5 Secrets to Successfully Pulling Off a Multi-Family Vacation

When you think about family vacations, you’re likely only considering bringing along your spouse and kids. But if you want to change things up and save some cash in the process, consider planning a trip with other families. Whether you invited members of your extended family or you’ve coordinated with family friends, mixing things up on a vacation with multiple families can be a great change of pace and may start a whole new tradition.

Some of the considerations to make about a multi-family vacation include:

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  • Friends to Go 2 of 6

    If families are similar to yours in design, your kids will have playmates for the duration of the trip. It can get hectic with many children in the mix, but it can be a more enjoyable vacation for kids who have pals to play with that are in the same age range. 

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  • Shared Responsibilities 3 of 6

    For some families, going on vacation is even more work than what's going on at home. Many adults are quick to quip they "need a vacation from their vacation" just because of the new stresses that come along with traveling. Having other responsible adults around can make it easier to wrangle the kids, and can therefore create opportunities for couples to actually find some alone time while someone else is in charge. Adults can also appreciate having other adults around to spend time with during the vacation. 

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  • Split Costs 4 of 6

    If multiple adults are going in on a vacation together, the costs can be divided up and each family may find they pay less than if one their own. Renting a house can be more budget-friendly than booking separate hotel rooms and if the group is large enough, many attractions may even offer group rates on tourist attractions and activities. 

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  • Smart Decisions 5 of 6

    There may be some drawbacks to a shared vacation as well. With a lot of people involved, tensions can run high during the planning phase and during the trip itself. It will be important to decide which families would mesh well with yours for the long haul. You must also be respectful of the budgets of other families who may not be able to afford what you can, or who may be more financially well off than your own family. 

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  • Plan and Communicate in Advance 6 of 6

    Start planning ahead of time to prevent issues that result when you are rushed. Discuss details clearly so each family has the right expectations for the trip. Families must also be willing to compromise as the vacation is for everyone to enjoy. The first vacation with multiple families can be a bit nerve-wracking until everyone finds their groove, but subsequent trips could very well become something you look forward to year after year. 

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