Pet Care on the Cheap: 5 Ways to Afford the Family Dog

Sadly there are many stories of animal shelters receiving more and more surrenders during tough economic times. Families find they can no longer care for their dog and make the choice to give them up. There are ways to give your pet everything it needs to be healthy and happy so you don’t have to make the choice to give up your beloved dog.

Here are 5 ways to afford the family dog:

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    Most healthy dogs only need to visit the vet annual for shots and a checkup. There are many pet stores and traveling clinics that offer essential vaccinations and checkups for a very affordable price. Check with local pet stores, animal shelters, and community groups to find clinics in your area. 

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    Many people spend too much money on high-priced dog food for no reason. There are many affordable products on the market that would suit your dog's diet. Don't waste money on gourmet foods unless advised by your vet due to allergies or other issues. Dry dog food and plenty of water is essential each day. You also need to make sure you are not wasting food by over-feeding your dog. Follow the advice of the food manufacturer and your vet for proper feeding. Skip the unhealthy snacks, treats, and fancy doggie products.

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    The most important thing your dog needs and wants is time with you. Make sure to spend lots of time cuddling and exercising with your pooch. They don't need a ton of accessories or toys to make them happy, but they do need lots of attention and exercise to remain healthy. The pet industry is huge and there are likely many tempting products out there that seem perfect for your pet but are way out of your budget.

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  • Budget for Your Pal 5 of 6

    When creating a household budget, make sure to include the family dog in your budget. Figure out the costs over a year associated with your dog's care and deposit an amount into a savings account each time you get paid. Let the money build up until you need it to pay for food, medical care, or other supplies. Add a few dollars extra when you can to help you prepare for emergency services that can occur down the road. 

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  • Groom Regularly 6 of 6

    Many issues with your dog can be avoided if you are properly grooming them each day. Long haired pets especially need to be brushed daily. During the grooming process check for sores, ticks, or other issues that can affect your pet's health. Catching problems early can help you save a lot of money. Bathe your pet as necessary and schedule professional grooming when necessary.

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