7 Ways Feel Better About Your Finances Instantly

There are few things that can bring about giant loads of stress in a household more than money. In order to be financially sound, you have to be financially proactive. Rather than letting money dictate your life, you need to start developing a better relationship with your money matters.

Here are 7 ways to feel better about your finances:

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    how to feel better about your finances

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  • Get In Touch With Your Finances 2 of 8

    Many people detest dealing with personal money matters because they actually have no idea what is going on. Make a commitment to sitting down for as long as it takes to get to really know what is going on in your financial life. Review your expenses, map out your budget, and see exactly where you stand. Get to know the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

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  • Deal With the Ugly 3 of 8

    You can put off that unpaid tax bill or the bill collector calls for only so long. Money matters like these will catch up to you and only get worse the longer they go on. Suck it up and start dealing with the realities of your financial life. Take one day to make necessary calls to straighten out any of your financial messes. It will not be easy but you will find some of the weight has lifted off your shoulders. 

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  • Set Your New Financial Goals 4 of 8

    Get a pen and a paper and write down all of your financial goals, no matter what they are. Just write from your heart first before organizing your goals. Create two new lists for short-term and long-term goals that relate to your finances. Break down the goals as much as you need to for them to be achievable as opposed to overwhelming. Post your goal sheet in a place where you will see it often. 

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  • Automatically Save 5 of 8

    Visit the payroll department at work and complete the paperwork to have 10% of your income directly deposited into a separate savings account. By automating your savings, you can more effectively start stashing your cash into a fund set aside only for emergencies. Having this kind of a financial security net in place, you can feel more confident about money matters moving forward.

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  • Forget Conforming 6 of 8

    One of the biggest reasons people have repeated financial problems is because they consistently try to keep up financially with everyone else. In order to have a healthy financial life, you have to realize your money matters are your own. You need to manage your money as it makes sense to your own life and learn to live within your means rather than following societal trends or trying to outdo your friends and relatives. 

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  • Open the Mail 7 of 8

    I know of quite a few people who have confessed to just not opening their mail so they can avoid the inevitable bills that appear. It leads to stacks on envelopes, late fees, guilt, and perpetuating the financial denial. It's far better to suck it up and deal with the bills immediately as they come in. 

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  • Make a Plan 8 of 8

    There is a lot of power in making the simple decision to take action with your finances. Utilize the Get Out of Debt Pledge on my site, to start feeling better about your finances and getting your power back.

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