Feeling Broke? This Website Will Show You How Rich You Are

You reach into your wallet, expecting to find a $20 bill. Only, the bill in your wallet is a $1 bill, not a $20. Rats!

You’re out of money again. Wasn’t it just payday a few days ago? How did this happen?

You start to feel down on yourself. I’m so poor, says your internal dialogue. I can’t afford this cappuccino, how am I ever going to be able to afford a house?

If you look to see how much of your paycheck goes to bills, then you can very easily get down on yourself.

I know I’ve been there. I remember my first job with a salary, and how I thought I would have plenty of money for happy hours and weekend trips after my rent was paid. I remember the disconnect between what I thought I was earning, and what I was actually taking home, after taxes.

I was living like I was rich, only I wasn’t. I financed some of those happy hours and restaurant meals.

Sound familiar? Check out this website. It will show you how rich you are, on a global scale.

Let’s say you just graduated from college, and you signed an offer letter for $30,000.

How rich are you? Well, after taxes, you’ll bring home a little more than $22,000, which, depending on where you live, might make you feel really poor.

But are you?

Let’s see:

That's pretty rich!
That’s pretty rich!

So, with a take-home pay of $22,000 per year, you’re in the top 3% of earners worldwide.

Gives you a little perspective, doesn’t it?

5 Ways to Appreciate How Rich You Are

Don’t stop there, though. Typing your salary into a website doesn’t help the fact that your wallet is empty. Here are five ways to appreciate how rich you are:

1. Look around you, and be grateful for what you have.

Chances are, you sleep inside every night, except for fun. You eat every day. You drink clean water. You wear shoes. You graduated from high school, college, or a graduate program. These things make you wealthy beyond the wildest dreams of the bottom 60%.

2. Minimalize your living space.

Oddly, going through your living space and donating or selling the things you no longer find useful or beautiful will make you see how rich you are. I bet you could easily get rid of about 10% of the things in your house without even noticing their absence. Whoa!

3. Give to others.

Was any of the stuff you got rid of worth giving to someone else? Giving to others who have less than you makes you feel good and helps another person. Buy a $5 gift card and hand it to a stranger on the street. It’ll make your day, and it’ll make them happy too.

4. Don’t buy things without thinking.

Mindless spending will take your money away from you. Do you go out to lunch every day? Take advantage of the warmer weather and bring your own lunch. Meet your coworkers in the park and soak up some sunshine. You’ll get the same enjoyment without the $20 price tag.

5. Prioritize savings.

The only thing worse than the empty-wallet feeling is continuing the cycle so your wallet stays empty. As soon as your deposit hits your bank account, move 20% to an account you can’t easily access. Get into the habit, and if you find yourself with extra money at the end of the month, hooray! You’ve broken the cycle.

Remind yourself that you’re rich. All of your problems are first-world problems, and you can play an active role in your financial future.


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