7 Habits of Bad Employees

It’s year-end review time! That means it’s time to reflect on whether you’re a bad employee. Now, don’t get defensive. According to the Wall Street Journal, the difference between good employees and bad employees is simple. Good employees know their weaknesses, and what they need to work on, and bad employees don’t. So, take the time to ask yourself if you exhibit any of these habits.

It’s better to look within and try to become a good employee than to keep up the status quo and remain a bad employee.

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  • 1. They Start the Day Grouchy 2 of 8

    Try to engage them in small talk and you will get pushback to the nth degree. "Lovely day out there!" you might quip, just to say hello. Invariably, they'll respond, "yeah, because it's nice, the sun was in everyone's eyes so they drove like jerks!"


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  • 2. They Play the Blame Game 3 of 8

    Mistakes happen, every day, all the time. Bad employees have a tendency to blame others in an attempt to keep their reputations sparkling. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. Most coworkers and supervisors can see right through that facade, and the only thing bad employees accomplish by throwing their peers under the bus is alienation.


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  • 3. They Don’t Pitch In 4 of 8

    Maybe it's going home early when everyone else is pushing toward a deadline. Maybe it's the phrase "that's not my job." Bad employees will rarely step outside their job description to pitch in during a clutch time.


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  • 4. They Don’t Ask for Help 5 of 8
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    Conversely, if the bad employee's plate gets too full, you won't hear them asking for help. You'll hear them complain, sure, but they won't ask anyone to help them.


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  • 5. They’re Overly Sarcastic 6 of 8

    Sarcasm works in many offices (mine would most certainly grind to a halt without it!). Bad employees don't have a gauge of the appropriate level of sarcasm, and they often step over the line into meanness. It's fun if sarcasm is light-hearted, but when it gets mean, people get their feelings hurt.


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  • 6. They Don’t Celebrate Coworkers’ Successes 7 of 8
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    Bad employees don't offer "congratulations" to their peers. Not for work-related things, and not for personal things. They don't chip in when the hat is passed around, they don't sign the card, and they don't have their finger on the pulse of what their peers are doing.


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  • 7. They Talk Without Listening 8 of 8

    Sure, a bad employee will tell a story. Heck, the bad employee has a ton of stories! But they won't listen to other peoples' stories, and they don't have any idea what's going on in the lives of their coworkers.


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