5 Tips for Buying Your Teen a Used Car

There are some parents who are thrilled to have another driver in the home and there are some that are scared to death to think about their teen behind the wheel. Regardless of which category you fall under, as a parent the priority is to find a safe, reliable, and affordable vehicle for your teen to drive.

Most will opt for a quality used vehicle when considering their teen driver. Not only are pre-owned vehicles more affordable to buy, they can be less costly to ensure compared to a new vehicle. There is also a little less pressure when driving used rather than new for the teen driver.

Buying a used car does have a lot of upsides but there can also be some concerns. Here are 5 tips to ensure that used car is really a good deal for your first-time teen driver…

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    Click through for 5 tips to ensure that used car is really a good deal for your first-time teen driver...

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  • Do the Math at Home 2 of 6
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    Before hitting the used car dealership or reviewing the classifieds, sit down with your budget and a calculator to see how much a pre-owned vehicle should cost you. If your teen is contributing to the purchase or if you are footing the entire cost, have an open and honest discussion with your teen about the price range that is reasonable. This conversation will help prevent overspending and will give your teenager the right expectations going into the car buying process. 

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  • Analyze Reviews 3 of 6

    While it is true that too much information can be a bad thing, you can take some time to read consumer reviews on the models you are interested in. There are several websites that provide honest expert reviews as well as consumer commentary on different vehicle brands and models. When you have narrowed down your choices, these reviews can help you make the decision. 

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  • Test Drive Your Choices 4 of 6
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    You and your teen should each test drive the vehicle for handling. You may love the look of a vehicle model but ultimately find there is nothing much else to enjoy when behind the wheel. Don't suffer buyers regret buy choosing a vehicle based solely on its superficial qualities. 

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  • Seek an Expert Opinion 5 of 6

    If you have a mechanic in your family or friend circle, bring them along to inspect the important parts of a vehicle. You will be able to schedule an additional test drive appointment at the dealership where you can also bring the vehicle to a qualified mechanic if you can't bring one to the dealership. The mechanic should note potential problems based on their evaluation. You can either nix the purchase or require a full repair on the vehicle before you agree to buy it from the dealership or a private seller.

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  • Negotiate Reasonably 6 of 6

    If you have done your math and your vehicle research, you should be pretty well informed about a reasonable price range for the model vehicle you want to buy. This background information will give you the power to negotiate effectively the price of the vehicle you are most interested in. Never accept the sales price at face value as many sellers will attempt to get the most on a sale but will be more than willing to negotiate to complete the sale.

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