5 Ways to Treat Yourself for $5 (or less!)

You know when you’re getting out of debt, and everything beyond food and shelter gets nixed?

It’s extreme, to say the least, but holy cow is it effective. There’s just one problem. You start cutting everything, and it gets exasperating.

All of a sudden, you’re changing everything. You’re brown bagging lunch, you’ve cut out movies, plays, and concerts, and you start seeing results. You start making coffee every day, bringing it in a commuter cup, and putting your latte fund toward your debt.

Suddenly, you’re living a life free of indulgences of any sort. And, you know what? It’s stressful and hard. Becoming debt free will absolutely reduce your stress in the long run. But deprivation of every kind of treat? Will definitely increase your stress in the short run.

When you’re working oh-so-hard to dig yourself out, you really, truly need a treat now and then. There will be times where you need to tell yourself, “Hey, self? You didn’t give up!” and those times are worth celebrating.

Here are five ways to treat yourself for $5, or less!

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  • 1. A Cup of Coffee 2 of 6

    Do not go through the coffee drive through -- now's not the time for that! Go to the coffee shop, ask for it "for here" and sit down. Truly enjoy the time with your coffee.


    Image by jorgeyu

  • 2. One Happy Hour Drink 3 of 6
    happy hour

    Meet your friends at the bar for happy hour. You can find all kinds of deals! $5 will get you a delicious drink. Be sure to only have one, and don't stay past happy hour though, because that could turn this into a frugal fail.


    Image by Frugal Portland

  • 3. An Ice Cream Cone 4 of 6
    ice cream


    I scream, you scream, we all scream, right? It's summer, and a cold ice cream cone is just the ticket.


    Image bpickle

  • 4. A Tube of Lip Gloss 5 of 6

    If you're out and about and you need a pick-me-up, get lipgloss or chap stick or lip stick from the drug store. You'll have a quick new look and a fun thing in your pocket!


    Image by soranaro

  • 5. Nail Polish 6 of 6

    Spiff up your fingers and toes! Find a shade of nail polish that makes you smile. Just make sure you're buying the cheapie stuff at the drugstore.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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