Stay in the Black: 10 Tips to Prevent Buyer’s Remorse on Black Friday

Oh, Black Friday. It’s the one day a year where madness and chaos aren’t just accepted, they’re the rule. And it’s by design.

Stores open at 4 a.m.!

Flash sales only last until 8 a.m.!

Freebies for the first x number of customers!

Buy now, before it’s too late!

It’s enough to make you open your wallet and spend with abandon. But don’t let yourself fall victim to the “if you don’t buy it in the next two hours you’ll never get the chance again” mentality. Here are 10 tips to prevent buyer’s remorse on Black Friday.

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  • 1. Make a List 2 of 11

    This tip is worth repeating. Make a list of all your recipients, with a few gift ideas or themes. Include everyone. Promise yourself not to veer off list!

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  • 2. Make a Budget 3 of 11

    Maybe x dollars per person? Or 10x dollars total for the day? Make a decision before you go, and stick to it. Keep a running total, and tell yourself you'll go home once you hit the limit you set.

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  • 3. Check the Circulars 4 of 11
    10 Tips to Prevent Buyer's Remorse on Black Friday

    Glossy, aren't they? I almost never read ads in the newspaper, but I like to thumb through them on Thanksgiving. Now's the time to check to see which stores have the best deals.

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  • 4. Check Amazon 5 of 11

    Make sure you can't find it cheaper on Amazon. Because if you can? Problem solved! Order it online and you won't have to buy it on Black Friday!

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  • 5. Choose Stores Wisely 6 of 11

    How many stores will you have energy for? This is a really high volume day, filled with stresses. From the parking lot to the checkout register, you'll find all kinds of things that could lead to retail fatigue. So be strategic. Make a list of (at most) three stores that you absolutely want to hit, and add a few more if you have extra energy.

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  • 6. Think About the Recipient 7 of 11

    Black Friday is great for sales on electronics. But does your niece really need a Blu-Ray player? Match gift to recipient, not discount to recipient.

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  • 7. Double Check Return Policies 8 of 11

    Let's face it, the recipient might not like what you've chosen. And that's okay, provided you keep a receipt and make sure they can exchange the item after Christmas. Check to see what's needed for return/exchange, and the last possible date they can return. You don't want them to be stuck with something they didn't want in the first place!

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  • 8. Don’t Buy for Yourself 9 of 11

    I know, I know, those boots are super cute! Resist. Better yet, take a picture of the things that catch your eye, and review them when you get home. If you still want whatever you thought you wanted while shopping, pass your list on to the family members responsible for buying you things. Win-win.

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  • 9. Have Something to Look Forward to 10 of 11

    Plan to be home eating leftovers (open-faced turkey sandwiches, with a layer of stuffing and mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce is the day-after-Thanksgiving meal in my family) by a certain hour. You'll look forward to coming home, and you'll be happier (though still exhausted!) than you would without a fun afternoon plan.

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  • 10. Keep the Spirit of the Season in Mind 11 of 11

    It doesn't have to be religious, even, but it's important to remember why you're out shopping in the first place. You're out to find deals on things the people you love will love. Keep love in mind, and if you do, you won't fight a stranger for whatever this year's Tickle-me-Elmo ends up being.


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