7 Painless Ways to Cut Down Family Cell Phone Use

Most families today stay connected through the use of mobile phones, but with the ever-changing cell phone technology available, it can become next to impossible to keep up with the expenses each month.

Here are 7 painless ways to stay connected without spending a fortune:

  • 7 Ways to Cut Down on the Cost of Family Cell Phone Use 1 of 8
    7 painless ways to cut down family cell phone use

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  • Review What You Have 2 of 8

    Many families utilize multiple phones but only upgrade their services and plans on the fly. Take time to sit down with several months' worth of cell phone bills and really understand what you are paying for versus what you actually use. Write down a list of must-haves so you know what to shop for in the future. 

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  • Compare Other Options 3 of 8

    You may have been loyal to the same cell phone provider for over a decade, but in that time, many other options have become available. After reviewing where you stand, do some comparison shopping to see what else is out there that makes more financial sense for your actual needs. Just be very careful of any features or services you are getting thanks to ‘grandfathering.' In some cases, it may cost less to stick with what you have, so weigh your options first.

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  • Learn to Go Without 4 of 8
    go without

    Of course today's cell phones are for so much more than making phone calls. People rely on their phones for internet searches, traffic updates, and fitness goals. If cutting costs is your ultimate goal, you may need to start giving up services that are nice to have but not essential to your survival. Find more constructive ways to spend quality family time together unplugged and cancel your extraneous services. 

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  • Consider Pre-Paid Options 5 of 8

    Prepaid phones are a good way to ensure you stay in budget. You can prepay your service based on what you can afford. It will be a quick lesson in learning to live within your means and not be so dependent on electronic devices for getting you through your day. Kids who have cell phones can also learn important financial lessons by having to foot the bill for their cell phone privileges. 

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  • Space Out Upgrades 6 of 8

    If you run to the cell phone kiosk every time a new upgrade is released, you are likely spending way too much money on trends. Rather than buy a brand new phone model on its release date, space out the time between upgrades. It can mean the difference between getting a better phone for $0.99 versus $99. 

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  • Just Don’t Go Down that Rabbit Hole 7 of 8
    kids cell phone

    Most kids start wanting a cell-phone around second grade. Tell them "No" and leave it at that. That way you won't have to worry about the expensive data plans, them seeing things on the internet that they shouldn't, them using the phone when they're not supposed, and phone upgrades. 

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  • Have the Kids Pay Their Own Bill 8 of 8
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    Tell the kids that if they want a cell phone they have to pay their own cell phone bill. That means they'll figure out the value of money, how to pay a bill (with your guidance and supervision), and they'll realize that if they want something it must be earned. 

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