7 Things You Should Never Buy Used

Earlier, I told you about the 11 things you should never buy new. Things like cars, jeans, and wine glasses are all things that are super expensive retail, and can save you a ton of money if you go to the effort of buying on the secondary market.

However, you can’t buy everything used. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend it. I suppose, for me, the line between frugal and cheapskate is here, the difference between what you would buy used verses new. I know a lot of people who don’t like the idea of buying used clothes (which is silly, I mean, you’re wearing used clothes after the very first time you wash them, aren’t you?), and I know a few people who will disagree with some of the things I wouldn’t recommend buying used.

Wherever you fall on the line, there are things you should never buy used. Here are seven of my “only buy new” items. What are yours?

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    never buy used
  • 1. Unmentionables 2 of 8
    7 Things You Should Never Buy Used

    I'm the girl who has more expensive underthings than clothes people can see. In fact, I not only buy all my unmentionables new, I go to a fancy store to buy them. It's completely incongruous, to be sure. But like I said in the intro, that's my line in the sand. I'll wear them through the absolute threadbare end of their lives, and they're worthwhile to buy new.


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  • 2. Running shoes 3 of 8
    running shoes

    Running shoes have a shelf life of about 450 miles. But how do you know how many miles were put on them before they got to the consignment shop? I know that running shoes are really expensive... they're the most expensive pair of shoes in my closet, that's for sure! But they can make the difference between running without pain and running while hating your knees, shins, ankles, and heels.


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  • 3. Mattresses 4 of 8

    Don't buy a mattress from Craigslist. You could end up with the one in the picture! I'm grossed out that it was the first image to come up when I was searching for mattress online. The exception? I am currently sleeping on the mattress that used to belong to my mom. She bought it new, and it is really fancy, and I know she never... you know, poured beer on it or took it to a frat house or anything.


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  • 4. Laptops 5 of 8

    There are a lot of shady characters on the internet, selling computers to unsuspecting consumers with the bait and switch technique. Their angle? Consumers are not smart enough to know that the amount of memory (RAM, ROM, who can know?) they're paying for isn't the amount of memory they're getting. Do your research, then buy your laptop (and a lot of other electronics!) from a store you trust.


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  • 5. Sheets/Pillows/Bedding 6 of 8

    This could just be me, but I won't buy used sheets. I don't want to know the back story, and I don't want to even think about where those sheets lived their past lives.


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  • 6. Chef’s Knives 7 of 8
    chefs knife

    I've found used knives, good brands, that are just too dull. I think, unless you're a specialist in knives and you know more than the average consumer, used knives are not going to be ideal. Buy them new, and learn how to sharpen them yourself. Your culinary life will be much better.


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  • 7. Dog beds 8 of 8
    dog bed

    Dogs have a sense of smell that is several thousand times stronger than a human's. That means the smell of another dog can never be washed out. Your dog might not like the smell, and even worse, if you have a boy dog, he will, ahem, do what he needs to do in order to make it smell like his. Gross. Just buy a new one, here.


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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