Reorganize Your Laundry Life to Save Money and Time

Families tend to have a lot of laundry accumulate throughout the week. With busy schedules, there may be a few weeks that go by before the bulk of the laundry is successfully completed. Because laundry can take up a large part of your day, it can certainly be helpful to re-strategize your laundry life to save more money and more time.

Here are some tips to implement now to make your laundry time far more effective.

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  • Retrain the Family 2 of 6

    Not all clothing needs to go immediately into the dirty laundry basket after being worn. Review some to-dos with the family about when to qualify laundry as dirty. Encourage kids to hang up sweatshirts and fold up jeans after only being worn for a short time period. Clothing that has stains or bad smells should be pre-treated and laundered as soon as possible but items that are otherwise clean can be re-worn, cutting down on the amount of wash each week. 

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  • Schedule Wash Days 3 of 6

    For families with multiple children, especially small ones, it can be beneficial to do one load of wash a day. You can make a wash schedule for each week such as jeans on Monday, towels on Tuesday can help keep everyone on track and keep the laundry floor cleaner. Kids that forget to turn over their dirty clothes will have to go without until the following week, preventing late night washings. Invest in sorter laundry organizers for bathrooms and bedrooms to make laundry gathering even easier.

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  • Bulk Up on Supplies 4 of 6

    Laundry products can be pricey so always look for a bargain. Bulk warehouse stores offer larger bottles and boxes of detergents and stain fighters at a good price. Clip coupons if you have to shop at the local grocery store. Buy when sales are going on and stock up on your supplies. Use products according to directions rather than wasting soap unnecessarily. Dollar stores offer brand named products at considerably less cost.

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  • Get Air Time 5 of 6
    air time

    One way to save a lot of money on laundry is to protect your clothing as best as you can by pretreating stains and air drying clothing. Whenever you use the dryer, you not only are using a lot of electricity to dry clothes, you are also wearing down the quality of the clothing. The lint that is collected in the trap is from the fabrics of your clothing as it deteriorates. You can prevent the disintegration and avoid shrinkage by air drying your clothing outside or in the laundry room. Hang a rod on the wall or invest in a drying rack.

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  • Dole Out the Responsibilities 6 of 6

    Families should learn to pitch in with laundry management. Older kids can learn how to sort and wash clothing. Younger kids can learn how to fold and put away their own clothing. By working as a family unit, laundry tasks can be less time consuming for parents and teach kids to be more responsible for their belongings. 

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