The One Thing You Must Change in Order to Transform Your Finances

make the change and transform yourself
make the change and transform yourself

Do you want to transform your finances? Three years ago, I did. I had gotten myself into a pile of debt, and I couldn’t see a way out. Every time I’d get a bit of money, I would find a use for it.

Christmas money from my nana?

I could use a new pair of shoes.

Tax refund?

I do need some clothes.

Money was slippery.

These days, I’m readingĀ The Executioner’s Song, a novel about going through with the death penalty in 1976. It’s 1000 pages, though, and it paints a picture of life in the 1970s in Utah. Most of the main characters are poor, and in the novel, every time they get some money (whether that’s a paycheck or the life insurance payout when someone dies), they spend it. In fact, the novel says they spend all their money, usually on alcohol.

I found the parallel unsettling.

Even at my worst, I wasn’t blowing my paychecks on tequila, but I did spend money every time there was something extra. As if the lottery had paid out on a small scale.

The One Thing I Had to Change

When I changed my mind about what to do with “found money,” everything changed. My finances were transformed. Instead of spending the money that came into my hands, I changed the way I treated it. If my dad slipped me a $20 (bless his heart), I put it toward my debt. Empowered, I kept hustling.

Interestingly, once I stopped treating money as tiny lottery winnings, it stuck around. Throwing money toward the debt-of-highest-pain feltĀ good. It felt so good that I continued to find ways to get bits of cash into my account. I started selling unwanted things. I picked up odd jobs.

It’s really hard to change your mentality about money. But it’s the most important thing you can do.

If you want to hold on to your money, change your mind about what to do when money you don’t expect comes into your life.

Last year, I won a contest. They sent me a $250 check! I realized, when I received it, that I’ve come a long way.

The check went straight into my account, and I had no plans to spend it.

That’s the next level of financial transformation.

Join me over here, won’t you?

Change your mind.

Change your life.

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