5 Smart Tips for Saving on Your Auto Insurance Premium

Car insurance is one of those necessities in life that we must take on if we choose to drive a car. If we forgo car insurange and get into an accident the cost could be financially devastating. While we can’t eliminate the need for car insurance there are some ways that we can lessen the burden.

We all know about the little gecko that can save you tons of money on your car insurance, but there are also other things you need to be aware of when choosing your auto insurance coverage and paying your premiums.

Here are 5 tips for ensuring you are paying the least amount for the most car insurance coverage:

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    how to save money on your auto insurance premiums

    Click through for 5 tips that will help ensure that you are paying the least amount for the most car insurance coverage!

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  • Check Over Your Coverage 2 of 6

    If you acquired insurance several years ago, your personal coverage needs may have changed. You may now be paying for coverage you no longer need. Review your insurance coverage every year and remain active in identifying coverage you no longer need or deductibles you'd like to change. 

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  • Compare Companies 3 of 6

    There is a lot of competition in the insurance industry so make sure you are researching several insurance companies before making a decision. Even if you have been loyal to one company for most of your driving career, you should still consider what is out there. You may find better rates that even outweigh any loyalty discounts you are receiving.

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  • Check Your Credit Score 4 of 6
    credit score

    Before shopping for new coverage, check in with your personal credit score. Auto insurance companies will be checking your credit in order to determine the premium amount you pay. The insurance industry correlates one's credit score with their risk for filing claims. A low credit score will merit a higher premium rate regardless of your driving record.

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  • Obey the Laws 5 of 6

    If you have traffic citations on your record, you may be paying several hundred dollars more in coverage for insurance. To prevent these additional charges, make sure to obey basic traffic laws especially where speeding and reckless driving is concerned. 

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  • Go for a Bundle 6 of 6

    When looking for new auto insurance coverage, consider the benefits of transferring your other insurance needs to a new company including homeowners, renters, or your other vehicles. You can often garner a lot of savings by bundling all of your insurance needs within one company.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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