Hitting Reset: 7 Tips to Recover from a Holiday Spending Hangover

I just logged into Mint for the first time this year.

Oof. Goodness gracious, did I think all the fun would come without a cost?

I suppose I didn’t think about it when I was focusing on my friends and family and loved ones, but I realized that I spent too much, and now, in the cold part of the new year, it’s time to recover from a spending hangover.

These tips are helping me — I hope they’re valuable to you, too!

  • How to Recover from a Spending Hangover 1 of 8
  • 1. Forgive Yourself 2 of 8

    You can't change what happened in December, so leave it there. Do not justify your spending, simply forgive yourself. "I spent too much money over the holidays, but I'll do better next year." And believe it.


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  • 2. Stop the Bleeding 3 of 8

    Now, change your mindset. Tell yourself the following: "It's true that I spent too much, but that was the 2013 version of myself. 2014-me is different. This version doesn't spend frivolously."


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  • 3. Assess 4 of 8

    Take a look at your spending, and see if you can find patterns. This is without judgement again, okay? But find the categories where you spent too much. My spending was too high in the going-out-to-dinner category. I can't un-go-out to dinner in December, now, can I?


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  • 4. Change One Habit 5 of 8

    My overindulgence in restaurant food made me decide: no more restaurants in January. Follow my lead. Take your highest spending category, and see how you can change it. Not just for next Christmas (which feels impossibly far off) but now.


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  • 5. Figure Out How to Pay It Back 6 of 8

    Did you spend enough money over the holidays that you're needing to take a break from your credit card? Do it, and figure it out. Remember, this is the year we get rid of credit card debt, so let's figure out how to have the holidays paid off well before Valentine's Day!


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  • 6. Live Like a Monk 7 of 8
    7 Steps to Recover from a Spending Hangover

    Slow down. Enjoy the quiet. Hitting reset is all about figuring out where normal is, and if you're anything like me, normal is not wearing glitter and eating prime rib. Give yourself a day, or a weekend, to live simply and quietly.


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  • 7. Ease Back into Your Routine 8 of 8

    Stock your refrigerator with veggies. Make healthy options the default. Stop opening a bottle of wine with every meal just out of habit. Be gentle with yourself, and head strongly into the new year!


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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