7 (Mostly-Free) Ways for the Entire Family to De-Stress

I have never met a family that didn’t say they were too busy. It seems to be an epidemic in our country to be constantly busy. Do you think so too?

I know I feel like I can’t seem to catch up with life and my baby is just 4 months old! I don’t know how families do it that have more than one kid and lots of activities going on. I’ve got major respect for any family that pulls that off!

After a busy week of schedules, work, and school, a family can start to feel the negative impact of being perpetually overworked. Crankiness, irritability, and lack of fun are sure signs that a de-stressing is in order.

Here are 7 of my favorite ways that the entire family can de-stress together, and luckily, they’re all practically free!

7 (Mostly-Free) Ways for the Entire Family to De-Stress

1. Do Nothing Day

If your family is constantly on-the-go then it’s likely that your clan would benefit from some downtime. Pick a weekend day to do absolutely nothing but laze around the house. The chores can wait, the laundry will still be there, and the cell phones and technologies should be shut off for 24 hours. Yep, for 24 hours! (That sounds pretty painful to me too so I think I’m due for a technology free 24 hours.)

2. Nature Time

No matter if the weather is cold or warm, plan to spend some time outdoors. Go on a nature walk, take a hike at a local state park, or spend time playing in the backyard. Anything you can do to get your bodies moving so you all can get some stress released and fresh air in everyone’s lungs.

3. Interactive Video Games

If you’ve got the latest video game technology then get everyone involved. Play a few competitive video games that are family-friendly such as the ones that involve dancing, sports play, or other interactive options. It’s all about getting everyone moving, laughing, and spending quality time together.

4. Have a Family Game Night

An alternative to video games is to do a night of old fashioned board games. There is a wide variety of games for all age ranges that families can play to spend a relaxing evening at home.

As a kid my favorite games were Mouse Trap and Monopoly. What were yours?

5. Play with Adoptable Animals

If you don’t have pets of your own or if you are a family of animal lovers, volunteer your time at a local animal shelter. You can de-stress by playing with the cats and walking the dogs at the shelter as a family. It also allows you to give back to others in need while having a lot of fun.

6. Rent a Comedy

Movies can be rented for a low-cost or borrowed for free from the library. Seek out a few family-friendly comedies to get everyone relaxed and laughing. Turn out the lights, make popcorn, and settle in to get the real movie experience at home.

7. Indulge in Dessert

If your family tends to avoid dining out because of the high cost, consider hitting the grocery store and splurging on a special family dessert as your de-stressing day draws to a close. Set up an ice cream bar, make several batches of cookies, or bake a favorite pie. Or, pt for an evening on the town but only go out for dessert.


What are your favorite ways to de-stress that don’t cost much money?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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