7 Smart Tips for Getting Fit on a Budget

What motivates people to work out greatly varies among different personalities. But some people blame the cost of fitness for why they don’t exercise. There are certainly some trends that are on the expensive side these days, but you don’t have to blow your budget to get physically fit.

Here are 7 ways to get your exercise without blowing your budget:

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    get fit for less

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  • Find a Workout Partner 2 of 8

    You may stay more motivated if you have a friend for workouts on the cheap. Go for walks, play tennis in the park, or work through workout tapes in front of the television. You don't need a costly gym membership or expensive equipment to get in some exercise every day. You only need an encouraging workout partner to keep you going forward.

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  • First Consider Gently Used 3 of 8

    There is definitely benefit to having the right workout equipment and gear but if you are not totally committed to running or lifting weights every day, don't buy new. There are many people that overspend on fitness and their stuff barely gets used so they sell it through yard sales and in consignment shops. Look there first for what you need to start out. Only buy new things when you are sure of what you need and what you actually will use. 

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  • Seek Out Free Classes Locally 4 of 8

    Keeping things fun is a good way to stay committed to your fitness goals. Try searching for free or low cost classes in your area for a variety of different active activities such as yoga, dancing, or aerobics. It can be a great way to meet new people with the same kind of goals but for way less than a gym membership fee. Check with local community centers or the local YMCA rather than the gym.

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  • Become the Teacher 5 of 8

    If you have an interest in a specific area of activity and think you could lead a class, find out if you need to be certified. You could even add supplemental income by being the local Zumba or Pilates instructor at the community center near you.

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  • Schedule Family Fitness Activities 6 of 8

    Get your family involved in a healthier lifestyle with nightly walk or weekend sports at the part. Make fitness a family goal and schedule time outside every day. There is no need to spend any money spending quality time together tossing around a football or riding bikes in the park. There are certainly multiple health benefits by unplugging each day and spending time as a family.

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  • Use Free Resources 7 of 8
    Use Free Resources

    Sure, the luxurious gym with the scented soap and glistening steam shower is awesome but it's not really needed to get fit. The park's monkey bars will strengthen your upper body and the gravel trail going around the lake will give you both fresh air and good cardiovascular health, and all for free.

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  • Check out YouTube 8 of 8
    Check out YouTube

    There's no doubt that YouTube will keep you entertained with adorable kitten videos but there is also a plethora of fitness videos on the site. Tap into the fitness channels and get fit for free. 

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