7 Franchises Moms Can Start for Cheap

Are you thinking about starting your own business? If you’re like me, you think about it from time to time. Maybe you’ve left the workforce to have a kid, and you’re ready to go back, but not in the same capacity as before. You’d like to stay at home with your new favorite person, but you’d also like to earn at least a part-time income. I love the idea of starting something that you can do with your kid, and socialize with other moms who have small children. Getting adult interaction during the day plus providing for your family equals a fulfilling career opportunity.

Here are 7 franchises moms can start for cheap.

  • 7 Franchises Moms Can Start for Cheap 1 of 8
    7 Franchises Moms Can Start for Cheap
  • ABC Do-Re-ME! 2 of 8

    ABC Do-Re-ME! is a premier children's music and movement program offering unique, entertaining, and educational classes. Doing away with the concept of a semester based program, parents have the flexibility to buy a single class or a package of classes and come to any music class at any time. Featuring an eclectic mix of everything from nursery rhymes to The Beatles to Lady Gaga, kids will sing, dance, play, explore instruments and read books in an atmosphere that is designed to be completely interactive.


    FRANCHISE FEE: $1,000


    Image via ABC Do-Re-ME! 

  • Stroller Strides 3 of 8

    Stroller Strides is a stroller-based workout that offers moms a great way to get in shape, meet other new moms, and have fun with their baby. Stroller Strides instructors use a combination of fun songs, activities, and a series of exercises to give moms a full body workout while bonding with baby.


    FRANCHISE FEE: $5,000


    Image via Fit4Mom


  • Fit4Baby 4 of 8

    Fit4Baby is a program designed to strengthen the body for all the changes it will experience during pregnancy. These classes exclusively focus on pregnant moms. Trained and certified Fit4Baby instructors are fully equipped to lead pregnant women in exercises that are safe and appropriate for her changing body.


    FRANCHISE FEE: $5,000


    Image via Fit4Mom

  • Bundle 5 of 8

    Bundle is a home delivery cloth diaper service that makes cloth diapering easy. There's a baby clothes side to it, too. It's a little more expensive than the first three mentioned, but it is more of a full-time delivery job.


    FRANCHISE FEE: $29,000


    Image via Bundle

  • Molly Manners 6 of 8

    Molly Manners is a fun way to teach manners and etiquette to kids from ages 3 to 17. The teachers go to classrooms and teach kids how to be confident, considerate, and respectful of other people.


    FRANCHISE FEE: $3,500


    Image by Molly Manners

  • Club Z Tutoring 7 of 8
    7 Franchises Moms Can Start for Cheap

    Club Z offers in-home or on-location tutoring. Owners do not have to be tutors themselves. They hire tutors, arrange for in-home sessions, and manage the business.


    FRANCHISE FEE: $14,900


    Image via Club Z

  • Theater Fun 8 of 8

    Theater Fun is an educational program that allows children from preschool through middle school to be involved in every part of the performance process.


    FRANCHISE FEE: $9,995


    Image via Theater Fun

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