, secretly hire them while you take your friend out for the afternoon.


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  • 4. Manicure/Pedicure 5 of 16

    What luxury! I haven't had credit card debt in a year and a half, and absolutely every time someone offers to buy me a pedicure, which has happened at least twice this year (I'm a lucky girl!), it's the height of luxury. Plus, I get a chance to catch up with a friend for a few hours.


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  • 5. Coffee Gift Certificates 6 of 16

    The first thing you cut when you're getting out of debt is your daily latte. But you miss it! And wouldn't it be awesome if someone gave you a gift card that said, "The next five fancy coffee drinks are on me, friend!" 


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  • 6. Fancy Groceries 7 of 16

    Cheese that comes in wedges, not rectangles. Macadamia nuts. Good coffee beans. Steak, not ground beef. Anything fresh. Anything from the gift aisle. Anything covered in chocolate. Oh, heck! Make a gift basket out of all the things on the "no" list for frugal grocery shopping.


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  • 7. New Socks 8 of 16

    Or underwear. These items absolutely do not get replaced until they are very yucky when one is buckling down to get out of debt. It would be cute to get a nice pair in a stocking, and highly appreciated.


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  • 8. Restaurant Gift Certificate 9 of 16

    Restaurant food! Oh joy! Get them dinner for two, or even dessert for two. What an indulgence!


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  • 9. Movie Night Package 10 of 16

    Goodness gracious. Movies? In the movie theater? Yes, please! How else could you make someone's day for $20?

  • 10. Free Babysitting Passes 11 of 16

    Is your friend someone who has kids? Combine suggestion 8 or 9 with this to give her a full date night out. Invite her kids over to play with yours.

  • 11. One Loan Payment 12 of 16

    Do you know the details of the debt payments? Can you swing one full payment on whichever their debt of highest pain might be? Pay it directly to the lender, don't give cash. Getting one month closer to debt freedom might be the best gift in the world.


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  • 12. A Massage 13 of 16

    All this frugality can be stressful, and a massage is what the doctor ordered. Again, look for a daily deal and save.


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  • 13. Tickets to a Show 14 of 16

    The Nutcracker? Maybe some other holiday-related theater? Check Goldstar Events (if there's one in your town!) to get half-priced tickets.


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  • 14. A Great Bottle of Wine 15 of 16

    What does your friend like to drink? Is it bubbly? If so, can I be friends with your friend too? Spring for the good stuff. No wrapping paper needed.


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  • 15. A New Set of Sheets 16 of 16

    Pure luxury. In my house, sheets get used until they have visible holes. Everyone appreciates linens, especially those who are throwing every extra penny toward debt payoff.


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