How to Deal with a Co-Worker You Can’t Stand

I’m lucky to have had some really wonderful co-workers throughout the years, but there were a few duds who got sprinkled in. Some had really big egos, some were slackers, some were loud-mouths, and others just didn’t work efficiently.

There may come a time in your professional life where you have a run-in with a less-than-desirable co-worker. And when — not if — you do, it’s important to keep your cool and not let your negative relationship with him or her jeopardize your job or affect your work ethic. After all, burning bridges can sabotage future opportunities, and no one wants that!

So, what’s the best thing to do? Lucky for you, I’ve got a handful of tips to help you cope. Here are 7 tips for dealing with a co-worker you simply can’t stand …

  • Big Egos, Slackers, and Loud-Mouths – How To Deal with Terrible Co-Workers 1 of 8
    How To Deal with Terrible Co-Workers

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  • Be a Team Player 2 of 8
    How To Deal with Terrible Co-Workers

    If being in the same room with the other person causes the tension to thicken, remember to be conscientious about being a team player. Don't purposely exclude them from conversations or other work details. Being a team player even when it is difficult is certainly the mark of a true professional. 


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  • Vent at Home 3 of 8
    How To Deal with Terrible Co-Workers

    If the tension at work is really stressing you out, talk about it. However, keep the venting to the privacy of your own home rather than become an office gossip. By expressing your frustration and feelings with someone you trust, you can release pent-up emotions before they can do damage in the workplace. 


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  • Keep Reaching for the Stars 4 of 8
    How To Deal with Terrible Co-Workers

    Negative co-workers can be draining, but try to focus on your own career goals rather than worrying about what other people think. Don't hold yourself back just because someone is making life difficult for you.


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  • Differentiate Harassing Behaviors 5 of 8
    How To Deal with Terrible Co-Workers

    If your co-worker has gone from mean to completely over the line, it may be time for you to discuss the matter with your supervisor or human resource department. Most companies have a policy for dealing with harassment in the workplace. Reporting a co-worker who crosses the line might be the best thing for the good of the office.


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  • Find Some Empathy 6 of 8
    How To Deal with Terrible Co-Workers

    There may be people in your office who are less than pleasant to deal with, but it can help to look at things from the other person's perspective. While it can be difficult to interact with someone who has a bad personality, see where they are coming from and try to be nice.


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  • Take the High Road 7 of 8
    How To Deal with Terrible Co-Workers

    It can be easy to get sucked up into office drama, but if you find a co-worker is downright mean, don't stoop to their level. Remain professional rather than acting just like they do. 


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  • Do Not Second Guess Yourself 8 of 8
    How To Deal with Terrible Co-Workers

    If you are being rattled by a co-worker's remarks or actions, it can cause you to lose faith in yourself and your abilities. Remember all of the hard work and effort you have put forth rather than letting the other person bring you down. 


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