Are College Tuition Costs Out of Control?

Original Teachers CollegeToday I toured my old college campus with an incoming freshman. It was fun to be back on campus again, seeing what has changed and fascinated by the things that stayed the same. (Mud Volleyball tournament weekend is still a thing, you guys!)

The morning started with a short history lesson on the college. It was originally a teacher’s college that sat on 10 acres. This building was the first on campus and is still in use. These days it is used only as an administrative building.

There are, at least, two new buildings since I attended, and my own dorm is no longer in use as it is being completely renovated. The intramural program is still in place, including some of the same sports I played. (Walleyball, anyone?) But now there are about twice as many options.

Plus, the rec building that houses the program now has a rock wall. With Pajama Climb theme nights. That’s rock climbing. In your pajamas. This ain’t your momma’s college rec room.
Is College Tuition Out of Control
I took several photos during the campus tour, sent nostalgic texts to my husband all day, and tweeted with college friends as the program sparked memories and taught me new facts about our school. Campus looks the same but different. Student life sounds basically the same — though we didn’t have tiny computers in the palms of our hands.

But college tuition and fees have drastically changed over the years. The original tuition in 1899? $10. Yeah, that’s one zero. Today the tuition is nearly 1000 times that amount. And at almost $10,000, the tuition has more than doubled since my freshman year. A 50% inflation rate in less than 20 years?

I just don’t know how you justify that. And, I have no idea how everyday people are expected to spend that kind of money for four years of college. But, that’s a post for another day.

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