7 Items That Are Sabotaging Your Budget

When I decided I needed to get out of debt once and for all I decided to make some tough choices. It meant slashing expenses from my monthly spending and now it means regularly reviewing where the money is going to make sure the wants don’t creep into the needs list. There are a lot of things we want to have but don’t necessarily need, so keep this in mind the next time you plan to spend your money.

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  • 7 Items That Are Sabotaging Your Budget 1 of 8
    7 Items That Are Sabotaging Your Budget

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  • Bottled Water 2 of 8
    7 Items That Are Sabotaging Your Budget

    You can save on your grocery bill each month by investing in a quality water filter for your home rather than buying cases of bottled water. You can save even more money if you stop buying bottled water at inflated convenience store prices every day.

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  • Prepared Groceries 3 of 8
    7 Items That Are Sabotaging Your Budget

    Rather than shop for convenience meals at the grocery store, invest in a good cookbook where you can stretch basic pantry ingredients into multiple recipes. Spend some time each week cooking several dishes that can be frozen for later use. Not only can you save money on grocery shopping, you can help eliminate excessive food waste at home. 

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  • Downgrade Your Technology 4 of 8
    7 Items That Are Sabotaging Your Budget

    While you may legitimately need some amount of technology in your life, you can save quite a bit of cash each month by downsizing the packages and bundles you have for your cell phone, Internet, and cable. Review your monthly bill and be aware of what you are paying for versus what you actually use. 

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  • Postage Stamps 5 of 8
    7 Items That Are Sabotaging Your Budget

    The price of stamps is frequently increasing, and with the many services banks and other companies now offer online, you only need to keep a few stamps on hand for personal letters. Use automatic bill pay and online account management services to avoid the cost of postage.

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  • Cleaning Products 6 of 8
    7 Items That Are Sabotaging Your Budget

    A simple online search can show you how to clean your entire home with basic supplies like vinegar and baking soda, which are far less costly than brand-name cleaners. You'll also use less chemicals by choosing natural cleaners. 

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  • Your Vices 7 of 8
    7 Items That Are Sabotaging Your Budget

    If you always have beer in the fridge and cigarettes on the table, get serious about cutting out some of the vices you keep in your life. Cigarettes and alcohol prices are considerably high and the money you are spending on these items would do you a lot more good if deposited in a savings account.

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  • Disposable Products 8 of 8
    7 Items That Are Sabotaging Your Budget

    There are a lot of products we spend too much money on because of convenience: paper towels, diapers, single wipes, paper plates, and the like. Use other methods to stop your dependence on costly throw-away items such as recycling old clothes or towels into rags for clean ups. 

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