5 Ways to Get Your Prescription Medications for Less

Prescription medications can cost a lot, especially if they are necessary for on-going treatment or if you have to purchase them without the help of insurance. There are ways to still get the medications you need at a more reasonable cost, but you may have to do a little homework.

Here are 5 ways to save on prescription medication costs:

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  • Go Generic 2 of 6

    Generic medications are available for many of the popular brand-named medications and can cost up to four times less. Be sure to ask your doctor about generic options for necessary prescriptions. Your pharmacist can also fill you in on the generic versions available. 

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  • Let Your Doctor Know 3 of 6

    When your doctor prescribes medications for you that you are sure you can't afford, let them know about your concerns. Some doctors may be able to provide free samples for those medications you only need to take for a short period of time. 

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  • Research the Manufacturer 4 of 6

    Some drug manufacturers will offer programs to help make your prescriptions more affordable. Contact the manufacturer to find out if any help is available for medications you need to take for the long-term.

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  • Consider a Split 5 of 6

    Some medications can be safely split in half according to your dosage needs. For instance, if you need to take a 10mg pill your doctor may be able to prescribe a 20 mg dose that you can split in half. The cost of 10 mg and 20 mg pills will likely cost the same amount but you'll get double the amount of your prescription. Speak with your doctor about your medication's ability to be split into two doses. Not all medications can be safely split, including time-released medications. 

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  • Compare Pharmacies 6 of 6

    The prices of medications at pharmacies should be compared before you settle on a place strictly out of convenience. If you compare the prices of your regular medications at several pharmacies, your regular pharmacy may agree to honor the lower price to keep you as a satisfied customer. It never hurts to ask.

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